Life With Mrs Lee


Life Lately

Oh HIIIIII. It’s been over two whole months since I last published a blog post. Which I think is probably my longest break ever. Things have been quieter that I would like over here for a while now. But I never really planned to take a complete blogging break. Instead I just massively  ...

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Baby Number Two, Mini

Hugo At Six Months

Half a year already?! I feel like he is changing so much now, I can’t keep up! I’m really glad that I have been writing these monthly updates though, so I can look back at them in the future. And no doubt sob that I miss my teeny baby. Hugo’s sixth month was a busy one with  ...

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Baby Number Two

Hugo At Five Months

Five months!! Although of course I’m late publishing this again and he’s nearer to six months now!! He’s changing so fast now and totally breaking my heart every time he hits a new milestone! Weight – I fiiiinnally took him to be weighed. The last time I went he was 6.5 weeks!  ...

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Me & Mine {October 2017}

You know life is hectic when it’s the middle of November when you realise you haven’t shared your Me & Mine photos for October! Oops. Better late than never?! Hectic is a slight understatement to be completely honest. We are currently in the process of purchasing our first  ...

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