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September 20, 2016

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    Our Autumn Bucket List

    If you’re a regular reader you will know just how much I love a seasonal bucket list. The last one I shared was our Spring Bucket List which you can read here. I never got around to sharing a Summer one but to be honest we were still ticking things off our Spring one throughout the Summer months too ūüėČ

    Autumn is my all time favourite season and I start counting down to it from the end of August much to most peoples horror! I’m all about the cosy evenings by the fire and chilly autumnal walks with my favourites. I wrote this post last year sharing my favourite ten things about Autumn. ¬†So to share my excitement about tomorrow officially being the first day of Autumn I thought I’d share a few of the fun things we’re planning on getting up to throughout the Autumn months this year!

    • Apple Picking. I’m planning on actually picking¬†the apples from our apple trees in the garden this year rather than letting them fall to the ground and rot like last year (oops) and whip up some of our favourite apple recipes! I’ll be sharing these on the blog no doubt too!
    • Family Bike Ride.¬†We don’t actually own bikes ourselves although I would love to get some but there are a couple of places local to us that you can rent them from for a few hours so I’d love to try and do this and take a picnic and a flask of hot chocolate¬†on a¬†weekend before it gets too chilly!
    • Pumpkin Patch. This has become a bit of a tradition for us now, we’ve been the last two years and always have such fun picking out a few pumpkins to take home with us. I may even attempt a pumpkin recipe this year too.
    • Bonfire Night. Last year was Bella’s first firework display and she absolutely loved it and I reckon she’ll enjoy it even more this year now she’s that bit older so we’ll try and squeeze in a couple.
    • Birthdays.¬†Bella and I are both have November birthdays so there will be lots of birthday celebrations in our house. Plans are already underway for Bella’s third birthday and I can’t wait to share them all with you!
    • First Cinema Trip. I’ve been thinking about¬†taking Bella to the cinema for a while now but figured she probably wasn’t quite old enough. But¬†I’m thinking it might be a fun thing to do together as a family as part of her third birthday celebrations.
    • Center Parcs. At the end of November we are heading to Center Parcs with my family for a little woodland break and I’m so so excited. I think it will be lovely to have a little down time befor the madness of Christmas hits and the fact that they have their winter wonderland on when we go will no doubt help us all get into the festive spirit!
    • Crafting. Bella absolutely adores¬†all things crafty lately so I’d love to try and do some little projects with her incorporating some Autumn leaves and pine cones etc.
    • Slow Cooker. I can’t wait to¬†dig my slow cooker out again and start making lots of¬†hearty stews, soups and casseroles. I’m going to try to¬†use it at least once a week and I’d really like to¬†give some new more adventurous slow cooker recipes a go too!
    • Stick Man Trail.¬†On my Spring bucket list I said that we wanted to complete the Gruffalo trail but¬†we never did get around to it so I am determined to take Bella to do the stick man trail at some point this Autumn!


    What’s on your Autumn bucket list this year?

    Harriet XO