28 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Two}

So here I am, 28 weeks pregnant and finally into the Third Trimester! The countdown is now really on. I am feeling ALL THE FEELS about this. I am of course super excited to meet our little boy bundle but I’m also desperately trying to savour every single day of this pregnancy as I’m pretty sure it will be my last. Such a roller coaster of emotions! Here is how I have been getting on over the last couple of weeks.


28 Weeks & 6 days!


14th June 2017 




At week 28 baby boy weighs around 2.2lb, about the same as an aubergine. He is around 14.8 inches long. Babies heart rate has now slowed down although at 140 beats per minute, it’s about twice as fast as mine!

I feel like I have been in the Drs non stop lately. I had to have my GTT test and have had a couple of midwife appointments in the last few weeks. My normal midwife was off on annual leave for the first appointment and wanted to see me after my GTT to chat about the results. Luckily I got the all clear but I do have a low iron count. I had it last time too so am now taking two iron tablets a day to try and it back up. Baby is measuring perfectly and I got to hear his heartbeat at both appointments which is always lovely.

I also spoke to my Midwife about birth options. She has said she sees no reason why I can’t have the home birth I am hoping for as my pregnancy is very low risk. We are planning to hire a birth pool as I really enjoyed using the water last time. I just have to hope that things continue to go smoothly so we can welcome our baby boy at home! 

I can’t face the scales any more. So who knows. I’m just trying to embrace the bump as it will probably be the last time I do this! 


Overall I just feel really bloody pregnant now! If I have to run up and down the stairs a couple of times I get super out of breath and bending down is a real struggle. Gaviscon is currently my best friend as the horrible heartburn and acid re-flux has now begun. I have also started experiencing the dreaded leg cramps at night too which are so bloody painful! I’m still feeling pretty tired which is probably down to my low iron count. 


Still feeling loads of movement which I love! Although it has been getting pretty uncomfortable at times. He is definitely running out of space in there. I really enjoy laying in bed before I go to sleep and first thing in the morning feeling him wiggle about. Josh has also been able to feel lots of kicks too which is always nice. I have tried to get Bella to feel but she’s too impatient to hold her hand there for long enough. 


I’m using my secret saviours band most days still and smothering myself in body butter after my shower each day and just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!! 


Sleep has been rubbish over the last week or so. I have been listening to my positive affirmations on my Hypnobirthing app to help me fall asleep. But Bella often wakes up to use the toilet once in the night and I tend to go with her as it is downstairs but I really struggle to nod back off once I am back in bed. I also feel like I turn over every five minutes in the bid to get comfy and at this stage, rolling over is not so easy! 


Still loving honey! Mainly in Greek yoghurt with fresh strawberries and pineapple. It’s literally like sunshine in a bowl and I can’t get enough of the stuff. 


Alllllll the emotions. The last week has been extremely stressful. But I am also beginning to feel nervous about giving birth again, slightly anxious about how I’ll cope but also just very excited to meet him. 


Being able to put my shoes on without feeling like I might pass out and/or throw up! 


Dressing the bump is beginning to become a bit of a struggle as two pairs of my maternity jeans are now too tight and uncomfortable to wear. So I am currently alternating between wearing one pair of jeans, my maternity leggings and dresses with tights. I recently picked up a few new bits including a gorgeous floaty wrap top from Tescos of all places! It has a little button at the bust which I thought would be perfect for breastfeeding once baby is here. But it surprisingly fits over my growing bump too (at the moment) and I’ve been really loving wearing it! 


Josh and I had a much needed date night a couple of weeks back which was lovely. But I also got a new iPhone AND we picked up our new car which I absolutely love. We have also had a couple of really lovely family weekends.


Easter! Just one more week at work then I have 10 whole days off to spend with Bella and I cannot wait!








Harriet XO


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    Oh these photos are stunning lovely, such special memories to have to look back on! Yay to your home birth!! I reaaaally want one with our next baby, so you’re going to have tell me all about it! xxx

    April 1, 2017 at 4:12 pm Reply
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