Baby Number Two

32 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Two}

I know I say it every fortnight, but I just can’t get over how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and have just 8 short weeks until my due date. I honestly forget that I am now probably classed as ‘heavily pregnant’ and should maybe start slowing down a little at some point!


32 Weeks Exactly


14th June 2017




At week 32 baby boy weighs around 3.8lb and is about the same as a butternut squash! He is around 16.7 inches from crown to heel. If baby was born now he would have a good chance of survival, but would most probably need help to breath at first as babies lungs aren’t fully developed until just before birth. Babies fingernails and toenails are now fully formed and apparently if he gets an itch, he may gently scratch himself! How crazy is THAT.


I haven’t weighed myself since my last update so as far as I know I’m just over two stone up.


In my last update, I clearly spoke to soon as the leg cramps in the night have been back with a vengeance! I also have super restless legs in the evening which is so annoying when you’re trying to just relax on the sofa. Most of the time I just give up and take myself off to bed. In general I’m just beginning to feel really uncomfortable now and simple everyday tasks are becoming much more difficult. Oh and totally TMI buuuut my boobs have also started leaking colostrum which definitely took me by surprise! 


Still loads of super strong movements. I’m forever trying to figure out which limb is sticking out of me! 


I still haven’t noticed any new ones thankfully. I’m sure this is down to me using my Secret Saviours band and just being much more consistent with applying body butter this time around. 


I am absolutely exhausted at the moment but for some reason I am really struggling to fall asleep once I get into bed. I have been trying to listen to my hypno birthing most nights to help me switch off but usually as I’m just drifting off, I am rudely awoken by either a toddler that needs a wee or the previously mentioned leg cramps. My husband however sleeps through the whole thing. Every.bloody.night.


Still obsessing over mint chocolate ice cream. But I’ve also been loving cereal lately too.  


Mainly just super tired at the moment!


A full nights sleep! I also have been really missing working out over the last couple of weeks as I stopped going to my classes about a month or so ago now as I was just struggling to keep up. I’m already looking forward to re building my fitness post baby! 


I am officially struggling to dress the bump now. Everything is just SO uncomfortable at this stage. 



I enjoyed some much needed time off work last week with Bella. We had a couple of quiet days together followed by quite a busy Easter but it was really lovely to spend lots of family time together.

Whilst in town last week I bought some lovely first size sleep suits and matching hats for babies first couple of outfits. I keep getting them out of his drawers and just cooing over them! We also finally got round to booking the birthing pool in for our home birth. Both of these things have just suddenly made it all feel very real! 



My midwife appointment next week and getting to hear babies heartbeat again. We are also looking to book one last child free weekend away for next month which I am already looking forward to as I know it will be the last one for a long time! 

Harriet XO

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  1. Cass Bailey

    April 20, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Aw, not long now 😉

    I love that little babygrow – the pattern is so cute x x

  2. Sonia Cave

    April 21, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    That outfit is so gorgeous!

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