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Blowing Away The Cobwebs

Typically all three of us have fallen ill over the Christmas period. Bella had a cold earlier in the month which left her with a nasty chesty cough she just couldn’t seem to shake off which has now turned into a chest infection so she’s got antibiotics from the Dr for that. Josh then came down with man flu on Christmas day evening and has felt awful the past few days, plenty of hot sweats, achey joints and a chesty cough to match Bella’s.

I seem to have missed out on the cold/flu but instead have had a headache on and off since Christmas day along with lots of horrible dizzy spells, which was confirmed by the Dr to be┬áLabyrinthitis which is basically like a viral vertigo. I suffered with it earlier in the year as well and it’s no fun. It makes me feel light headed, very nauseous and just generally unwell. I have been prescribed some tablets to take three times a day so hopefully it should pass soon. To top it off I also managed to almost slice my finger tip off on my mandolin the other day so ended up having that patched up by the Dr too.

After a few days cooped up at home we decided some fresh air would probably do us all some good as I think we were all starting to feel a little stir crazy and I wasn’t sure how much more ‘play dohhhhhh’ and re runs of Frozen I could take! So we ventured out for what felt like the first time in weeks!! We went out for lunch or ‘dunch’ as Bella prefers to call it, and then to pick up some essentials from the supermarket before heading to the farm to see the animals and so Bella could run off some steam in the play park.

By the time we arrived at the farm it was late afternoon and there was hardly anyone there which was nice. Unfortunately the weather let us down and it started to rain after about half an hour so our farm visit was cut short but none the less it felt so good to get some country air!










Harriet xo


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