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    Weekend Mini Style #1

    I have followed the lovely Sarah from This Mama Life‘s #weekendministyle posts on Instagram for a while now and so I thought I would finally join in myself as I wanted to share a few of Bella’s Autumnal outfits on the blog anyway!


    Gillet – Zara (Last Years Version) | Shorts & Tights Set – George @ Asda (Sale)
    Long Sleeved Top РH&M | Ankle Boots РNext | Bow РH&M

    Firstly please excuse the raisins in all of these photos, it was the only way I could get her to cooperate ūüėČ

    My Mum picked up this seriously cute cord shorts & tights set for Bella last week from Asda as they were reduced to ¬£4 which is an absolute bargain! I love little girls in shorts and tights at this time of year, I think they make a nice change from dresses or jeans & leggings! I paired the shorts with a H&M basic long sleeved top, her Zara gillet from last year and her tan chelsea boots. Bella’s hair bow is actually from the Women’s section in H&M, her hair is so thick and curly that I find the kids bows don’t always hold it out the way properly and it ends up falling in her face! At ¬£1.99 for two I think that’s great value and the colour matches this outfit perfectly!




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    This Mama Life


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    Muddy Puddles

    During the week Bella and I only get two full days together; Wednesdays and Fridays. The other days I’m at work and she is either at nursery or with my Mum. I miss her stupid amounts when we’re apart and I’m always sat at my desk wondering if she misses me too or if she’s too busy having fun. I always hope for the latter. I really try to make the most of our days off together because I know that they won’t last forever. Just like she won’t always want to hold Mama’s hand. Sob.


    Last Wednesday we headed to our favourite woods for a walk with my friend Emily and her three kiddos, Daniel, Charlotte and Matilda. Luckily the weather was dry when we went but there had been a couple of wet days earlier in the week which meant there was plenty of muddy puddles for the two older kids to splash in. They were both a bit unsure at first but after some encouragement and a couple of demonstrations (from me, which I probably enjoyed waaaay more than I should have!) they soon got the hang of it!




    Bella first met Daniel when she was about 8 weeks and he was only 2 weeks old and they have been buddies ever since. Emily then went on to have twin girls and Bella is completely and utterly obsessed with them and has been since the moment she first laid eyes on them! She is always wanting to hold them and cuddle them, luckily the girlies are very tolerant of her persistent affection towards them! ūüėČ Whenever I see how much Bella adores Charlotte and Matilda it makes me SO BLOODY BROODY very excited to hopefully give her a sibling one day!




    Autumn walks are definitely my favourite. I love putting on that extra layer, wearing my wellies and not having to worry about Bella getting sun burnt/too cold! I’m sure I just feel so much more relaxed throughout the Autumn months. The woods we went to looked super pretty with all the rich coloured leaves. We had some lovely family photos taken by my wonderful sister in law Charlotte Rawles Photography in these woods for Bella’s first birthday last year and are having some new ones done in a few weeks time and I can’t waaaaaait!!


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    Fresh Air At Scotney Castle



    Our weekend didn’t start off as planned. Friday evening was the first time all week that Josh got home from work at a half sensible hour¬†and we had planned to spend the evening relaxing¬†in front of the TV together once Bella was tucked up in bed, which for us, really is a rare thing. Our TV will often go a couple of days without even being switched on! It had been a long week, and we were both looking forward to a quiet evening in. While we were eating dinner, my Dad called in a¬†fluster¬†to tell me he had run out of insulin. I am my Dad’s registered carer and so therefore when these things happen, I/We have to deal with them. Even if that does mean various phone calls to all the late night pharmacy counters in the area and TWO trips back and fourth to Asda which is a good 20 minutes away. Safe to say our cosy evening in didn’t happen, but sometimes these things just don’t pan out. Sigh.

    Saturday morning was also a mild disaster. Long story short, there was an incident which involved Bella, a brand spanking new extremely¬†cute outfit, a tired Daddy who definitely probably wasn’t paying full attention and a bottle of bright pink nail polish. Need I say more. The outfit got ruined and there was almost tears (from me over the destroyed cute outfit) and a few cross words¬†may have been¬†exchanged.

    It was at this point we decided we needed to get out of the house. Josh packed up a picnic and a flask of hot chocolate and we headed to Scotney Castle¬†for some much needed¬†fresh air. Saturday was a perfect October day, sunny and dry but just slightly chilly. We ate our picnic on a bench near the car and Bella had her first ever hot chocolate.¬†It was seriously cute watching her blow the little beaker of ‘choc-choc’ and¬†judging by the look on her face and the amount of times she said ‘yummm’ and ‘mmmm’¬†the kid¬†definitely enjoyed it. Clearly has Mama’s sweet tooth ūüėČ

    We then picked up a map and headed off to explore. In the end we ignored said map and just followed where all the other dog walkers were headed. The grounds of Scotney Castle are absolutely gorgeous and looked even more beautiful covered in Autumn leaves. I think it will definitely be one of our new favourite weekend spots. The crisp fresh air was exactly what we needed, Bella burnt off some steam and both her and the dog were fast asleep before we even left the car park. Win.

    Below are a few of my favourite photos from a very lovely family afternoon.

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    Bella has always been a confident little girl who tries to be as independent as she possibly can be and often tells me ‘no’ when I offer to help her with something. She’s determined and she’s feisty and I love her for it. But since we returned from our holiday she’s like a different child. Suddenly¬†my¬†independent little madam¬†wants her Mummy constantly. When we arrive somewhere¬†she becomes shy, clings onto me and sometimes hides her face. If I’m honest this is a complete¬†shock to¬†my system. It’s so out of character for Bella and I’m not entirely sure how to¬†handle it.¬†Josh is finding it difficult because she never wants Daddy anymore, it’s always Mama.

    This morning was a perfect example. Every Tuesday since I returned to work when Bella was 9 months old, she has spent the day with my Mum. Today when I dropped her off before work, she didn’t want me to leave. She clung to my neck and sobbed. She screamed and shouted my name, over and over again. Eventually my Mum had to prise her out my arms before I made a mad dash out the door to my car, holding back the tears myself. Cue the Mum guilt. I spent the whole 40 minute drive to work feeling terrible for leaving her and going to work and just wanting to turn around and go pick her up. Even though I know that she’s absolutely fine, that she probably stopped crying before I even drove away and that she will have a lovely day with her Nana.

    I’m sure the reason behind this all is because we have been away a few times over the summer and Bella had both of our undivided attention and since returning home it’s taking her a bit longer to settle back into our normal routine of work/nursery/ a day with my mum¬†during the week. It’s probably a phase and I’m sure it will pass before we know it but it doesn’t make it any easier.

    I’m trying not to see it as a bad thing, I’m trying to focus on soaking¬†up¬†all¬†the extra cuddles, all the times she asks to hold my hand or to sit on my knee for a story. Because I know these moments won’t last forever and I’m a big believer in just ‘letting them be little’.

    In just over a month my baby turns two and I’m totally not ready to be a Mama of a two year old. I feel more emotional about her upcoming second birthday than I did about her first I think. At one she still seemed so little and babylike, especially as she didn’t start properly walking until she was about 14 months old. But now she’s a proper toddler, not only does she walk, she runs (normally in the¬†opposite¬†direction), she climbs, she explores and she generally just¬†loves life! She keeps me on my toes with her strong willed¬†personality¬†that’s for sure. I love watching her grow and¬†I’m so proud of¬†the¬†beautiful caring¬†little girl she is¬†becoming.¬†But my god do I wish I could turn back time some days, to when she was a snuggly little babe who loved nothing more than snoozing in the crook of my arm.

    Two nights ago we decided to change Bella’s cot into a toddler bed. I wanted to wait until after she¬†turned two but she clearly had other ideas on the matter.¬†After numerous occasions of her climbing out we finally bit the bullet and just went for it. I didn’t expect it to be a walk in the park but¬†that first night was haaaaaard. There was a lot of objecting, a¬†lot of¬†googling, and¬†I lost count of the amount of times we put her back to bed. Eventually she gave in and fell asleep and woke once around 3am before going back off until 7am. Last night however, was much easier. She still objected but the process was much quicker and once asleep she slept right through until we went in to wake her up at 7.30am. It was probably a fluke, and no doubt tonight will be hell but it doesn’t stop me being super proud of her¬†if not slightly emotional to say goodbye to another part of her babyhood.

    This Motherhood lark is so bittersweet but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


    Apologies for the ramble, it’s been a tough few Mama days!¬†


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    September Favourites

    Well I think I must have blinked and just missed the whole of September!! It seriously went so quickly, probably because we were on holiday for a week of it I suppose. Anyway, here are a few things we have been loving throughout September.

    Mama’s Favourites

    My Kindle. I love reading but since having Bella I rarely find the time. So while Bella was in cr√®che for a couple of hours a day while we were on holiday, I spent most of the time reading on my kindle with a cocktail in hand. Heaven.

    I picked up this Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion from Sainsbury’s when I was picking up the rest of our holiday toiletries and I’m really impressed. It soaks into the skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I also love the smell, I’m obsessed with anything coconut scented so this is right up my street.

    Now it is officially Autumn (yay!!!) I have been loving swapping my sandals back to my boots. I end up wearing them most days at this time of year. My current favourites are these ones from Forever21 which I have in both black and tan because I love them that much and they basically go with everything ūüėČ I especially love to team them with dresses and tights or ripped skinny jeans. As much as I love these boots I am also currently on the hunt for some new flat leather ankle boots in tan and some black Chelsea boots for more casual days.

    In my last favourites post I mentioned how much I was loving my Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 38, this month I also purchased shade 03 to add to my collection which is a deep berry red. It’s perfect for Autumn and I think I will be wearing it a lot over the next couple of months! These lipsticks are my absolute faves and are currently on buy one get the second half price in Boots so no doubt I’ll end up picking up a couple more before that offer ends ūüėČ

     Bella’s Favourites

    I grabbed a box of these Ella’s Kitchen Fruit Pouches as they were on offer and I remember reading a post a while ago by the lovely Alice who blogs over at Alice & Amelia | New Young Mum and she said how her daughter Amelia really enjoys them as a snack and Bella has been loving them too, they are so handy and I think its great that you can pop the lid back on them and they keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours. I have also been adding a generous squirt into Bella’s morning porridge after they are cooked then I either pop the rest in the fridge for the next day or if she spots it she’ll have the rest while her porridge cools down.

    When I had Bella my Mum dug out some of my old books that she had kept including lots of the Beatrix Potter collection. Bella is currently loving them. She seems to carry one at all times and is forever demanding I read her a ‘boooooooookkkkk’. I was quite shocked at actually how brutal some of the stories are so I may or may not skip some of the not so nice pages to save her little ears ūüėČ

    While we were in Ibiza our holiday must have for Bella would have to be the Speedo Swim Jacket. This gave us peace of mind that she was safer in the water with this on. Luckily she doesn’t mind wearing it, although she can unzip it and remove it herself but she didn’t ever do this in the water thankfully.

    This month has been crazy busy and flown by too fast for my liking so I’m determined to make the most of October and for it to be a bit more relaxed. I can’t wait to get started on ticking things off our Autumn Bucket List which I’ll be sharing on the blog in my next post!!

    Thanks so much for reading


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    Our Holiday To Ibiza

    We have recently returned home from a lovely week away in sunny Ibiza. Although we only got back a few days ago it already seems like such a distant memory. We stayed at Sirenis Sea View Country Club and it was fantastic for families with the most beautiful views.

    If you read my last¬†post you’ll¬†know that it¬†was Bella’s first time on a plane and I was just a tad extremely nervous about how she would behave on the flight. Luckily she was a complete superstar! She¬†was very excited¬†to begin with on the journey out there¬†but then soon fell asleep¬†sprawled out¬†across both our laps. The flight home didn’t depart until just gone midnight so we had a very overtired toddler on our hands, all was fine as we got onto the plane and found our seats¬†but as soon as we put Bella’s seat belt on she threw an almighty toddler tantrum. There was kicking and there was screaming.¬†The lady in front turned around and¬†not only game¬†me¬†a filthy look but proceeded to roll her eyes, tut at us and¬†then cover her ears!!?? It wasn’t like¬†we were ignoring her meltdown, or that it wasn’t distressing for us and Bella too. Thankfully she calmed down within five minutes then fell asleep in Daddy’s arms and slept until we stepped foot off the aeroplane and the cold London air hit us.

    I briefly considered writing a ‘tips for¬†holidaying with a toddler’ post but then I realised that I just totally winged it so therefore no useful tips to pass on ūüėȬ†Oh, apart from snacks. Take snacks. Lots of snacks! Ohhh and book a private transfer from the airport to the hotel. Worth every penny.

    The hotel was actually a First Choice Holiday Village and as I mentioned it really was great for families with children. A few things that made life easier with a little one were (things I probably never would have noticed pre baby) were the amount of highchairs in all the restaurants, there was baby change facilities in all of the toilets, the staff were more than happy to fill up bottles/beakers with milk for babies, our family room had a fridge to store said milk and a microwave to heat it up too. All of these things were super handy.

    When we booked the holiday I pre booked some cr√®che sessions for Bella so that she could interact with some other children and it meant Josh and I had two hours a day child free to relax. Despite being a bit apprehensive beforehand,¬†I was thoroughly impressed with the cr√®che and kids club facilities and would definitely use them again in the future. I know it’s not for everyone but we were pleasantly surprised.¬†All of the staff were British and the ratio for under 36 months was 1 adult to 3 children. They were very security conscious I noticed and locked the¬†doors behind them every single time a child came in or left, this reassured me that I knew she’d be¬†in safe hands.¬†Bella seemed to really enjoy herself and came away each day with her face painted and proudly clutching¬†a piece of artwork that she had made which was really lovely. At the end of the week she got¬†a certificate to take away with her with a personal message from the three¬†ladies that had looked after her¬†and I thought this¬†was a great thing for her to keep from her first holiday.

    One of the highlights of the holiday for me was the setting, Ibiza really is extremely beautiful. The hotel was situated right on the coast and the sunsets each evening were breathtaking. Apologies if you follow me on Instagram for all the sunset spam, it was just so¬†gorgeous¬†ūüėČ Just outside the hotel was a lovely little stretch of beach called Port Des Torrent which was nice and quiet of an evening so we wandered down a couple of times to paddle in the sea and watch the sun go down.

    We spent the whole holiday relaxing and just enjoying spending quality time as a three. We only left the resort once but that’s okay because we¬†really just needed some downtime. We swam, we sunbathed, we caught up on sleep, we drank plenty of¬†cocktails and ate too much ice cream. It was pure¬†bliss.

    Overall we had an amazing time and I definitely returned feeling refreshed and¬†very¬†lucky¬†to have been able to spend a¬†week in the sun with my¬†little family.¬† Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos on my proper camera and completely forgot to vlog but I did get some nice snaps on my iPhone so I’ll pop those in instead!



    Thanks for reading!