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    Babystyle Hybrid Edge Review {Carrycot Mode}

    When you have a new baby, I always think one of the biggest and most important purchases you will make for them is a pushchair/buggy/pram/stroller/travel system or whatever else you wish to call it! You may remember a few months back, I shared my first impressions of the Hybrid Edge by Babystyle. I was really impressed with it then and after using it for five whole months, I am even more impressed with it now! So I thought I would share with you a bit more about how we’ve been getting on with using it in carrycot mode for Hugo.

    I’ll start by saying that I absolutely LOVE the Hybrid. Aesthetically it matches my taste absolutely perfectly. The Stonewash colour is just so lovely and we have received lots of compliments on it! Not only does the Hybrid look great, it is also extremely user friendly. It pushes well, folds down easily and feels super well made. I said in my first post how I felt that the Hybrid was really good value for money and I stand by that comment, even more so now.

    Hugo is Five months old now and we are currently still using the pushchair in carrycot mode. It is so spacious compared to other carrycots I have seen. Hugo is a pretty big baby, yet he still has plenty of room! He always seems very happy in his carrycot and often drops off to sleep when we are out and about. We have also used the carrycot overnight a couple of times when we have stayed at my in-laws and he slept fantastically in it then too. The carrycot has proper feet on it which makes it perfect for using overnight as it can stand alone. I also find this handy for when I am getting it in and out of the car as it means it wont get the fabrics dirty if I have to pop in on the floor.

    We also regularly use the car seat mode on the pushchair too which is an absolute lifesaver when Hugo falls asleep in the car and I am just nipping into somewhere quickly. I tend to use it like this for Bella’s ballet class as its only half an hour long and it saves me both time and hassle. Sometimes I do find it a bit tricky clipping the car seat into the adaptors, it does seem to require a bit of a knack!

    My only negative comment on the Hybrid would be that sadly the logo has started to rub off on one side of the chassis. Presumably from getting it in and out of the car so often. But I am a little disappointed about it as it instantly makes the Hybrid look a bit old and unloved, which it most certainly is not!

    But apart from that, I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. Below is a few bullet points of the things I particularly like and the couple of things that I dislike.


    • Super spacious carrycot
    • Pushes like an absolute dream
    • Collapses down quickly and easily
    • Carrycot can be removed with just on hand
    • The wheels pop off if you need to give them a clean or if you’re pushed for space in the boot
    • Generous basket underneath which is easy to get to
    • Lovely to look at
    • Deals with multi terrain very well
    • Compatible with our Maxi Cosi car seat
    • Easy to use rain cover
    • Nice big sun visor on the hood
    • Adjustable handle
    • Bag clips to stop your bag sliding down the handle
    • Good value for money


    • Car seat can be tricky to clip into adaptors
    • Logo has already started to rub off









    *Babystyle very kindly sent me the Hybrid Pushchair mentioned in this post for a collaboration. All opinions are of course my own*

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    Love To Dream Swaddle Up Review

    When Bella was a baby I never did master the art of swaddling. I gave it a go a couple of times but she always managed to bust her way out pretty quickly! It’s one of those things that some parents absolutely swear by and are adamant it helps their baby to settle/sleep well. So of course I was keen to give it another go with our next baby. I made sure we had lots of extra large muslins and breathable blankets ready and waiting for our little boy bundle. Although I never did get around to using them! Instead we used the amazing Swaddle Up from Love To Dream. It is described as a modern twist on traditional swaddling.

    We soon realised that Hugo’s favourite way to sleep was with his arms up above his head. So the Swaddle Up suited him perfectly. We used it every night for the first few weeks and Hugo slept like a dream in it! Back in June when he was born it was also right in the middle of a bloody heat wave. It was SCORCHING. And I was really unsure what to dress my new baby in for bedtime. It was just far too hot for lots of layers and blankets. But I was also worried that he might get chilly as the night went on and the temperature cooled down. In the end we opted to dress him in a short sleeved vest or even just his nappy and then into his Swaddle Up and this seemed to keep him at the perfect temperature!



    One of my favourite features would have to be the two–way zip. This meant I could change Hugo’s nappy during the night if needed without the need to remove the whole thing and risk disturbing him. It also has an in–built harness hole at the back so if you wanted to use it when baby is in their car seat you can do so also!

    What Love To Dream say ‘The clingy fabric provides the cosy, swaddled feeling that babies love, while the shape maintains baby’s natural and preferred “arms up” sleeping position. The Swaddle UP has the unique “wings” design helping babies to self-sooth, they can safely suck their hands through the fabric of the Swaddle UP and won’t accidentally scratch their face. The fabric is a single layer of breathable natural cotton which aids temperature regulation and control.’



    This product is genius and I’ve already recommended it to so many friends that are expecting. It was definitely one of my favourite newborn products and I’m so sad that Hugo has now outgrown his. I snapped these photos of him a while back and I can’t believe how small he looks!!

    The Swaddle Up is available in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. You have the choice of four different colours too; white, grey, pink or blue. Prices start from £22.99 and it’s available to purchase from Cheeky Rascals here.



    Are you a fan of swaddling?
    Harriet XO

    *I was very kindly sent the product mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review. Although all opinions are of course my own*

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    Newborn Favourites

    When it comes to baby products there are so many out there now it’s hard to figure out which items are worth all the hype and which ones really aren’t. Back when I had Bella there were a few bits that I was adamant we needed but in reality they ended up still in their box, gathering dust in the corner of the nursery!

    When I found out I was expecting Hugo there were a few items I was keen to try and most of which have become my absolute newborn saviours! So I thought I would share a few of my favourite things that we’ve been loving second time around.

    First up is Muslins. The one piece of advice I always give to expectant parents is ‘you can never have enough muslins’! These are something I use all day, every day. I never leave the house without a minimum of two in my bag! My absolute favourite ones are these by Summer Infant. They are absolutely HUGE. Which makes them so versatile. They are perfect for swaddling baby and using as a lightweight blanket. My favourite uses are draping over the car seat when it’s raining and as a nursing cover. They are my number one breastfeeding essential! I also adore the unisex design on these ones too.

    A close second would have to be the Sleepyhead. When I was pregnant it seemed that everyone had a sleepyhead for their little ones. And of course I felt like this meant I MUST need one too. And it turns out that I really did. This is a product that is definitely worth all they hype. Hugo sleeps amazingly in his and has done since day one. I’ll be doing a full review on it soon as we love it so much.

    Another sleep related product that I have been really impressed with is this Good Vibes vibrating cot wedge also by Summer Infant. During the first couple of weeks Hugo really suffered with wind and being able to prop him up a little using the wedge was really helpful. The gentle vibrations also helped to settle him off to sleep too. If he is ever fractious during the day then I pop him down in his cot with the wedge on and within seconds he usually will stop crying and often nods straight off!

    Hugo is definitely a bit of a Mama’s boy and he is always happiest when snuggled up close to me. As much as I would love to sit and snuggle him all day long I do have to get on sometimes and I have found babywearing the perfect solution. We have a couple of different baby carriers but I mostly find myself reaching for our Hana Baby wrap. Again, I now never leave home without a carrier just in case he starts fussing when we’re out and about.

    Something I had no experience with whatsoever from last time was cradle cap. Bella never suffered with it so when I noticed Hugo had it, I wasn’t sure what products were best to use to help clear it up. Someone told me to use olive oil but after speaking to my health visitor apparently this is no longer recommended. Instead I discovered Nom Nom’s baby oil which is designed for using for both baby massage and cradle cap. I would massage the oil into Hugo’s scalp after his bath and it has honestly worked wonders. The cradle cap has now pretty much all cleared up!

    Last but not least is Water Wipes. I never used them last time, I stuck to the recommended cotton wool and warm water which I always found such a faff. This time however, we opted to use water wipes instead. We have used them on Hugo from day one and he has never had any sort of nappy rash. They are all natural and super gentle on your babies bottom. They are much more pricey than normal baby wipes so I always make sure to stock up when I see them on offer somewhere!

    There are so many other products I could rave about but these are definitely my top six! I’ll be sharing a few more indepth reviews over the coming weeks of some other things we have been loving too. So keep an eye out for those!

    What are your newborn essentials? 

    Harriet XO

    *This is a collaborative post, although as always, all opinions are my own*

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    Fruit Picking Using The Hana Baby Wrap

    Last weekend we ticked another thing off of our 2017 bucket list by going fruit picking. We headed over to Maynards Farm on Sunday morning along with Josh’s brother and his family in search of some raspberries and plums to pick. As the few days beforehand had been super rainy I knew taking our pushchair would just be a recipe for disaster so I popped Hugo in our Hana Baby wrap instead. Within minutes he was fast asleep and it meant I had my hands free to help Bella with the all important fruit picking!



    As soon as I found out we were expecting Hugo, a stretchy baby wrap was the first thing on my ‘must haves’ list. I used to babywear with Bella when she was small using a carrier that had lots of various buckles and clips. Not only was it a bit tricky to get on and off but I also never found it particularly supportive or comfortable. Although I did absolutely love carrying her close to me so I knew a wrap was something I definitely wanted to use with my second baby.




    The Hana Baby Wrap is a stretchy wrap which is made of bamboo, cotton and elastane.  The wrap is suitable to use from birth (unlike a lot of other carriers) and it can be used up to 12.5kg. I find the wrap so much more supportive for both myself and Hugo. He always seems super comfortable and most of the time he nods straight off to sleep! Whenever he seems unsettled, I can almost guarantee putting him in the wrap will help to soothe him.


    Hugo is already a pretty heavy baby but when I am wearing him in the Hana Baby wrap he honestly feels light as a feather. The wrap distributes his weight evenly over both of my shoulders and my entire back and I never get any sort of back or shoulder aches/discomfort.


    As the wrap is made from bamboo fabric it is not only super soft but it is also much more breathable than cotton. It’s the perfect wrap for all seasons. The bamboo naturally helps keep you cool in the warm weather but also warm in the colder weather too. Another plus is that bamboo material also has a natural UV filter which means it’ll help keep your baby safe from any harmful UV rays.

    When our wrap first arrived I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to wrap it correctly and get Hugo in safely and securely. But I needn’t have worried as I can honestly say that now I have mastered it, it’s SO quick and easy to use. I can’t imagine being without our Hana Baby wrap now. We use it most days as it means I can have my hands free to either tend to Bella or just to get on with my usual daily tasks. Hugo absolutely loves being carried in it and I adore being able to have him snuggled up so close.


    Our wrap is in the colour Slate and retails at a very reasonable £35.99. Available to purchase here.

    Are you a fan of baby wearing?

    Harriet XO

    *Hana Baby very kindly sent me the wrap mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review.
    All opinions are of course my own*


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    First Impressions Of The Babystyle Hybrid Edge

    One of the things I love most about being pregnant is all of the preparations that come with a new baby. I just love all of the excitement it brings. Deliberating over what to call them. Spending hours browsing all the adorable baby clothes online and swooning over beautiful nurseries on Pinterest. I get great pleasure from washing, ironing and folding all of the tiny baby clothes, imagining what my new baby will look like. And then of course there is the shopping. Which is in fact both my favourite and my least favourite part of baby preparations.

    I love being organised and it feels very exciting ticking all of the purchases off of a list but it can also be super stressful! There is no denying that baby shopping is just a tad overwhelming. One of the biggest investments you make for your baby is usually a pushchair/pram/travel-system. There is SO much choice out there these days and it really is a total minefield. I’m indecisive enough normally, but when pregnant, I’m almost incapable of coming to a decision (my poor husband!).

    Now I personally like to go for more of a travel system style. Something that ticks all the boxes from the get go. No messing about having to purchase a second stroller when your baby gets to a certain age. I like to have something that will last from the newborn stage right the way through to toddler-hood. This is where the Hybrid by Babystyle comes in. This beauty is an amazing three in one that certainly ticks all those boxes. With just one chassis you can use it as a compact city stroller, in single mode or in tandem. You also have the option to attach your car seat to all of those modes too!

    We have the Hybrid Edge which is the single version. It came with both the carrycot and seat unit for it too. It arrived in just two boxes and my husband reports that it was super easy to put together. Not even convinced he looked at the instructions! There are seven different colour options which means there really is something for everyone. We opted for the Stonewash. Which is sort of a darker grey shade and oh my, it is so beautiful! The handlebar, zips and trim are in a lovely brown leather which not only compliments the grey beautifully but it also adds that touch of luxury to the pram I feel.

    First impressions once it was assembled were that the pram seems to be extremely well made. It feels sturdy and pushes like a dream. One of my other first thoughts were that it is great value for money as you get so much included for the price. Both the carrycot and seat unit seem lovely and spacious – I have no doubt that our baby boy will very comfortable in it. The carrycot and seat unit both lift off the base really easily too which is always helpful. The whole thing is actually super easy to put up and collapse down compared to some others I have used previously.

    We have taken it for a quick walk with Bella in the seat unit which just goes to show how spacious it is as she is now three and a half! Our walk ended up being a bit bumpier than expected but the Hybrid handled this very well! Overall we am super impressed so far and can’t wait to use it properly once our baby boy has arrived. I will be doing a full more detailed review of the Hybrid Edge in both carrycot mode and using the seat unit too once baby is a bit bigger, so do keep your eyes peeled for those!

    Harriet XO









    *Babystyle very kindly sent me the Hybrid Pushchair mentioned in this post for a collaboration. All opinions are of course my own*

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    Bedtime Stories With Fin The Zazu Reading Light

    Three and a half years into this crazy world of parenting. And I’m starting to feel like I have a fairly good idea of what children’s products are worth investing in and which one’s aren’t. Obviously different things work for different people and just because a product works wonders for my child, doesn’t mean it’s going to have the same effect for someone else’s. There were plenty of things I was convinced that I needed before Bella was born and have actually ended up never being used and sat in a cupboard in their original box just gathering dust since. But then on the other hand there are others that I didn’t really think I needed but they then turned out to be absolute life savers.

    We recently discovered a new product for Bella and it has been a total game changer at making bed times smoother for us all. It’s quickly become one of our must have items and I’ve literally been recommending it to everyone. Even Josh commented the other day on what a difference it has made and we all know that for a man to comment on a children’s product, it’s got to be pretty special!

    The product I’m talking about is Fin the Zazu Reading Light! Fin is basically a reading light and night light all in one. It is wireless and does not overheat, so is perfectly safe for Bella to take to bed with her. Fin has two light settings, a brighter one which we use for reading and a lower one which makes the perfect night light. My favourite bit is the fact that the light will automatically switch off after 1 hour! So Bella can fall asleep with the light on but it turns off once she’s asleep meaning that she then will sleep through the night in the dark.

    Bella always used to sleep in complete darkness but when she changed bedrooms a few months back she began asking us to leave her main light on in her bedroom. Obviously this is way too bright and there was no way she would fall asleep properly with it still on! She already had a Gro clock which does let off some light but she clearly felt it wasn’t quite enough. We decided to put my bedside lamp in her bedroom but again it seemed to be a bit too bright and she was struggling to fall asleep still.

    Fin has been the perfect addition to her bedroom. We keep him on the unit next to her bed and when it’s time for her bedtime story we turn off the main light and just use Fin on the brightest setting to read with. Then once it’s time for her to settle down to sleep we turn it onto the low light setting and leave it on for her, knowing that after an hour it will automatically turn itself off. It has meant that there have been no more tears at bedtime about her bedroom being too dark and no more bright glow coming from Bella’s room when we are trying to get to sleep too!

    If your little one struggles to fall asleep without a nightlight then I would definitely recommend the reading lights from Zazu. There are a couple of different ones in the range, but we have the Fin in grey. All of them are available from Cheeky Rascals here.

    What are your must have children’s products?!
    Harriet XO

    *Cheeky Rascals very kindly sent me the product mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of course my own*