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    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day is fast approaching so I thought I would round up a few things that I think would make amazing gifts for all the lovely ladies in your life. I know I personally would love to receive any of these gorgeous bits. I really hope that maybe this guide gives you some ideas if you’re lacking inspiration this year.

    Although, fancy gifts aside I would honestly be more than happy with a lay in, maybe some breakfast in bed and no Threenager melt downs all day. Now wouldn’t that¬†be a total treat!! ūüėČ


    Selfish Mother Tee

    I recently won one of these awesome Tee’s and since it arrived I have been wearing it non stop. I am OBSESSED. It is super soft and cosy and it has quickly become¬†a firm staple in my wardrobe.

    Stanley & Maud Gold Filled Bee Necklace

    I am a huge Stanley & Maud fan which you will know if you follow me on Instagram as I am always wearing either my Mama bar necklace or my personalised disc necklace. When Dotty released this beautiful bee necklace, it went straight on my wish list! It’s so pretty and you can also add a personalised disc or two if you like too. This would make a beautiful present for Mothers day.

    ProCook Set Of 3 Chinese Bowls

    How gorgeous are these little chinese bowls? I am loving all of these prints at the moment. Not only would these bowls be fab in the kitchen, I think they would be lovely for holding little trinkets and jewellery too!

    Lush¬†‘Mum’ gift set
    ¬†was recently invited along to an event with Lush to look at the Mothers day collection and they have some absolutely gorgeous bits in this year. My favourite was the ‘Scrubee’ which smells out of this world and there is one in this gift set along with five other lovely bits.

    Mummy Bee Luxury Home Fragrance Gift Box

    I’m confident that both my Mum and Josh’s would both love to receive this gorgeous gift set. It includes a¬†Lavender & geranium scented candle, room diffuser & an organic lip balm.

    Capture By Lucy Backdrop

    I have been lusting over Lucy’s collection of backdrops since she launched them a few months back. There are so many beautiful ones I would love but I think the white floorboards are definitely one of my favourites.

    Tulips In A Bowl

    I personally love receiving flowers. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and I always get so sad when they eventually die. These artificial ones are a fab alternative and will look super pretty all year round.

    Happy Mum, Happy Baby Book

    Giovanna Fletcher is one of my absolute favourite Mama’s to follow on social media. She is so down to earth and honest about everything to do with Motherhood so I am super excited to read her new book Happy Mum, Happy Baby. I have already heard such wonderful things about it.

    Personalised Family Welly Print

    This print would make such a wonderful gift for any occasion! I love that it is personalised with each family members name, you can even add your pooch’s paw print too!

    S+ by ResMed

    Sleep is so important to us Mama’s and this wonderful gadget from ResMed helps you to understand your sleep issues better by giving you detailed reports of your sleep patterns. It also has a fab function which synchronises soothing sounds to your pre-sleep breathing, helping you drift off more easily.

    Olympus PEN E-PL8 Camera

    This camera has been on my wishlist for a good year or so now. I’m determined to get my hands on one before the year is out. I know there is absolutely no chance I’ll be receiving one on Mothers Day though,¬†but a girl can dream right!? ūüėČ

    I hope this post has given you some inspiration!

    Harriet XO

    *This is a collaborative post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are of course my own*

  • InHugo, Mama

    My Second Trimester Essentials

    My second trimester has absolutely flown by. And I am now very quickly hurtling towards the third and final trimester of my second pregnancy. I (stupidly) fully expected that upon entering the second trimester my energy levels would return. And that I may even have be blessed with that wonderful pregnancy glow everyone talks about. Let me tell you… It’s all lies. Well for me anyway! I have been utterly EXHAUSTED these last few months, probably even more so than in the first trimester. There’s been no glow over here, just lots of dark circles under my tired eyes that even a stupid amount of concealer struggles to hide.

    I thought I would share with you a few of the things that have made my second trimester a little easier along with a couple or things that I have just been really loving lately.

    How To Grow A Baby & Push It Out Book By Clemmie Hooper

    I pre ordered this book months ago and was so excited to read it as soon as it fell through my door the day it was released. It definitely didn’t disappoint! I read the whole thing cover to cover within a matter of days. Clemmie writes so honestly and tells it exactly how it is. Even though I’m expecting my second baby I still learnt a few new things!

    Sistema Water Bottle

    Pregnancy always makes me super thirsty so I have been carrying my water bottle with me wherever I go lately. I try to drink a couple of these a day as I get very easily dehydrated which always causes me awful headaches.

    Lush Bubble Bars

    I’ve been struggling with back ache a lot more during this pregnancy than my first. I have found warm bubble baths one of the only things that relieves it a little. So a long soak with some kind of lush bath goody is a must. The comforter & bright side bubble bars are my faaaaves.

    Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    This is something I put on my Christmas list and Josh told me it was very hippy! But it has been wonderful and I use it all the time. I struggle to relax most of the time but by burning relaxing scents in my diffuser it really does help me to unwind. My favourite essential oil has to be pink grapefruit!

    Collection Concealer

    Concealer is always a staple part of my make up routine but I have found myself reaching for it more than ever this pregnancy. I have got terrible dark circles and I have been having plenty of hormonal break outs lately too. This collection one is super cheap but does a wonderful job. I have been using it for years and recommend it to everyone!

    Secret Saviours Bump Band

    I was sent this fab product a month or so ago along with the day gel and night cream. I have been absolutely loving using it so far! And it seems to be doing a wonderful job of keeping any new stretch marks at bay as well as keep my existing ones well hydrated! I’ll be sharing a full detailed review nearer the end of my pregnancy.

    Next Maternity Tights & Leggings

    As much as I like to try and stay as stylish as possible whilst expecting I also think that being comfortable is way more important. I have been wearing my maternity tights all the time as they are so much more comfortable than jeans. Leggings are of course also a pregnancy must have. I mostly wear mine around the house or for if  I’m having a more casual day I will team them with shirts and converse or trainers.


    I can’t seem to stomach big meals anymore so I’ve taken to eating little and often instead. These fibre one bars are great for popping in my handbag when I’m out about. 

    Hypnobirthing App

    I dabbled with a bit of hypnobirthing when I was expecting Bella but I have been trying (and failing!) to do it more regularly this time around. I tend to listen to the positive affirmations through headphones before I go to sleep. It relaxes me so much that I never seem to hear the end as I’m already asleep! 

    Lip Balm

    My lips have been super chapped lately which isn’t something I normally suffer with! I usually wear lipstick most days but it just looks awful when my lips are super dry. Instead I have been reaching for a tinted lip balm which keeps my lips moisturised but also gives a hint of colour!

    What were your pregnancy essentials?

    Harriet XO


  • InBrand Collaborations, Mama

    ‘Winging Motherhood’ with Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats

    Now I don’t know about other Mamas, but I totally feel like I am just¬†winging this whole Motherhood lark most of the time. Babies don’t come with a guidebook sadly so you do have to figure it all out¬†yourself. Bella is almost three and I definitely don’t feel like any sort of expert when it comes to parenting.¬†I am certainly not a perfect Mama by any means, but¬†my daughter is happy… most of the time, she is a toddler after all ūüėČ So I can’t be doing that badly!

    This ‘Winging Motherhood’ sweatshirt from Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats¬†is a perfect addition to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe as it’s super cosy and easy to just throw on with some jeans and converse for that effortless Mum on the run kinda look. I can definitely see myself spending a lot of time in this sweatshirt over the coming months!

    Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats was founded by the lovely Lisa and is named after her two children, Harlie and Teddy. Lisa started making these fun sweats after her husband told her she needed to get her own as she was always wearing his!¬†Lisa presses all of the vinyls onto the sweatshirts herself so they are most definitely made with a whole lot of love. 10% from every single sweatshirt purchased is split and donated to¬†Save the children and the NSPCC , both of which are close to Lisa’s heart. These charities do some absolutely amazing things to help children that are in need and I love that by shopping small with Harls & Ted you are not only supporting someones dream but also giving something back too!

    Over the next month Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats will be launching a whole new collection of ‘Motherhood’ sweats which will be available to purchase on ASOS Marketplace¬†here. You can keep up to date with all of the new releases over on Instagram and Facebook.





    Harriet xo

    *Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats very kindly sent me the sweatshirt mentioned above for the purpose of this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course my own*

  • InBrand Collaborations, Mama

    Mama Style // Casual Sunday Strolls With Hotter Shoes

    The last few weekends have been pretty crazy over here so I was very much looking forward to taking things a bit slower this weekend. Josh had to work on Saturday so I spent the day with my Mother in law and niece which was lovely and Bella had so much fun with her cousin. Sunday was our first day off together with no plans in what feels like forever. We had a chilled morning at home lounging around in our PJ’s, enjoying bacon and egg bagels before heading out to Scotney Castle for a walk in the afternoon between the rain showers. The perfect type of Sunday that leaves you feeling content and refreshed ready for the madness to being again on Monday.

    My go to weekend look is always fairly casual and normally consists of a shirt or blouse, ripped jeans and some kind of flats. I recently picked up this blue pinstriped shirt which I absolutely loved as soon as I laid eyes on it, but even more so once I got it home and tried it on. It’s oversized which I love¬†and it could easily be dressed up or down. It will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe over the coming Autumn months and I have even been back and bought it in¬†white too as it’s such a versatile piece.

    For our relaxed Sunday stroll I paired my new shirt with my favourite distressed skinny jeans that I wear to absolute death, my trusty mac and my Hotter Shoes tan loafers that I got a few weeks back when I was invited along to a blogging event with Hotter Shoes to celebrate their new Maidstone branch opening. The event itself was lovely and relaxed, myself and some fellow bloggers got to learn a bit about the company itself while scoffing cakes and sipping bubbles before we each got to choose a pair of shoes to take away with us.

    If I’m completely honest at first I was slightly dubious about Hotter Shoes I had always just assumed that they only did styles¬†aimed¬†more at the older generation but after taking a look at their website beforehand I quickly changed my mind as there were a good handful of styles that I liked, especially these ‘Tara‘ ones!

    I chose a pair of the ‘Abbeyville‘ loafers in Tan although I must admit I was very tempted by the black and leopard print version too! I can honestly say that these shoes are the comfiest pair of shoes I have EVER owned. They are super lightweight and the lining has the most amazing cushioning. Hotter shoes offer half sizes as well as¬†a wide variety of width fittings too to make sure that everyone gets the perfect fit. My new loafers fit like a dream which is so important for me as a busy Mama, they are smart enough to wear to work but stylish enough to pair with jeans at the weekend too!







    Thanks for reading,


    *Hotter Shoes kindly gifted me the shoes mentioned for the purpose of this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

  • InBella, Mama

    ‘Hold Her A Little Longer’

    I first started drafting this post a couple of nights ago when my emotions were running high after a two hour battle to get Bella to sleep. No matter what we tried she was having none of it and was just generally being a bit of a madam. Eventually I shouted at her, like really shouted at her and told her to stop messing around and to just I instantly regretted it, the Mum guilt hit me like a tonne of bricks and of course I then felt bloody awful which resulted in me bursting into tears myself. Oh the dramaaaaaa. So this post was going to be all about how tough I have been finding Motherhood lately.

    But then today happened. I heard some really sad news. A local personal trainer and his wife tragically lost their three year old son this morning after he had a seizure last night. I don’t know them personally and I don’t know all the details but I don’t¬†need to. My heart literally broke for this family when I heard the news, I felt physically sick and I could feel hot tears stinging in my eyes.

    Three years old. Just three.years.old.

    I can’t even comprehend what this family is going through right now, but my heart aches for them.

    Life can be so cruel and so so unfair.

    The world is such a scary place lately, with so much tragedy and way too much heartbreak. But things like this, so close to home too, really put it all into perspective. Motherhood IS hard. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wouldn’t trade a single second with my girl for anything. She drives me absolutely bonkers some days but my god I love her more than I ever knew was even possible and every day spent with her is a blessing.

    Tonight I laid in her bed and held her a little longer, cuddled her a little tighter and made sure she knew just how much I love her.







    ‘Hold her a little longer, rock her a little more, read her another story; you’ve only read her four, let her sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in her happy smile, she is only a little girl for such a little while’


  • InBella, Mama

    The Perfect Summer Handbag


    Oh hey, my name is Harriet and I have a handbag obsession. For some girls it’s shoes, for me it’s bags. My husband has been saying it for years, but it was only recently when I added¬†yet ANOTHER new handbag to my collection that it fiiiiinally registered with me too. I have officially run out of space to store them in the bottom of the spare bedroom wardrobe and I need to find a new, more spacious home for them ASAP, because obviously I can’t bare to part with any of them! My argument is that they all have different uses, all suitable for different occasions. My husband however, begs to differ ūüėČ

    ALAS, this post is all about my current Summer bag. I love seeing what other people have in theirs, so thought I’d share what’s in mine. As I’m away from Bella three days a week whilst I’m at work, I either use a different smaller bag for work days or I like to use a smaller removable bag¬†which is ideal¬†for storing all the toddler crap¬†essentials in, yet this way I can just quickly whip it out on work days!

    At the moment I am using my gorgeous new Joules floral tote bag that I picked up in the sale for half price! It’s now sold out online but they do have the new season one available here. So far this bag has been absolutely perfect for summer days out. It’s made from a wipe clean material which is great for taking to the park or beach where there is always risk of it getting a bit grubby. There is a generous sized zip pocket on the inside which I tend to keep my iPhone and lipstick in. There is also another large pocket on the front which is great for keeping toddler snacks in and keeps them within easy reach. I definitely¬†think this bag would make a wonderful change bag if you have smaller children too as it’s super spacious so plenty of room for nappies, bottles, muslins etc.




    So, what’s in my bag this Summer?¬†

    For Bella

    • 2 pairs of spare knickers
    • A pack of botty wipes
    • Some nappy sacks in case of any accidents!
    • A change of clothes
    • Sun cream
    • Sun hat
    • Snacks
    • Her water bottle

    For Mama

    • Hand sanitiser – I literally don’t leave the house without a bottle of this stuff!
    • Hand cream
    • Purse
    • Lipstick (Normally whatever one I’m wearing that day… after a week I begin to wonder where they have all disappeared too ūüėČ )
    • Compact mirror – for applying said lipstick of course.
    • Tissues
    • Snack – normally a cereal bar or a pack of rice cakes
    • Water bottle
    • Sunglasses & case

    When it’s all written down like that it seems like A LOT of stuff to cart around on a daily basis¬†and I’m not exactly sure how it all fits in, but somehow it does!



    What are your handbag essentials?
    Harriet xo