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Dear Bella {On Your Fourth Birthday} 

Dear Bella,

Today you turn FOUR. You have been counting down to this day for months. I know that you believe that turning Four means that you are officially a ‘big girl’. You’ve been throwing out the ‘but Mummy I AM a big girl, I’m neaaaarlly four!’ on a regular basis lately. 

You know that four means big school soon. Something that you are already SO ready for, Mummy however, not so much. I know you were sad when some of your nursery friends moved on to school and you couldn’t quite grasp why you weren’t joining them too. Before we know it September will be nearing and we’ll be preparing for you to start this new chapter. You are so eager to learn and I’m so excited for you but I can’t help but feel sad that we are nearly there already. I will definitely miss you during the week. 

The last year has been a big one for you my Bella Boo. You became a big sister in June and you’ve made me so proud with how well you have adapted to sharing your Mama all the time. Of course you have had your moments, but overall you’ve been such a star. You absolutely adore your baby brother and let me tell you darling, he adores you equally! His face lights up when he sees you or hears your voice. I am certain he saves his biggest smiles just for you. 

Three has definitely been a testing age for us all. But it has made me realise just how similar we are, you and I. Which I think is why sometimes we clash a little. Daddy often jokes that we bicker like sisters sometimes! 

You are still such a fiesty little thing, something that I really hope never changes. As hard as I find your sassy ways some days, I just know it’s a trait that will take you far in life. You may be fiesty but you also have such a kind soul, wonderful manners and an inquisitive little mind. Always asking questions which you never forget the answers to. Just like Mama, you have a very impressive memory. 

Princesses and babies are still your favourite things. You’ll happily role play by yourself for hours on end. Something that I love watching you do, especially when you don’t know I’m there. Puzzles are your jam, you can complete an 100 piece puzzle almost with no help at all! You love to create too, whether it’s play doh, colouring or baking you just love getting stuck in and making things. You’re also a total book worm which makes my heart so happy. You can even recite the singing mermaid back to us word for word, we have read it together so many times! 

You are beautiful inside and out Bella Boo and I am so very proud of the amazing little girl you are becoming. Don’t ever change sweetheart. You’ve helped me through some really tough days already and taught me some very important life lessons. I’m so grateful for you making me a Mama, I may not always get it right but I know you love me regardless.

I hope you have the most wonderful fourth birthday my little Bella Boo. 

All my love always, 

Mummy xxxxxxxx


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