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Fruit Picking Using The Hana Baby Wrap

Last weekend we ticked another thing off of our 2017 bucket list by going fruit picking. We headed over to Maynards Farm on Sunday morning along with Josh’s brother and his family in search of some raspberries and plums to pick. As the few days beforehand had been super rainy I knew taking our pushchair would just be a recipe for disaster so I popped Hugo in our Hana Baby wrap instead. Within minutes he was fast asleep and it meant I had my hands free to help Bella with the all important fruit picking!



As soon as I found out we were expecting Hugo, a stretchy baby wrap was the first thing on my ‘must haves’ list. I used to babywear with Bella when she was small using a carrier that had lots of various buckles and clips. Not only was it a bit tricky to get on and off but I also never found it particularly supportive or comfortable. Although I did absolutely love carrying her close to me so I knew a wrap was something I definitely wanted to use with my second baby.




The Hana Baby Wrap is a stretchy wrap which is made of bamboo, cotton and elastane.  The wrap is suitable to use from birth (unlike a lot of other carriers) and it can be used up to 12.5kg. I find the wrap so much more supportive for both myself and Hugo. He always seems super comfortable and most of the time he nods straight off to sleep! Whenever he seems unsettled, I can almost guarantee putting him in the wrap will help to soothe him.


Hugo is already a pretty heavy baby but when I am wearing him in the Hana Baby wrap he honestly feels light as a feather. The wrap distributes his weight evenly over both of my shoulders and my entire back and I never get any sort of back or shoulder aches/discomfort.


As the wrap is made from bamboo fabric it is not only super soft but it is also much more breathable than cotton. It’s the perfect wrap for all seasons. The bamboo naturally helps keep you cool in the warm weather but also warm in the colder weather too. Another plus is that bamboo material also has a natural UV filter which means it’ll help keep your baby safe from any harmful UV rays.

When our wrap first arrived I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to wrap it correctly and get Hugo in safely and securely. But I needn’t have worried as I can honestly say that now I have mastered it, it’s SO quick and easy to use. I can’t imagine being without our Hana Baby wrap now. We use it most days as it means I can have my hands free to either tend to Bella or just to get on with my usual daily tasks. Hugo absolutely loves being carried in it and I adore being able to have him snuggled up so close.


Our wrap is in the colour Slate and retails at a very reasonable £35.99. Available to purchase here.

Are you a fan of baby wearing?

Harriet XO

*Hana Baby very kindly sent me the wrap mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions are of course my own*



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