Hugo At Two

Somehow today my baby boy turns TWO. How we are here already is beyond me. But I wanted to write a little update on him mainly for my own benefit, as I love looking back on these posts about my little babes. Hugo is at such a wonderful age and is mostly super bloody cute. There are so many things he says and does that I want to remember.

Weight – I have no idea. Second child problems.

Size – He wears a mixture of 18-24/1.5-2 and age 2-3 at the moment. His nappies are size 5+. And he has massive size 8 feet!

Eating – Hugo is seriously hit and miss when it comes to food. Sometimes he’s a great eater. Other times he barely eats a thing for days on end! His favourite foods are; chilli con carne, sausages, risotto, meat in general, pasta (specifically penne, fusilli is simply not acceptable ha!), cheese, shreddies, olives, biscuits, satsumas, strawberries, cake and yoghurt. Still hates most vegetables but will tolerate tomatoes, sweetcorn, peas and carrots. I have to sneak it in at every opportunity. Egg is a no go, he hates it and it gives him an odd rash around his mouth too!

Sleeping – Hugo has a nap after lunch for 1-2 hours. He goes to bed in the evenings about 7pm and wakes up anywhere between 7-8am. Kid loves a lay in! He does sleep through but not consistently at the moment. Usually if he hasn’t eaten well at dinnertime he’ll wake up demanding more milk. Little buggar.

Routine – I get him up about 8ish, change his nappy and get him dressed then its straight downstairs for breakfast. He’ll sit up with Bella and usually have some cereal, fruit and sometimes a yoghurt too. Sometimes he’ll refuse to eat anything which is always fun. After that it’s teeth brushed, shoes and coat on and running our the door for the school run.

Three times a week he goes to his childminder and then I have him home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mornings are when we usually head out for a dog walk or to see friends/family and then he has lunch around 12.30-1pm. After lunch he has some milk and goes down for a nap in his cot. He’ll usually sleep for 1-2 hours. After his nap we’ll play for a bit before it’s time to collect Bella from school. Once we get home the kids will watch some TV together and have a snack while I crack on with dinner. We eat dinner around 5.30-6ish. Then its bath a few times a week, story and bedtime.

Development – Hugo is such a chatterbox and comes out with new words almost daily. He’s much less crazy now and has mostly stopped trying to give me a heart attack on an hourly basis! He has pretty much all his teeth, a full head of white blonde hair which he has had cut three times now. He likes to be fairly independent with things like feeding himself these days. He blows kisses to anyone and is such a loving little boy.

Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is Peppa sodding Pig OBSESSED. He loooooves it much to my annoyance (I bloody hate that rude little pig). He loves dancing to music, playing with his play kitchen, climbing on things he shouldn’t be, scooting about on his scuttle bug and going up and down the garden slide a million times. He is usually happiest when he is outside in the fresh air. Adores his big sister but will also scream at her and pull her hair if she tries to smother him too much. Hates being told no, most vegetables still and up until recently, bath time. Thankfully he seems to be over that one now. He’s moved onto hating being strapped into his car seat!

What we have been up to – Hugo’s second year has been a bit quieter which has actually been nice. Although he did get himself another new baby cousin, a crazy dog and been on his first camping trip! Sadly his Grandpa also passed away, just after he mastered saying ‘Grandpa’ like a pro which was very bittersweet. Hugo and Bella are also now sharing a bedroom which they both love too.Oh and he got chicken pox. And a few weeks after had his first trip in an ambulance and an overnight hospital stay for a nasty sickness bug!

Ten things I want to remember about Hugo at Two.

  1. The way he calls the dog ‘Hoo Hoo’ which has no resemblance to his actual name Murphy whatsoever. He also calls the duvet a ‘bear’ which is pretty adorable too.
  2. His amazing manners. He ALWAYS says his Pleases and Thank Yous. Even in the middle of the night. His way of saying sorry is also ‘Thank you’. He’s too cute.
  3. The way he scrunches his nose when he smiles and laughs.
  4. How he always has to be touching me when we sit together to watch TV.
  5. His obsession with Josh’s tools. He will always find the hammer which he calls the ‘ham’ so he can ‘bang bang’ things that he probably (definitely) shouldn’t be.
  6. The way he sneaks into the kitchen to steal biscuits out the biscuit tin but always brings one for Mama too. That’s my boy!
  7. How his whole face lights up when Bella comes out of school and he excitedly screams her name. She is literally his IDOL.
  8. That he’s the most cuddly and affectionate little boy ever.
  9. How beside himself with excitement he gets over birthday cakes. He literally shakes and squeals ‘CAAAAAAAKKEEEE’ while covering his mouth. Honestly makes me want to cry on the spot. THE CUTEST THING.
  10. His teeth baring cheesy AF smile. It’s my favourite thing and I hope he does it forever.

Happy Birthday Hugo Bear! We are so proud of the wonderful little boy that you are becoming and we couldn’t love you more!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  • Emily

    Happy birthday Hugo!! Soo many gorgeous pictures, you are so right about his smile too.. the cutest! Xx

    June 18, 2019 at 2:57 pm Reply
    • Harriet

      Thanks lovely!! It’s the cutest little smile xx

      June 18, 2019 at 7:47 pm Reply

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