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Oh HIIIIII. It’s been over two whole months since I last published a blog post. Which I think is probably my longest break ever. Things have been quieter that I would like over here for a while now. But I never really planned to take a complete blogging break. Instead I just massively underestimated how full on buying and renovating a house with two young children would be. It’s been bloody CHAOS, guys.

There is a positive to my blogging hiatus though. And that is that I am feeling a lot more inspired and I have so many new blog post ideas I want to share with you. As well as a little redesign maybe too. If you follow me over on Instagram then you may have seen I did a few polls last week. I basically just wanted to try and get a bit of a better idea of what kind of content people would like to see more of. So if you took the time to answer them, THANK YOU. The feedback is very much appreciated.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that lots of people had voted for more personal style and interior related posts. Which are topics I have been desperate to post more about for a longgggg time. But just lacking the confidence to do so, I suppose. So I’m definitely going to give it a go.

But I’ve also just got a brand spanking new kitchen so I’m sure there will be plenty more recipe posts up soon too as they are always super popular.

Although if parenting and family posts are your jam, then of course I’ll still be sharing those too. As that was why I started this little online space in the first place. And of course those two little terrors take up the majority of my time! I know some bloggers like to have a very small ‘niche’ subject to blog about, but to be honest that just isn’t me. And variety is the spice of life after all, right?

So what’s new?


We moved out of our new home and into Josh’s parents at the beginning of February so that we could properly crack on with our renovations. Since then walls have been knocked down, new walls have been put up, ceilings replaced, a new kitchen installed, flooring laid, walls painted, central heating put in… The list goes on and on. I will be sharing a series of more in detail posts soon. But basically, we’ve done A LOT of work. In a pretty small space of time too.

Josh has done the majority of the work himself (bloody good egg he is) bar plastering, plumbing and installing the work tops. Obviously this saved us a small fortune but it has also meant that he hasn’t been around much lately. He was going to work all day then he’d often head straight to the house afterwards and usually then work into the early hours there. I have tried to help out where I can with things like painting, tip runs, cleaning and purchasing various tea towels/cushions/plants (VERY important, I might add). As well as juggling both the kids by myself most of the time too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, as we are so nearly finished now with the downstairs. Over the Easter weekend we moved back home and all of the hard work has definitely been worth it. Even though we don’t have a single room that is one hundred percent finished yet, we are already loving our new and improved home SO much.

The Easter break definitely fell at a pretty good time for us, as we had a little stay-cation in Devizes planned. It was so good to get away for a few days as a family and to just enjoy some much needed quality time together. Both of the children thrived on having Daddy around which made my heart very happy. Having someone to pour me a G&T once they were asleep was also much appreciated too!

The whole renovations process has been beyond tiring for us both, but I really am so proud of what we have achieved. And I can’t wait to show you more soon!

I’d also like to add a big thank you to everyone that’s still been popping by both on here and Instagram, despite the lack of posts lately. Hopefully I will be back to regular posts again now as things have settled down a bit.

Harriet XO


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