Murphy The Cockapoo

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that we recently welcomed Murphy the Cockapoo into our family. I wanted to share a bit more about him, hows he’s settled in and how we came to the decision to get another dog.

This time last year we had to make the very sad decision to have our family dog Ruby put to sleep. She had been diagnosed with a heart murmur the year before and was on medication to keep it under control. But after Christmas she began to deteriorate and sadly in the end, it was the right decision. She was almost thirteen and I’d had her since she was a teeny puppy so naturally I was very upset to say goodbye to her. We were in the middle of our house renovations and decided that we’d have a break from being dog owners for a while.

I definitely enjoyed the dog free lifestyle, I didn’t quite realise what a tie having a dog was until I suddenly didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Josh however really missed having a dog in the house and was desperate to get another one.

It wasn’t until Christmas approached that I even thought about getting another dog. We’d looked after a family members dog for a fortnight in November and when she left the house just felt so quiet. Bella mentioned it a lot and my mind started to wander about whether maybe it was the right time to start thinking about getting a new dog.

During a car journey over the Christmas break I made a passing comment to Josh that I had been swooning over dogs on Instagram (naturally). He jumped on this and pretty much ran with it and wouldn’t stop going on about it. We started to chat about what we did and didn’t want from owning of a dog this time around. I was absolutely adamant I didn’t want a puppy. With the many plates I was already spinning, I certainly didn’t have time for training a puppy.

Josh suggested re homing a dog that was still fairly young. But I quite naively just assumed that meant going to a rescue centre and I knew that with young children this may be difficult. We had a look online and I was really surprised to see so many adverts for people looking to rehome their pets due to changes in circumstances. We enquired about quite a few different dogs with no luck.

And then one evening Josh stumbled across Murphy’s advert just minutes after it was posted. I was already asleep and I woke in the morning to Josh excitedly telling me he had found ‘the one’! He basically hounded the poor women until she agreed for us to go and meet him a couple of days later.

We were told that he had just turned One on the 23rd December and that he was fully house trained, super friendly and great with both children and other dogs. The family were re homing him due to increased work commitments and they knew it wasn’t fair for him to spend the majority of his time at home by himself in his crate.

As soon as I lay eyes on him, I knew he’d be coming home with us. And he did! We drove him home and then walked him down to school to collect Bella who was so excited!

It’s been a month since we welcomed Murphy into our family and he has slotted in just perfectly! He’s literally like our third baby and we are all totally besotted with him. He’s a Cockapoo which means he doesn’t malt which is great. Overall he’s such a good boy and so affectionate, we really did get very lucky. He adores the children and absolutely loves to be cuddled. He’s still young so has a lot of energy but we’ve all been really enjoying getting out more to take him for walks. I take him to work with me three days a week where he gets lots of fuss and then he just sleeps in his bed under my desk the rest of the time!

I’m really glad we made the decision to get another dog and as hectic as it is sometimes, I can’t wait to see the children and Murphy grow up together!

If you’re considering getting a dog I would really urge you to consider re homing as there are so many dogs just like Murphy that need a new home through no fault of their own!


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