Life With Mrs Lee


Mama’s Post Baby Wish List

I am one of those people that pretty much always has a little lust list on the go. It’s normally written in notes on my phone, and I just add things to it as and when I swoon over them! For the majority of the past nine months, my brain has been consumed with all things baby related. But  ...

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Me & Mine {March 2017}

Despite being a little bit more organised last month and actually taking our Me & Mine photos in March, we are now 18 whole days into April and I am only just getting round to finishing this post. To be completely honest, March was a terrible month and I just couldn’t (and still  ...

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Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

When I first got properly into baking, about five years ago now, cupcakes very quickly became my signature bake. I started with this exact vanilla bean cupcake recipe and then went on to experiment with various different flavours. But I always come back to this recipe as it really does take  ...

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