Life With Mrs Lee


Hugo At Two

Somehow today my baby boy turns TWO. How we are here already is beyond me. But I wanted to write a little update on him mainly for my own benefit, as I love looking back on these posts about my little babes. Hugo is at such a wonderful age and is mostly super bloody cute. There are so many  ...

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A Sunny Few Days In St Ives, Cornwall

Straight after my Dad died, I felt so incredibly lost. I had spent so many years looking after him that I just didn’t know what to do with myself. And along with the shock and of course the overwhelming grief I just couldn’t seem to find joy in anything. This went on for weeks. And  ...

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Home, Interiors

Adding Value To Our First Home

Our house purchase was of course the biggest purchase we have ever made. It’s not our forever home by any means but it was a great way to get ourselves onto the property ladder. We went for a house that needed some work as it was in the village we wanted. So although it was an investment  ...

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