Life With Mrs Lee


Oh, Christmas Tree

We have such a busy schedule most of the time that we decided weeks back that this would be the weekend we would set aside to go and choose our Christmas tree, decorate the house and just generally get ourselves into the festive spirit! We decided last minute to go with my sister, her husband  ...

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Weekend Mini Style #2

Today we ticked the first thing off our Festive Bucket List by getting our Christmas Tree! Bella and I both wore our Christmas jumpers for the first time this season (Daddy’s apparently didn’t go with his outfit?!) and I may have text my sister to make sure her family wore theirs  ...

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Carbonara; The Lighter Way

Carbonara is one of my favourite pasta dishes but it can be quite calorific so it’s definitely more of a treat for me. But by replacing the cream with fat free natural yoghurt it makes it so much healthier but it still tastes great! This recipe is Slimming World friendly and a firm  ...

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