Pre Holiday Worries

Today we are going to Ibiza (totally singing Venga Boys in my head as I typed that!) and I CAN’T WAIT. Although in my usual fashion I’m beginning to get in a bit of a fluster over it. This will be Bella’s first aeroplane trip and I can’t help but have visions of it being a complete shit show if I’m being honest. I made the huge school boy of error of booking evening flights both ways without really considering the fact that my darling daughter is normally tucked up in bed by 7. Balls. So I suppose it could go two ways; she’ll either fall asleep in my arms like an angel or be so overtired and overwhelmed by the whole thing that the slightest thing may tip her over the edge and result in an almighty toddler tantrum. My money is on the latter 😉 I have plenty of snacks packed, a new colouring book and crayons, a couple of her favourite books and the iPad with some super cute little person headphones which I’m hoping will be enough to keep her amused if she doesn’t sleep like I’m hoping!! I’ll report back on how we get on 😉

Despite my silly worries, I’m so looking forward to a break away just the three of us before the madness of birthdays & Christmas is upon us! We need this. I’m planning to try my hardest to stay off social media apart from sharing the odd photo on Instagram. I feel like I just need to disconnect for a little while and soak up some quality family time. I’ll be taking lots of photos and doing some vlogging hopefully so will be sharing what we got up to when we get back!

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