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34 weeks pregnant

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    34 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Two}

    For some reason 34 weeks pregnant seems like a real milestone to me. Six weeks until my due date really doesn’t seem very long at all! To think I could potentially only write two more of these fortnightly updates blows my mind a little bit to be completely honest. Part of me feels more than ready to meet our baby now but there’s also a small part of me that feels a bit panicky about how quickly its coming around!



    34+1 Weeks Pregnant


    14th June 2017




    At week 34 baby boy weighs around 4.7lb and is about the same as a cantaloupe melon! And oh boy don’t I know it. He is around 17.7 inches from crown to heel. Baby boy is continuing to fill out. His layers of fat will help him to regulate his temperature once he is born. 

    I had a routine midwife appointment last week and baby is measuring spot on and all was well. Although she informed me that baby is still laying in the transverse position and is yet to move to head down. He still has a couple of weeks to move as apparently they don’t begin to worry until 36 weeks. I will be seeing my midwife again next week and she’ll be doing a full blood count again. Mainly to check on my iron levels and to see if they have increased at all since being on the iron tablets. They don’t like them to drop below 100 if you’re planning a home birth so fingers crossed they are up a bit!


    I don’t even want to know… Ignorance is bliss after all 😉


    Thankfully both the leg cramps and restless legs have eased off again. My main symptom at the moment seems to be dizziness. It’s worst when I lay down, bend over or get up too quickly. It’s the most horrible feeling and I find it a bit scary. I’m also just generally feeling very uncomfortable now. My bump feels so heavy and low which makes the simplest of tasks very awkward! 


    Baby boy is still super active. I’m definitely going to miss feeling him move once he’s earth side!


    Still no new ones that I can see…*Touches ALL the wood*


    Sleep has been awful lately. I’m just really uncomfortable now and waking frequently to pee means I’m not getting much sleep at all. 


    I’ve had a thing for diet lemonade recently. Which is very unlike me as I don’t normally drink fizzy drinks! Also been loving ice cream too. 


    Tired. OH SO TIRED. 


    Sleep. My pre pregnancy wardrobe. Oh and just being able to do things without feeling like I’ve just run a marathon 😉 


    I pretty much just alternate the same few outfits now and I am so looking forward to being able to wear normal clothes again soon. 


    I have washed, dried and ironed ALL of babies clothes up to 3 months which has made me feel so excited about meeting our baby boy. I’ve also packed his change bag ready for post birth. I’m still hoping for a home birth so technically didn’t need to pack it into a bag but I just thought it would be easier to keep it all in one place. We also collected the bedside crib at the weekend which was the last big thing to tick off the list! 


    Josh and I are off to Reading at the weekend for our last little getaway before babies arrival. We’re planning to do some shopping and go for lunch on the first day and then just relax in the spa on the second. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time together. I am also having my pre baby hair done the following weekend and we have our maternity shoot. Both of which I am super excited about! No doubt these next couple of weeks will fly by as we have lots to keep us busy. 

    Harriet XO