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    Autumn Vibes

    Despite the fact we are flying out to Ibiza for our summer holiday in just over a week I have got some serious Autumn vibes going on right now and I am embracing it with open arms!

    For as long as I can remember Autumn has always been my favourite season. It’s probably because my birthday is in November but there are sooo many other factors behind why I love this season most and why I look forward to it all year round eagerly waiting to see those first golden leaves on the ground. I must drive my family and friends nuts I’m sure!

    I think the main reason is because there is no disappointment with Autumn compared to other seasons. British Summertime always lets us down, they promise this ‘heat wave‘ that might last a few days before the rain starts again and it just makes everyone miserable. My social media time lines recently have just been full of people moaning about what a let down the Summer months have been, yet again, I’m not sure why people are still surprised! The same thing happens in Winter, everyone is eagerly awaiting that foot of snow as predicted by Mr weather man and we normally end up with more of a dusting of icing sugar rather than the thick blankets of the white stuff that we all hoped for. With Autumn it tends to all unfold as we expect it to. The beautiful leaves fall of the trees, the weather gets cooler; the air just that bit crisper, people begin to wrap up more  and the boots come out, the evenings are shorter, the mention of Christmas becomes more acceptable, X Factor is back on the telly, people light their fires and pop the heating on… my list could go on and on. But my point is; those things are what we are all hoping for and that’s exactly what we get. Therefore there’s no disappointment. Everybody wins.

    These are my top 10 reasons why I bloody love Autumn.

    1. Cosy evenings by the fire snuggled under a blanket. Pure bliss.
    2. Fashion. I have a weakness for chunky knits, tartan scarves and tan boots.
    3. Walking over crisp crunchy leaves. Seriously makes my heart happy.
    4. Hot chocolates. Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate after an Autumnal walk?!
    5. Comfort food. I can’t wait to dig my slow cooker out and start making more hearty stews and soups.
    6. Birthday celebrations. Bella and I both have November birthdays just under 3 weeks apart and I love it. I am already stupidly excited for Bella’s second birthday, plans are well underway and i’m sure i’ll be sharing my ideas on the blog nearer the time.
    7. Bonfire nights. I have sadly missed the one we normally go to the past two years as we were struck down with a cold last year and the year before I was just about ready to pop with Bella. Therefore I can’t bloody wait to take Bella this year!!
    8. Berry lips and nails. You just can’t rock a berry lip/manicure in July like you can in October. Fact.
    9. Candle lit bubble baths. Again it doesn’t always feel right during the Summer when it’s still light outside at 8.30pm! I always have more baths during the colder months to warm me up and unwind after a long day.
    10. Last but not least has to be the countdown to Christmas time of course! FYI – Just over 100 days to go, not that i’m already counting or anything. 😉

      I’d love to know what your favourite things are about Autumn!
    Thanks so much for reading!