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    A Capsule Wardrobe Fail & My Autumn Style Staples

    I have seen so much talk in the online world lately about capsule wardrobes and how ‘less is more’ when it comes to clothes. So I did some research on it and it was ticking all the boxes and quite frankly sounded like the answer to my regular wardrobe related melt downs. I loved the idea of only having items that I really LOVED hanging in my wardrobe. And how that would of course make choosing what to wear each morning a hell of a lot easier.

    So on Sunday evening I set myself the challenge to give my wardrobe a complete detox. I had planned to cull any items that I either didn’t love, didn’t fit anymore or were maybe just a bit too loved. In my head I was going to be left with a pinterest perfect minimalist capsule wardrobe.

    The reality was in fact, I had a bloody lot of clothes. And most of which I still quite liked and didn’t fancy getting rid of. I very quickly (like two bastard minutes in) realised that the capsule wardrobe life is not for me! I did however remove a huge bag full which I have let my sister have a look through and the rest will now be donated to charity. So that makes me feel a bit better about my failed capsule wardrobe situation.

    My wardrobe is still pretty full, but it’s much more organised now and therefore easier to see what I have in there. I was also hoping that by having a proper sort out of my clothes I might suddenly have a sort of light bulb moment and find my ‘personal style’. Spoiler; that definitely didn’t happen either. So that one is still a bit of a work in progress I suppose.

    I have however, vowed to push myself this season to just where what I bloody want to though. I so often will put an outfit together that I love but then chicken out at the last minute as I don’t have the confidence to wear it, convincing myself that I could never pull it off. Hopefully I can change that though and actually start wearing more of the clothes I already have hanging in my wardrobe!

    So I thought I’d share a little round up of my Autumn style staples. A few of the things I find myself reaching for every single Autumn along with a couple of new additions too. I will of course include links where I can!

    One – Black Trainers

    TwoBlush Oversized Cardigan

    ThreeMAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

    FourMustard Jumper

    FiveLeather Look Jacket

    SixDenim Skirt


    Eight Black Dungarees

    What are your Autumn wardrobe must haves?
    Harriet XO

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    Autumnal Garden Games

    It’s no secret that I love everything about Autumn. The weather has cooled off, the ground is covered in beautiful golden leaves but still it’s not quiiite cold enough to dig out the wooly hats and winter coats just yet. It’s my absolute favourite time of year to spend plenty of family time in the great outdoors. Just because the Summer is over it definitely doesn’t mean I’m ready to say goodbye to the days spent frolicking in the garden any time soon!

    Our Sunday was spent playing croquet in the in laws garden before enjoying an amazing roast dinner at the pub down the road. It was such a lovely relaxed day and the perfect way to welcome Autumn. Nothing makes my heart happier than simple days spent with my loved ones.

    We were recently sent the most gorgeous Croquet Set and not only is it absolutely beautifully made, I know it’s going to bring us so much family fun all year round over many years to come. My husband says he fondly remembers spending hours playing croquet at his grandparents as a child and I so hope that we can recreate those memories for Bella too as it really is such a fun game for all the family to join in with. I personally had never played before but the game itself is actually super simple once you know how to play and although I was absolutely terrible at it, it was still so much fun and somehow I managed to win, I think it’s safe to say that we all sucked equally 😉

    Bella loved getting stuck in, insisting on using an adult sized mallet that was bigger than her and chasing her ball through the hoops. I don’t think she quite understood the rules as there was a lot of hand balling going down by a certain almost three year old… The dogs also thought they would get involved by laying in front of the hoops we were trying to hit the ball through!

    Josh set everything up fairly quickly although he did have to do a bit of googling to make sure he laid it all out correctly as the instructions weren’t very clear but I have since realised that you can download more detailed ones from the website which we will probably do for future use. The Croquet Set has been made to such a high standard and feels really solid and robust to handle. It’s definitely an investment but totally worth it as I think it’s a game that will last for a very long time. Everything you need comes in a spacious zip up carry bag with a long shoulder strap which is perfect for keeping everything together as well as making it super easy to transport. Overall we have been super impressed and I think by this time next year, we’ll be complete Croquet pros 😉

















    Have you ever played croquet before? What’s your favourite garden games? I’d love to know!


    *Big Game Hunters very kindly sent us a Longworth Croquet Set in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course our own*

    Family Fever
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    Our Autumn Bucket List

    If you’re a regular reader you will know just how much I love a seasonal bucket list. The last one I shared was our Spring Bucket List which you can read here. I never got around to sharing a Summer one but to be honest we were still ticking things off our Spring one throughout the Summer months too 😉

    Autumn is my all time favourite season and I start counting down to it from the end of August much to most peoples horror! I’m all about the cosy evenings by the fire and chilly autumnal walks with my favourites. I wrote this post last year sharing my favourite ten things about Autumn.  So to share my excitement about tomorrow officially being the first day of Autumn I thought I’d share a few of the fun things we’re planning on getting up to throughout the Autumn months this year!

    • Apple Picking. I’m planning on actually picking the apples from our apple trees in the garden this year rather than letting them fall to the ground and rot like last year (oops) and whip up some of our favourite apple recipes! I’ll be sharing these on the blog no doubt too!
    • Family Bike Ride. We don’t actually own bikes ourselves although I would love to get some but there are a couple of places local to us that you can rent them from for a few hours so I’d love to try and do this and take a picnic and a flask of hot chocolate on a weekend before it gets too chilly!
    • Pumpkin Patch. This has become a bit of a tradition for us now, we’ve been the last two years and always have such fun picking out a few pumpkins to take home with us. I may even attempt a pumpkin recipe this year too.
    • Bonfire Night. Last year was Bella’s first firework display and she absolutely loved it and I reckon she’ll enjoy it even more this year now she’s that bit older so we’ll try and squeeze in a couple.
    • Birthdays. Bella and I are both have November birthdays so there will be lots of birthday celebrations in our house. Plans are already underway for Bella’s third birthday and I can’t wait to share them all with you!
    • First Cinema Trip. I’ve been thinking about taking Bella to the cinema for a while now but figured she probably wasn’t quite old enough. But I’m thinking it might be a fun thing to do together as a family as part of her third birthday celebrations.
    • Center Parcs. At the end of November we are heading to Center Parcs with my family for a little woodland break and I’m so so excited. I think it will be lovely to have a little down time befor the madness of Christmas hits and the fact that they have their winter wonderland on when we go will no doubt help us all get into the festive spirit!
    • Crafting. Bella absolutely adores all things crafty lately so I’d love to try and do some little projects with her incorporating some Autumn leaves and pine cones etc.
    • Slow Cooker. I can’t wait to dig my slow cooker out again and start making lots of hearty stews, soups and casseroles. I’m going to try to use it at least once a week and I’d really like to give some new more adventurous slow cooker recipes a go too!
    • Stick Man Trail. On my Spring bucket list I said that we wanted to complete the Gruffalo trail but we never did get around to it so I am determined to take Bella to do the stick man trail at some point this Autumn!


    What’s on your Autumn bucket list this year?

    Harriet XO 

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    Muddy Puddles

    During the week Bella and I only get two full days together; Wednesdays and Fridays. The other days I’m at work and she is either at nursery or with my Mum. I miss her stupid amounts when we’re apart and I’m always sat at my desk wondering if she misses me too or if she’s too busy having fun. I always hope for the latter. I really try to make the most of our days off together because I know that they won’t last forever. Just like she won’t always want to hold Mama’s hand. Sob.


    Last Wednesday we headed to our favourite woods for a walk with my friend Emily and her three kiddos, Daniel, Charlotte and Matilda. Luckily the weather was dry when we went but there had been a couple of wet days earlier in the week which meant there was plenty of muddy puddles for the two older kids to splash in. They were both a bit unsure at first but after some encouragement and a couple of demonstrations (from me, which I probably enjoyed waaaay more than I should have!) they soon got the hang of it!




    Bella first met Daniel when she was about 8 weeks and he was only 2 weeks old and they have been buddies ever since. Emily then went on to have twin girls and Bella is completely and utterly obsessed with them and has been since the moment she first laid eyes on them! She is always wanting to hold them and cuddle them, luckily the girlies are very tolerant of her persistent affection towards them! 😉 Whenever I see how much Bella adores Charlotte and Matilda it makes me SO BLOODY BROODY very excited to hopefully give her a sibling one day!




    Autumn walks are definitely my favourite. I love putting on that extra layer, wearing my wellies and not having to worry about Bella getting sun burnt/too cold! I’m sure I just feel so much more relaxed throughout the Autumn months. The woods we went to looked super pretty with all the rich coloured leaves. We had some lovely family photos taken by my wonderful sister in law Charlotte Rawles Photography in these woods for Bella’s first birthday last year and are having some new ones done in a few weeks time and I can’t waaaaaait!!


    Thanks for reading

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    Fresh Air At Scotney Castle



    Our weekend didn’t start off as planned. Friday evening was the first time all week that Josh got home from work at a half sensible hour and we had planned to spend the evening relaxing in front of the TV together once Bella was tucked up in bed, which for us, really is a rare thing. Our TV will often go a couple of days without even being switched on! It had been a long week, and we were both looking forward to a quiet evening in. While we were eating dinner, my Dad called in a fluster to tell me he had run out of insulin. I am my Dad’s registered carer and so therefore when these things happen, I/We have to deal with them. Even if that does mean various phone calls to all the late night pharmacy counters in the area and TWO trips back and fourth to Asda which is a good 20 minutes away. Safe to say our cosy evening in didn’t happen, but sometimes these things just don’t pan out. Sigh.

    Saturday morning was also a mild disaster. Long story short, there was an incident which involved Bella, a brand spanking new extremely cute outfit, a tired Daddy who definitely probably wasn’t paying full attention and a bottle of bright pink nail polish. Need I say more. The outfit got ruined and there was almost tears (from me over the destroyed cute outfit) and a few cross words may have been exchanged.

    It was at this point we decided we needed to get out of the house. Josh packed up a picnic and a flask of hot chocolate and we headed to Scotney Castle for some much needed fresh air. Saturday was a perfect October day, sunny and dry but just slightly chilly. We ate our picnic on a bench near the car and Bella had her first ever hot chocolate. It was seriously cute watching her blow the little beaker of ‘choc-choc’ and judging by the look on her face and the amount of times she said ‘yummm’ and ‘mmmm’ the kid definitely enjoyed it. Clearly has Mama’s sweet tooth 😉

    We then picked up a map and headed off to explore. In the end we ignored said map and just followed where all the other dog walkers were headed. The grounds of Scotney Castle are absolutely gorgeous and looked even more beautiful covered in Autumn leaves. I think it will definitely be one of our new favourite weekend spots. The crisp fresh air was exactly what we needed, Bella burnt off some steam and both her and the dog were fast asleep before we even left the car park. Win.

    Below are a few of my favourite photos from a very lovely family afternoon.

    Thanks for reading











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    Autumn Vibes

    Despite the fact we are flying out to Ibiza for our summer holiday in just over a week I have got some serious Autumn vibes going on right now and I am embracing it with open arms!

    For as long as I can remember Autumn has always been my favourite season. It’s probably because my birthday is in November but there are sooo many other factors behind why I love this season most and why I look forward to it all year round eagerly waiting to see those first golden leaves on the ground. I must drive my family and friends nuts I’m sure!

    I think the main reason is because there is no disappointment with Autumn compared to other seasons. British Summertime always lets us down, they promise this ‘heat wave‘ that might last a few days before the rain starts again and it just makes everyone miserable. My social media time lines recently have just been full of people moaning about what a let down the Summer months have been, yet again, I’m not sure why people are still surprised! The same thing happens in Winter, everyone is eagerly awaiting that foot of snow as predicted by Mr weather man and we normally end up with more of a dusting of icing sugar rather than the thick blankets of the white stuff that we all hoped for. With Autumn it tends to all unfold as we expect it to. The beautiful leaves fall of the trees, the weather gets cooler; the air just that bit crisper, people begin to wrap up more  and the boots come out, the evenings are shorter, the mention of Christmas becomes more acceptable, X Factor is back on the telly, people light their fires and pop the heating on… my list could go on and on. But my point is; those things are what we are all hoping for and that’s exactly what we get. Therefore there’s no disappointment. Everybody wins.

    These are my top 10 reasons why I bloody love Autumn.

    1. Cosy evenings by the fire snuggled under a blanket. Pure bliss.
    2. Fashion. I have a weakness for chunky knits, tartan scarves and tan boots.
    3. Walking over crisp crunchy leaves. Seriously makes my heart happy.
    4. Hot chocolates. Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate after an Autumnal walk?!
    5. Comfort food. I can’t wait to dig my slow cooker out and start making more hearty stews and soups.
    6. Birthday celebrations. Bella and I both have November birthdays just under 3 weeks apart and I love it. I am already stupidly excited for Bella’s second birthday, plans are well underway and i’m sure i’ll be sharing my ideas on the blog nearer the time.
    7. Bonfire nights. I have sadly missed the one we normally go to the past two years as we were struck down with a cold last year and the year before I was just about ready to pop with Bella. Therefore I can’t bloody wait to take Bella this year!!
    8. Berry lips and nails. You just can’t rock a berry lip/manicure in July like you can in October. Fact.
    9. Candle lit bubble baths. Again it doesn’t always feel right during the Summer when it’s still light outside at 8.30pm! I always have more baths during the colder months to warm me up and unwind after a long day.
    10. Last but not least has to be the countdown to Christmas time of course! FYI – Just over 100 days to go, not that i’m already counting or anything. 😉

      I’d love to know what your favourite things are about Autumn!
    Thanks so much for reading!