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Baby Lee #2

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    I am over the moon to finally be able to share the super exciting news that we are expecting again! All being well, Baby Lee number Two will arrive in June. We finally had our 12 week scan today, I had been feeling extremely anxious about it over these last few weeks, but I’m so pleased to report that everything went perfectly. It was such a relief to see our little baby wiggling away and sucking it’s thumb on the screen, it’s definitely helped to put my mind at ease. Baby seems to be happily cooking away in there. It’s eventually starting to sink in and I feel like I can really begin to get excited about our new addition now that we have seen them and know that all is well.

    We decided to wait until after the scan before telling Bella the news as I just knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret as she’s been desperate for a baby brother or sister for such a long time now. She is absolutely thrilled and couldn’t stop grinning and cuddling me when we told her this evening. When I tucked her into bed, she told me that she’s very excited and would like a baby girl please! I just know she’s going to make the most wonderful big sister.

    I’m very aware that the blog has been a little quiet lately, mostly because life has just been busier than ever but also because growing a human is tiring work. I tend to be ready for my bed by about nine which is typically the only time I have to blog. I have been feeling really┬átired and super nauseous, so I am looking forward to hopefully having a little more energy back as I roll into the second trimester.

    I’ll be sharing a post all about my first trimester soon and then I will be doing fortnightly updates here on the blog. I have always regretted not documenting my first pregnancy more and as this is probably (almost definitely) going to be my last, I want to try and soak up and enjoy every second.

    We’ll be finding out the babies gender in a few short weeks as we are both already so eager to know what we’re having. I can honestly say that I would be thrilled either way but I just can’t wait to know for sure and to get planning!





    Thanks so much for reading, I can’t wait to share our next adventure with you!
    Harriet XO

    Photos taken by Charlotte Rawles Photography & Milestone Cards by Sweet Pea Paperie