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    Baby Names I Loved But Didn’t Use

    Choosing a name for your baby is such a huge decision. I personally always find it one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks you are faced with when preparing for a new baby. Luckily we have somehow managed to settle on names for both of our babies fairly easily and without any major arguments!! And surprisingly early on too. I think we must just have fairly similar tastes in names although there were definitely a few names I suggested that Josh wouldn’t even consider! I know not everyone finds it so easy though and some babies remain nameless for weeks.

    With Bella’s name I think I suggested it and Josh just said ‘Yep that’s the one’ and that was that! We had always planned to use my middle name too so the whole process was very easy. This time around, it was actually Josh who came up with Hugo’s name. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t particularly keen on it (pretty sure my sister still isn’t a fan!). But it has definitely grown on me over the last few months. I now absolutely adore it and it really does suit him!

    I know some people keep the babies name to themselves until they arrive, but both times we have always told our close family and friends as soon as we had settled on it. It definitely helped Bella to bond with her new brother before he’d even arrived by knowing what his name was going to be.

    I always love hearing what other people call their children too, it’s usually the first question I ask when I hear of new baby news. As Hugo is probably definitely going to be our last baby, I thought I’d share the other contenders we had on our list when choosing our babies names!

    This is probably my favourite of all of these names. It was one we considered when we were expecting Bella but Josh didn’t love it as much as me. Although I think if baby number two had been a girl, I’m pretty sure they would have been a Harper. 

    I have visited Florence in Italy and it’s so beautiful. And I just think it makes such a pretty little girls name. It can be shorted to either Flo or Florrie which I love.

    This name appears in my family tree A LOT. It was a definite strong contender when we were choosing Bella’s name. We decided against it in the end as my sister and two of our nieces all have names beginning with E and we felt it may become a bit confusing!

    I love the name Delilah and this its so pretty but Josh sadly just isn’t a fan.

    We definitely found choosing a boys name much more difficult. Rory was on our shortlist as we both really liked it. I think it’s a great name for a baby/child but also a strong name for an adult too.

    This is one of my all time favourite boys names! But no matter what I tried I just could not make Josh love it. My good friend Georgina ended up using Maximilian though for her baby boy which I LOVE.

    I have always adored the name Rupert and I think Roo is such a sweet nickname too. Josh then pointed out that our dog is called Ruby and we call her Roo which made me rethink that one!


    Are there any baby names that you love but didn’t or wouldn’t ever use?

    Harriet XO