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    Dear Bella,

    On Sunday you turned two years old. TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD. I just can’t believe how quickly these last two years have gone. It only seems like yesterday we were bringing you home all wrapped up in the same pink blanket that now lays on the end of your toddler bed. It was a cold November evening and we were SO very  excited albeit slightly nervous to start our new life as a family of three. Even though these last two years have flown by much quicker than I’d like to admit, I also can’t imagine our lives without you.

    When you turned One you were still such a baby to me. You weren’t quite walking yet, you only said a few words and you were more than happy for Mama to help you when you needed it. Your wispy baby hair is now long gone and has grown into the most beautiful thick curls which always recieves such lovely compliments. Since your first birthday you have grown from a baby to a fully fledged toddler and my heart could burst with pride for the wonderful little girl you are becoming. This past year has been full of ‘firsts’ and I feel so blessed to be your Mama. To be able to watch you take those first unaided steps, to listen to your little voice mispronounce all these new words you have learnt and to hold your hand for every step of the way (when you let me that is, Miss independent!). You are such a clever little thing and you definitely keep us on our toes.

    You are an extremely strong willed and feisty little girl and as much as it drives me crazy sometimes, it’s one of the things I really love about you. You are so determined to be as independent as possible which means you will rarely accept help anymore and ‘No Waaaaaaay’ is your new favourite phrase. You make us laugh every single day with your quirky little ways, the way you can’t help but dance when you hear music and the way you call your Daddy ‘Jooooossshhh’ sometimes to get his full attention.

    Cuddles aren’t really your thing, unless you are under the weather or especially tired. But you do love to read and I relish those moments when you clamber onto my lap for a story and a snuggle. Occasionally you’ll surprise me and insist I sit with you so you can hold my hand or rest your head on me while you suck your thumb after a busy day at Nursery. It doesn’t happen often so I always stop whatever it is I am doing to join you because I know those moments won’t last forever.

    I feel so much more emotional about you turning Two, Bella Boo. But if Two is anywhere near as much fun as One then I honestly can’t wait.

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

    I love you more than I ever thought possible.

    Love Mummy xxxxx

    Photos taken by one of my best friends Rachel

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    My name is Harriet and welcome to my blog! I’m Wife to Josh and Mama to Bella who will be 2 in November. I have contemplated starting this blog for years and have finally taken the plunge and I’m very excited to have somewhere to document our family life at last. I thought it would be a good idea to start by giving you a brief rundown on our story so far.

    Josh and I met at school when we were 13 and despite everyone’s doubts we have been together since! We moved in together when we left school, got engaged a couple of years later on Christmas Day 2011 and got married 18 months later in the village I grew up in. Our wedding day was exactly as i’d hoped it would be, filled with all of our favourite people, a vintage afternoon tea, lots of prosecco fuelled dancing and ended with my bridesmaids jumping into the pool in their wedding attire, closely followed by lots of the other wedding guests, my mother in law included!!

    A few months later, our beautiful Bella was born on 8th November 2013 and made us a blissfully happy new family of three.

    Fast forward to now and our lives are hectic to say the least. Bella is an extremely headstrong little girl who loves nothing more than being outdoors exploring. Our weeks are filled with a blur of work, nursery runs, housework, squeezing in workouts and catching up with friends. The weekends fly by way too quickly and before we know it Monday morning has rolled around again. It’s crazy at times but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to share the highs and sometimes the lows of our crazy journey with you!

    I’ll finish my first post with a few of my favourite photos.

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    Thanks so much for reading,