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    Newborn Lifestyle Photos At Home

    When Hugo was exactly one week old, Josh’s sister Char came to our home to take some photos of us all as a family as well as plenty of our newest addition. While we were taking the photos, it all felt quite surreal. As just seven days before we were all there together whilst I was in the midst of labour. It was like I blinked and there we were with our week old baby.

    That first week post birth really does fly by so quickly! Hugo is now six weeks old and has already grown so much. Looking back through these photos for this post had me feeling a little teary. I feel a little sad that I’ll probably never experience these hazy newborn days again. But I am extremely grateful that I have so many beautiful photographs to look back on of both my babies.

    I have always admired lifestyle photography. And I loved the idea of having our photos taken in the comfort of our home. Personally I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera, especially not at one week post partum! So being in my own home definitely helped me feel more at ease. These photos are everything I had hoped for and I couldn’t be more happier with them. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking!





















    *All photos taken by Charlotte Rawles Photography*

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    Our Maternity Photos

    If you have ever previously read the blog then you will probably know that Josh’s sister Char is an extremely talented photographer who has photographed us many times before (posts here & here). We are very lucky to have had her capture our journey into parenthood right from the very beginning. And I am super grateful to have so many beautiful photos to look back on from these last few years. The first photo shoot we ever had with Charlotte was a maternity shoot when I was heavily pregnant with Bella. So of course it seemed only right that we did the same to capture my second pregnancy too!

    We had previously decided we would head to camber sands beach to take our maternity photos although I soon realised that this wasn’t my best idea. Despite the sunshine and beautiful blue skies, it was actually extremely windy when we arrived at the beach late yesterday afternoon. So much so that I could hardly see through all my hair and the flying sand! We managed to take a few photos but quickly abandoned the beach and headed back to the car in search of an alternative location!

    After a quick tour of the beautiful East Sussex countryside, with a little stop off in a field, we finally ended up in a super pretty orchard instead! I was a little nervous beforehand as I hate having my photo taken as I always feel so awkward. I was also feeling very body conscious as my bump is pretty huge now (which strangers seem to LOVE to keep telling me). So I can’t help but feel a tad whale like lately. But as always, Char made us all feel so at ease. She has such a great eye for taking photos and I am over the moon with the finished pictures. We will definitely treasure these last photos of us as a family of three!

    If you’d like to swoon at more of Charlotte’s amazing work or to even book her yourself, then head over to her website and definitely make sure you’re following her on both Facebook and Instagram.

    Now, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking!













    Did you have maternity photos taken? I’d love to know!!

    Harriet XO

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    Autumn Family Photos

    ‘We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone’

    We recently had an Autumn mini photo shoot with the extremely talented Charlotte Rawles Photography. Char is in fact my lovely sister in law and we have been lucky enough to have her capture every step of our journey into parenthood including being our amazing birthing partner and taking the most precious photos of my labour & Bella’s birth. She also took maternity photos of us, photos of Bella as a newborn, 3, 6 & 9 months old and a special shoot for Bella’s first birthday. So of course we had to get some up to date family photos for Bella’s second birthday!

    I can’t stress enough how important I think it is to have professional photos taken of your little ones. Children grow so fast and capturing these special moments is crucial. Photos are such a lovely thing to have to look back on over the years to come. I often find myself looking back through photos of Bella as a tiny babe and I can’t wait to show them all to her when she’s older.

    Charlotte always manages to capture Bella’s growing personality perfectly and in the most natural way. Her style of photography is so fresh. Most of my favourite ever photos have been taken by Char over the years, not only of Bella but I always love the snaps  of her own children (Bella’s cousins & our niece & nephews) and even photos from my own Sisters wedding that Charlotte photographed last year. Our home is full of her work and I’m so excited to get these Autumn photos up on the walls!

    Here are just a few of my favourites (it was very hard to choose as I love them all!!)







    You call follow Charlotte Rawles Photography on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or check out her website here.

    Thanks for reading
    Harriet xo