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    Our Maternity Photos

    If you have ever previously read the blog then you will probably know that Josh’s sister Char is an extremely talented photographer who has photographed us many times before (posts here & here). We are very lucky to have had her capture our journey into parenthood right from the very beginning. And I am super grateful to have so many beautiful photos to look back on from these last few years. The first photo shoot we ever had with Charlotte was a maternity shoot when I was heavily pregnant with Bella. So of course it seemed only right that we did the same to capture my second pregnancy too!

    We had previously decided we would head to camber sands beach to take our maternity photos although I soon realised that this wasn’t my best idea. Despite the sunshine and beautiful blue skies, it was actually extremely windy when we arrived at the beach late yesterday afternoon. So much so that I could hardly see through all my hair and the flying sand! We managed to take a few photos but quickly abandoned the beach and headed back to the car in search of an alternative location!

    After a quick tour of the beautiful East Sussex countryside, with a little stop off in a field, we finally ended up in a super pretty orchard instead! I was a little nervous beforehand as I hate having my photo taken as I always feel so awkward. I was also feeling very body conscious as my bump is pretty huge now (which strangers seem to LOVE to keep telling me). So I can’t help but feel a tad whale like lately. But as always, Char made us all feel so at ease. She has such a great eye for taking photos and I am over the moon with the finished pictures. We will definitely treasure these last photos of us as a family of three!

    If you’d like to swoon at more of Charlotte’s amazing work or to even book her yourself, then head over to her website and definitely make sure you’re following her on both Facebook and Instagram.

    Now, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking!













    Did you have maternity photos taken? I’d love to know!!

    Harriet XO

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    Me & Mine {January 2017}

    I’m so excited to be joining in with The Me & Mine Project for another year. I first starting taking these monthly portraits in November 2015 which honestly only feels like last week! In 2016 we managed to capture a family photo every month bar February! This year I am determined not to miss a single month. I absolutely love looking back at these photos and seeing how much our little family unit has grown over the previous 12 months. This year of course will be even more special, as half way through the year we’ll have a new family member joining us in our monthly Me & Mine photos. It’s quite crazy to think that all being well, we will take just four more of these as a threesome!

    January has been such a bleak month here in Sussex. Lots of rain, lots of ice and not a lot of sunshine! Every year as soon as the end of January rolls around, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring. I’m so over the chilly weather now and I’m desperately longing for some brighter days!

    We celebrated Josh’s birthday at the beginning of the month with a spa break and a big family meal. The rest of January has been filled with lots of organising and sorting at home to make space for the new baby. I’m really pleased with the progress we have made so far getting everything ready and hopefully by the end of February the children’s new bedroom will be pretty much finished.

    In between the rain showers we have tried our best to get outside at the weekends for some fresh air. We’ve actually  visited both Bodiam Castle and Scotney castle this month. We spent the morning at Scotney with the lovely Emily and her family last weekend and Jack very kindly took our Me & Mine photo for us which I am so grateful for. It’s always so much easier to ask someone else to take them rather than faffing around with the tripod! He even managed to get one of us all looking at the camera AND smiling. Although, I’m not sure we’ll be able to keep that up all year 😉




    Harriet XO


    The Me and Mine Project
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    A Frosty Walk At Bodiam Castle

    Since Christmas we have been so focused on switching all of our bedrooms around that it seems like we’ve spent every weekend knee deep in utter chaos at home! Last weekend I just couldn’t face anymore sorting so we took a much needed break from it all. Josh had to work all day on Saturday so Bella and I had lunch and spent the afternoon swimming with my sister and niece. It was so lovely to see them both and Bella had so much fun swimming and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! I’m really keen to get her enrolled in some swimming lessons at some point this year but in the meantime I’m going to try and take her myself a couple of times a month to help her confidence in the water!

    As Sunday was our only day all together we decided to brave the cold frosty weather and popped out for brunch and a walk to blow away the cobwebs. I had a real craving for poached eggs so we headed to The Hub at Quarry Farm after hearing such wonderful things about the food. Oh boy, we were not disappointed! Josh and I both ordered Eggs Benedict and it was absolutely delicious as was the coffee according to Josh. We both loved the decor of The Hub too, it was so lovely and cosy with the fire roaring, the perfect place to spend a chilly Sunday morning. I can definitely see us becoming regulars!

    The Hub is literally a stones throw away from Bodiam Castle. you could even see the castle as we were driving out! Bodiam Castle was actually fairly busy despite how cold it was. We had a leisurely stroll around the frozen moat watching the ducks potter about on the ice which Bella found hilarious! Afterwards we then headed into the castle. I have taken Bella previously, although it was probably this time last year and she wasn’t particularly interested at all. But this time she really enjoyed exploring and was climbing all the steps, looking out of all the windows and asking loads of questions. We had a lovely time and we both said how we really must visit more often as we live so close!










    Harriet XO


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    Our 2017 Bucket List

    If you are a regular reader you will know just how much I LOVE a bucket list. Its something Josh and I have always done since right back at the start of our relationship. We used to sit down together at the end of December and make a big list of all the things we wanted to do, places we wanted to visit and goals we wanted to achieve. I just love the feeling of ticking things off throughout the year! Since becoming parents our yearly bucket lists have changed somewhat but it’s still something I really love doing.

    Over the last couple of years rather than writing a yearly list, I have opted for seasonal ones instead. But with our new arrival due in the Summer I thought I’d compile an annual one for 2017. Once I started writing it all down I realised there was A LOT that I’d like to do this year. There are of course some things we hope to do before baby boy’s arrival in June. Although there is still plenty on the list that I’d love to do once he’s joined us too, it’s maybe a little ambitious but we’ll see how we get on!

    2017 Bucket List

    Take Bella for her first ever trip to the cinema

    Feed the ducks at Bodiam Castle

    Go for a winters walk & a hot chocolate in Rye

    Make time for a date night every single month this year! Either out or just at home

    Enjoy a family bike ride at Bewl Water

    Get a new car

    Explore three cities we have never been to before

    Visit Alice & Amelia in Dorset

    Visit family in Norfolk (hopefully a couple of times!)

    Go for afternoon tea with my best friend

    Have one last child free night away before the new baby comes!

    Have a family day out at the Zoo

    Bake cinnamon buns

    Do the Bluebell walk on the Sussex Downs

    Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary

    Visit Knole Park to see the beautiful deer

    Sign Bella up for swimming lessons

    Watch Bella in her first ballet show

    Host an Easter brunch

    Take Bella to Paultons Park

    Create a proper play area in the garden

    Visit Sheffield park during each season to feed the ducks

    Have a picnic in the walled garden at Scotney Castle

    Enjoy lots of pool days at the in laws

    Camp in the back garden

    Host another big Summer BBQ

    Throw my Dad a 60th birthday party

    Visit the lavender fields

    Pick our own fruit at Maynards again

    Make strawberry cupcakes & strawberry crumble with said  fruit!

    Spent lots of evenings at the beach, eating chips and splashing in the sea!

    Go bowling

    Grow our own vegetables in the garden

    Take Bella to play crazy golf on the seafront

    Start running again (Probably after babies arrival)

    Participate in a colour run

    Make my own ice cream

    Eat half man, half burger on the beach with friends

    Explore our village more

    Take Bella swimming in the sea

    Make homemade fudge

    Host a raclette night with our friends

    Visit the pumpkin patch

    Carve pumpkins

    Host a Halloween tea party

    Go to a fireworks display

    Celebrate Bella’s fourth & my twenty fourth birthdays

    Take Bella ice skating

    Make salt dough Christmas decorations

    Go to see the Christmas lights

    Bake gingerbread

    Go to a Christmas market

    Spend our first Christmas as a family of FOUR at the In Laws

    Throw a New Years Eve party (Josh’s idea!!)

    Harriet XO

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    An Autumnal Afternoon At The Pumpkin Patch

    This weekend we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and had the loveliest afternoon with Josh’s brother and his family. This was our third year going together and I love how it’s become a little yearly Autumnal tradition and I hope it’s something we continue to do for many years to come. The first year we went Bella was only 11 months old and not yet walking, she obviously had no clue what all the fuss was about but this year she was super excited and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Although she was totally not fussed by all the big pumpkins, instead she was way more interested in hunting out the teeny tiniest ones she could find. You can’t blame her though, everything is definitely much cuter in miniature form!

    I find that there is something quite magical about looking out over a sea of bright orange pumpkins and it really does make my Autumn obsessed self, oh-so-happy. Every year Josh and I have a little bicker about the ridiculous amount of pumpkins I try to sneak into the wheelbarrow, and every year I begrudgingly am made to put a few back. Although I alwaaaays manage to walk away with at least four! It’s a similar sort of bicker to the one we have at the Christmas tree farm each year too, when my husband insists that the humongous tree he has chosen will fit in the car, and that it of course will fit in the house. It never does, we always have to cut some off! 😉

    We are slowly but surely working our way through our Autumn bucket list, we’ve been to our first fireworks display, we’ve picked our pumpkins and the slow cooker has already been used a couple of times too. It’s less than a month until Bella’s third birthday now and the party invitations have officially been sent. She is super excited about her impending birthday and will tell anybody that will listen that her birthday is in November and that she’s going to be three. I however, am totally in denial about the whole thing, of course. Three just seems way too grown up for my liking!

    Lastly, apologies in advance for the ridiculous amount of pumpkin picking photos you are about to endure, I just couldn’t help myself 😉 I hope you have all had a lovely autumnal weekend also!

    Harriet xo



















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    A Sunny Weekend In Norfolk

    When Josh and I left school at 16 we were already practically living together at his parents house. But our first proper home together was a little cottage attached to his grandparents house which we both absolutely adored. I have so many happy memories in that little cottage. I remember spending hours sat at the dining room table overlooking the garden planning our wedding, we enjoyed lots of evenings with our friends there, but it was also the place my bridesmaids and I got ready on the morning of our wedding, the place that we made that all important decision to start a family and of course it was the place we brought our baby girl home to when she was just a few hours old. That little cottage will always have a very special place in my heart.

    Two years ago the time came to say goodbye to our first home when Josh’s grandparents decided to sell up and relocate to Norfolk. I cried A LOT. Not only because I would miss the house itself, but because we would miss them too. They were the best neighbours, we were forever having chats through the kitchen window and if I’d been baking I’d always pop some cake over to them too.

    Since they moved away we try to visit them at least once or twice a year and we always have such a lovely time catching up and we’ve made some really lovely memories up in Norfolk already. A couple of weeks back we spent a long weekend up there and were blessed with glorious sunshine for our entire stay which was wonderful. We spent most of the weekend just exploring the local area, seeing all the spots we hadn’t visited on our previous stays with a couple of trips to the beach thrown in for good measure. Josh even took a trip up to the top of Happisburgh lighthouse and saw some incredible views. I was more than happy to stay firmly on the ground with Bella and play in the cornfields instead 😉

    Bella absolutely adored spending time with her great grandparents and it was so lovely to watch them together. I think they were equally besotted with each other! I lost count of the amount of times Bella made Granny do puzzles with her, but Granny of course was always happy to oblige. How lucky is she to have two sets of grandparents AND two sets of great grandparents?

    Whenever we visit Norfolk I always enjoy the slower pace of life and I love coming home feeling refreshed after a care free few days enjoying the simple things without the usual stresses of work, housework etc.

    I didn’t take many photos of our trip but I thought I’d share the few that I did take. We had a lovely time as always and no doubt we’ll be heading back soon. Until next time, Norfolk! <3