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    Oh, Christmas Tree

    We have such a busy schedule most of the time that we decided weeks back that this would be the weekend we would set aside to go and choose our Christmas tree, decorate the house and just generally get ourselves into the festive spirit! We decided last minute to go with my sister, her husband and my new niece who’s only 5 weeks old to choose our trees and we ended up going for breakfast first with my Dad too.

    When I was younger we always had a fake tree but when I met Josh his family always had a real one and I was very quickly converted to real Christmas trees. You just can’t beat the smell of a real tree when you come downstairs on a chilly December morning. Since Bella was born we have bought our tree from the same local farm shop so we headed back there for the third year in a row (how is this her THIRD christmas already!?.. Sob). I think subconsciously I insist we always go there for sentimental reasons. It’s sort of become a little tradition of ours I suppose.

    After we chose our tree we headed home for the afternoon to decorate it whilst listening to some classic cheesy christmas songs on Youtube and we even cracked open the tub of christmas chocolates which was definitely the highlight for Bella 😉

    Here’s a few of my favourite snaps from our first festive family day of the season!




    Christmas Lights Romper | Hatley – Similar here












    I hope everyone else enjoyed the first weekend of December as much as I did and are now feeling nice and festive!

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    Harriet xo



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    Wroxham Barns Junior Farm

    We are currently holidaying in Norfolk and yesterday we decided to visit Wroxham Barns Junior Farm as it was a beautiful sunny day and Bella is completely obsessed with animals so we knew she would enjoy herself. We have visited Wroxham Barns for lunch once before when we were visiting family but didn’t actually go into the farm.

    When we arrived the car park was particularly busy but when we actually got into the farm it was surprisingly much quieter than we expected. The entry fee is £6.25 per adult and under 2s go free. We were given wrist bands so we could come and go as we pleased which I thought was a great idea as it meant we go and have lunch then come back if we wished. There is also the option to purchase a paper bag of animal food for 50p so you can feed the animals as you go around the farm, we decided to do this and chose a bag of food for the big animals rather than for the poultry. Although make sure you read the signs and don’t feed it to the Pygmy goats like my husband did, as they are on special diets 😉

    The farm is fairly small but big enough to keep Bella interested the whole way around. All of the animals were super friendly and as soon as you came near they would bound over as they knew you had food for them! We saw various breeds of goats, sheep, cows, donkies, ponies, a couple of different breeds of pigs including extremely cute micro pigs! There was a also lots of different poultry animals including chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. Our favourites were probably the pygmy goats and the micro pigs who we genuinely would have taken home with us if we could!

    Overall we really enjoyed our visit to the farm, Bella loved feeding the animals herself and I’m sure we will return next time we are in the area.







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