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Blowing Away The Cobwebs

Typically all three of us have fallen ill over the Christmas period. Bella had a cold earlier in the month which left her with a nasty chesty cough she just couldn’t seem to shake off which has now turned into a chest infection so she’s got antibiotics from the Dr for that. Josh  ...

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Our week away in Norfolk

You may have seen on my Instagram or Twitter that we have just spent a week away in beautiful Norfolk. We have been house and dog sitting for my husband’s grandparents while they were on holiday. They live in a gorgeous house down a country lane not far from the coast and we had such a  ...

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Wroxham Barns Junior Farm

We are currently holidaying in Norfolk and yesterday we decided to visit Wroxham Barns Junior Farm as it was a beautiful sunny day and Bella is completely obsessed with animals so we knew she would enjoy herself. We have visited Wroxham Barns for lunch once before when we were visiting family  ...

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