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    What We Ate #3

    Its been a couple of months since I last share a ‘What We Ate’ post so I thought I would share our meals from last week as they were all super tasty! If you have read my blog before then you will know that I absolutely love cooking for my family but recently I found myself stuck in a bit of a rutt and I noticed that I was cooking the same meals week in week out. Before we left for our holiday I was really lacking inspiration but a week away from my kitchen has definitely helped reignite my love for cooking. During the week I’m often short on time so I try to cook fairly fuss free recipes that I know I can get on the table quickly. Last week I dug out my favourite recipe books and rediscovered a few recipes that we had previously loved. I made sure I only bought ingredients for those recipes which meant I had to stick to them and this definitely stopped me from straying from my meal plan.

    Monday – Slow cooked gammon with jackets, soft boiled eggs and salad
    Probably the simplest meal ever. I literally stick a medium gammon joint in my slow cooker with a couple of inches of water and cook it on low all day. I served ours with cheesy jacket potatoes, some hard boiled eggs and lots of salad!

    Tuesday – Stir fry chilli beef and noodles
    If you’re looking for a healthier takeaway alternative then this is it. Fairly quick and easy to make and absolutely delish! I keep mine fairly mild but you can add more chilli if you like it hot.

    Wednesday – Crispy chicken parmagiana with new potatoes and spinach
    I first made this recipe a few months ago and forgot just how tasty it is. And simple! It has very few ingredients so doesn’t take long at all!

    Thursday – Teriyaki chicken with coconutty rice, bok choy & toasted cashews
    Another fab takeaway alternative. Adding coconut to the rice isn’t something I ever would have thought of doing it before but it makes plain rice so much more exciting and it tastes bloody divine too.

    Friday – Pea, pancetta & mushroom pasta topped with parmesan & pine nuts
    So so easy yet so tasty! The creamy sauce is literally just creme fraiche! Bella absolutely loved this one too!

    So that is what we ate last week! If there are any recipes in particular you like the look of then do let me know so I can share them on the blog! I’m also going to be sharing a couple of posts soon focusing more on what Bella eats, as during the week we don’t get to eat dinner together every night as she eats at nursery on a Monday & Thursday and at my Mums on a Tuesday!

    Harriet xo

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    What We Ate #2

    We are now into the 8 week countdown until our holiday to Greece so I’m trying to be super good food wise and keep treats to an absolute minimum which really is easier said than done! 😉  Over the last week I have made sure we’ve eaten a proper homemade dinner every evening with lots of protein and veggies and only healthy carbs. I remembered to snap a photo each night so I thought it was about time I shared another ‘What We Ate’ post as the last one was very popular.

    Monday – Turkey mince stuffed peppers. For these I use 2% fat turkey mince so that it’s super lean and I follow The Body Coach’s Turkey Moussaka recipe which is in his Lean in 15 book but instead of making the actual moussaka I just do the mince part and then mix in a small amount of cous cous then whack it in some peppers with a sprinkle of cheese and stick them in the oven! Super tasty and surprisingly filling, Josh and I both left a half and took it for lunch the next day.

    Tuesday – Lamb grill steaks with sweet potato mash and broccoli. Tuesdays are my longest day of the week and I don’t get home until almost 7pm so I try to make sure dinner is fairly fuss free or otherwise I get too tempted by a naughty take away. I got the grill steaks from Tesco and they are really nice, I also cheated and bought the sweet potato mash pre made but it is super low in calories and so much smoother than I can ever get it myself! This dinner was on the table in less than 20 minutes. Which is a serious win in my book!

    Wednesday – I made my homemade pork and apple burgers which you can find the recipe for here. There is literally three ingredients in them and they are so simple to make but yet there is absolutely no compromise on flavour! I served them topped with some mozzarella and chutney with homemade sweet potato wedges and some spinach salad.

    Thursday – I knew I was having a friend over for dinner on Thursday so I pre made a homemade clean bolognese crammed full of veggies and stuck it in the freezer last weekend. I’m not normally so organised but I was so glad I had done this as it saved me loads of time after work and it meant I could just heat it back through and cook some brown pasta to go with it. There was also enough for lunch the following day which is always handy especially as it’s Bella’s favourite.

    Friday – As we had pasta for lunch on Friday we kept dinner fairly low carb and cooked our favourite Lean In 15 recipe which you can find here. Basically a jumble of chicken, chorizo, spinach, red onion, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and pine nuts. Simple, but tastes SO DAMN GOOD.

    Saturday – I was feeling fairly uninspired by the time the weekend rolled around but I was determined to still eat well so I made a simple chicken curry using a couple of tablespoons of curry paste and some light coconut milk. We had this with a small portion of brown rice and it was surprisingly really lovely and Bella absolutely loved it!

    Sunday – We had my Dad over for dinner so I cooked Joe’s Chicken Pie, again from the Lean in 15 book! You can also find the recipe here though. This is definitely another one of our favourites and my Dad loved it too and has already put in his request for a batch for his freezer! I love how it’s so much lighter than a normal pie, yet it still feels like such a treat. I served it with some sweet potato wedges, broccoli and courgettes.

    If you’re interested in what I eat for my other meals and snacks etc then I post most of it over on my second Instagram account here. I’m always on the hunt for new healthy family friendly recipes so do let me know your favourites!

    Harriet xo


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    What We Ate #1

    I have seen so many bloggers recently sharing their weekly meal plans and I always love reading these posts as they often give me some much needed inspiration for what to cook for my own family. I thought I’d start sharing some of the things we eat but instead of sharing for the week ahead, I’m going to share what we ate in the previous week so that I can include photos, links to recipes and what I thought of said recipe. I might not do this religiously every week, maybe every other? I’ll see how it goes!

    I am a serious foodie and I try to cook us much as possible from scratch myself. Bella will always eat the same as what we’re having on the nights we all eat together. She has a hot lunch at nursery twice a week so will only have a lighter dinner like scrambled eggs on toast or a sandwich on these evenings and once a week my Mum gives her dinner before I pick her up after work.

    We do eat pretty healthily and a lot of our evening meals are quite low carb at the moment as we’re both carb cycling. You can read more on carb cycling over on Grainne’s very informative blog post here. I’ll also be sharing more of my own personal experience on my next Fit Mama’s post at the end of the month or in the meantime you can take a peek at my healthy eating Instagram account here where I post photos of all my meals.

    Most of the meat we eat is from Muscle Food who I would highly recommend. The meat is fantastic quality, always the leanest cuts and the prices are very competitive compared to the supermarkets. If you use my code HL167187 you can choose some free meat to add onto your order!

    Week Commencing 15th February

    Monday – Fillet Steaks & garlic chicken strips with creamy leeks, mushrooms & spinach with roasted sweet potato rounds. Normally we wouldn’t have fillet steaks in the week but we were meant to have them on Valentines day but we had a late lunch and neither of us were particularly hungry so we saved them for the next evening. They were from Muscle Food and tasted absolutely incredible. I’ve already ordered more! My husband decided to do some extra garlic chicken strips as we had some chicken that needed cooking. For the sauce we just melted down half a tub of Philadelphia with a splash of milk and stirred it through the leeks, mushrooms and spinach. So.Damn.Good.

    Tuesday – Joe’s Chicken Pie served with Courgettes. Recipe can be found online here or in his Lean In 15 book. I had friends over for dinner after work so made this pie for us and served theirs with homemade wedges while I just had extra veggies. We all really enjoyed the pie, seriously tasty but by using filo pastry it made it a much lighter option than my usual pie recipe. It was super easy to prepare too so I will definitely be making it again soon!

    Wednesday – Lean In 15 Chicken, Chorizo, Spinach & Pine Nut Cheesy Jumble.
    We absolutely LOVED this. So simple yet so tasty, the perfect midweek dinner. I can’t wait to make it again. This recipe can be found in the Lean In 15 book.

    Thursday – Extra Lean Beef Burgers topped with Cheese & Cherry Tomatoes served with Sweet Potato Chunks, Tender Stem & Spinach. Pretty self explanatory. This was on our higher carb day. The burgers were again from Muscle Food.

    Friday – Homemade Turkey Meatballs with Ratatouille. I massively failed here. I had an awful headache, Josh got home late… So we ended up having McDonalds. Oops. This was the first one of the year I should add!!

    Saturday – Out at a Party.

    Sunday – Chicken Roast. Normally this would be pretty healthy with lots of roasted veg and no Yorkshires, but we were hungover and of course we needed ALLLL the carbs. Note – Neither of us could finish it!!

    Thanks so much for reading!
    Harriet xo

    My Petit Canard
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    Chicken Pesto Pasta

    You know when you just throw what you have left in the fridge into a pan and hope for the best? Well that’s pretty much what I did with this recipe a few weeks ago. And I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted bloody lovely! and It’s now one of our favourites. Comfort food for me, is a big old bowl of pasta. And I love that I can enjoy this without all the guilt. This pesto pasta dish still tastes super creamy but with a lot less calories. It’s also super quick and easy to make and very family friendly!

    Ingredients (Serves 4 but can easily be halved and is 3 syns per portion on Slimming World)

    • 2-3 Chicken breasts, cut into chunks (you could replace this with any variety of sausages, bacon or even pork loin)
    • Half a pack of mushrooms, cut into slices
    • 1 red onion, sliced
    • 1 red or yellow pepper, chopped
    • A handful of baby leaf spinach
    • 1 tub of lightest Philadelphia
    • 3 tbsps. of green pesto
    • 300g – 400g Penne pasta depending on your usual portion size


    1. Cook the penne pasta as normal
    2. Whilst your pasta is cooking, spritz a non stick frying pan with some fry light and cook your chicken over a medium to high heat
    3. Add in the onion, mushrooms and pepper and fry off until soft
    4. In a bowl mix together the Philadelphia cheese and the pesto, add 1 tbsp. of water to loosen the mix slightly
    5. Once your pasta is cooked, drain and return to the pan then mix in the chicken, onions, mushrooms and pepper mix followed by the spinach
    6. Stir the pesto Philadelphia sauce through the pasta then serve with lots of ground black pepper and a side salad / extra veg if you wish!
    7. ENJOY!







    Harriet XO

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    Things I’m Loving Lately {December}

    Oh December, you were hectic. Lovely of course, but definitely hectic. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with our nearest and dearest, promptly followed by us all falling ill and so we have spent the past few days having some much needed down time at home. Here’s a few things I have loved over the festive period!


    During December my go to lip colour has definitely been my favourite Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 01 – the perfect festive red!

    I recently started using the L’oreal mythic oil and my hair is seriously so grateful! I use a couple of pumps on my hair when its wet and then another small pump when its dry and not only does it feel so much softer and smoother but it looks much shinier and healthier too. One of my favourite things about this hair oil is you can’t feel it in the hair at all and it doesn’t make it feel or look greasy like other (more expensive) oils I have previously used.


    For my birthday at the end of November Josh bought me a gorgeous silver necklace from Stanley & Maud personalised with his and Bella’s initials. I have been after something personal like this for ages and I absolutely adore it! All of Stanley & Maud’s pieces are handmade my the lovely Dottie and I love supporting small business’ and have already got my eye on a few more of her pieces 😉 

    I recently bought my first ever roll neck jumper (late to the party I know!!) I went for a dark mustard colour and have been wearing it non stop throughout December. My sister bought me a black one for Christmas too which I know I’ll get loads of wear out of also. I’ve been thinking about getting a pinafore dress to wear with them, something like this maybe, but I haven’t quite decided if I can pull it off yet.
    I also had to mention this gorgeous little black dress I wore for my Christmas works do as I felt absolutely amazing in it. It was a steal at only £30 from Boohoo and I received so many compliments on it that evening!



    December has been a crazy month for us with regards to home decor! We have re-decorated Bella’s bedroom, done a stupid amount of gloss painting (I’m talking almost every bloody door / door frame / skirting board in the house. FML.) and finished off lots of odds and ends of decorating all ready for when our new carpets were laid a couple of weeks ago. We are so pleased we made the decision to ditch some of the laminate flooring and get some carpets down. It’s made the whole house feel so much cosier and homely.


    I purchased a gorgeous hand illustrated print by Grace Leaney for Josh as one of his Christmas presents and I’m so so pleased with it. I put it in a grey IKEA frame and we have hung it in our hallway as the grey matches our geo print wallpaper perfectly.

    Since we had built in shelves put in our living room I have been really enjoying styling them with various candles, books and baskets. The most recent thing I have added is this light up copper ‘L’. It’s quite a statement piece but I love how it looks along side the other bits and bobs. I’m not quite finished with styling these shelves just yet but I’m not sure I’ll ever be as I enjoy switching things around too much 😉


    December is my favourite month of the whole year for food for obvious reasons. Christmas dinner was definitely a highlight but I always equally enjoy bubble and squeak on boxing day with all the leftover cold meats and cheeses. We also always make the Delia Smith Turkey & Leek flan with leftovers and it’s SO tasty.

    I also made this crunchie cheesecake for boxing day which was seriously good even if it did take me two attempts on Christmas eve as the first batch bloody curdled which may have resulted in a minor meltdown from me and I miiiiiighttt have told my Husband I was cancelling Christmas hahaha. Dramatic? Me? Never… 😉


    What have you been loving in December? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

    Thanks for reading!
    Harriet xo









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    Things I’m Loving Lately {November}

    November was wonderfully busy for us but as always it flew by so fast. Since becoming a parent I just can’t believe how quickly the months pass. There has been lots of celebrating this month, stacks of good food & plenty of family fun. Here is what I’ve been loving lately.

    I was super lucky and managed to get my hands on one of the limited edition NARS Glossybox’s that sold out in something crazy like 27 minutes!? I have been really enjoying using all five of the products I received but my favourite would have to be The Blush in ‘Orgasm’. It is the perfect colour for my skin tone and gives me that natural rosy cheeked glow. It’s very highly pigmented so a little bit goes a long way which means it should last me ages.


    Unfortunately I was struck down with the dreaded winter cold this month which gave me terribly dry lips so I’ve been smothering them in my Lanolips multipurpose balm which has been amazing. I have also used it around my nose as I tend to get little dry patches at this time of year especially when I’m unwell and it worked wonders for that too.


    During November I have been living in various shirt/swing/jumper dresses paired with black tights and boots. My new favourite is this long sleeved striped bodycon midi dress that I bought a couple of months back from Forever21 which was a complete steal at just £8! As its very fitted I had been subconsciously avoiding wearing it I think but I finally dug it out and was pleasantly surprised that it now fits much better since I have lost some more weight (thanks to Slimming World) and I actually felt quite confident wearing it. I’ve since ordered two more in different colours thanks to Black Friday 😉

     I picked up some black super high waisted jeans from Primark when I went shopping for my birthday as I had seen loads of people raving about them and for £10 I thought I’d give them a try. They are so comfy and such a good fit that I wish I’d got a few pairs. I love high waisted jeans as they hide a multitude of sins and they always make me feel more confident.

    I have a new obsession with fairy lights and I’m having to restrain myself from putting them in I just love how cosy they make a room feel. Battery powered fairy lights are bloody genius and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get some! Without the need for them to be plugged in you can literally put them anywhere. I currently have some simple white ones along the mantelpiece in the dining room and some gorgeous LED glass globe ones on copper wire along the living room mantel. I also have some retro bulb ones in our bedroom and I plan to add some simple white ones to Bella’s bedroom too when we decorate it. I think the fairy lights may be the start of my festive decorations.. Eeeeek.


    We have finally ordered our carpets and are booked in to get them fitted 10 days before Christmas. Nothing like leaving it until last minute 😉 We currently have no carpets anywhere in the house as we have laminate downstairs and bare floorboards upstairs so I’m pretty excited for some cosy carpets to be laid! What I’m not so thrilled about is the fact that before they are laid we have to pull up the existing laminate downstairs and do loads of glossing woodwork. Urgh. As well as finishing painting and wallpapering the upstairs landing. Ohhhhh and re decorating Bella’s bedroom. We don’t do things by halves.. Aka we are nuts.

    November has been filled with amazing food as Bella and I both celebrated our birthdays! Josh and I visited the BBC Good Food Show in London with his parents as part of my birthday celebrations and we tasted some of the most incredible food but one of the highlights was a pork & sage sausage roll from Little Jack Horners. Probably the best sausage roll I have ever eaten. It really was THAT good.

    We enjoyed a beautiful child free meal and overnight stay at The Vineyard in Lamberhurst for my birthday which I’ll probably share more details on in a separate post. The Vineyard is part of the same group as The Great House which is one of our all time favourite places to eat so we knew it would be lovely!


    Despite the many treats this month I am still following Slimming World (Finally got my half stone award!) and my favourite SW friendly meal this month would have to be my pork and apple burgers that I shared earlier in the month. I think we must have had them at least two or three times as we all enjoy them so much. 

    To check out what Emma who hosts this lovely linky has been loving then check out her blog

    Thanks so much for reading
    Harriet xo