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    A New Year & A New Adventure – Our Gender Reveal

    We are super excited to announce that Baby Lee #2 is a BOY!!


    We are still trying to get our heads around it to be honest but we are so so excited for this new adventure. We’re both absolutely over the moon and feel so very lucky that all being well, we will get to experience having one of each. Our lives have been full to the brim of all things girly for the last few years and I’m beyond excited to finally be able to venture into the world of baby boys! Despite requesting a baby sister Bella seems to also be thrilled about her new baby brother and I really do hope this continues. I can’t wait to finally give her a sibling, I know she’s going to be just wonderful (most of the time!).

    Our gender scan was a couple of days ago and it was really nice to take a little break away from all of the Christmas madness. I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling so sick with a mixture of nerves and excitement, my heart was literally racing to the point I had to keep having a little sit down to try and relax. I’m sure Josh found it highly amusing but I honestly don’t ever remember feeling like this last time. I think I was just super eager to see our little baby again and to finally know whether we would be welcoming another girl or a boy.

    Right from the beginning I had a feeling that I was expecting a boy this time as everything felt very different to my pregnancy with Bella. Although it seemed I was the only one as everyone else was insisting that we were having another girl. I even shared my 12 week scan photos on a Nub Theory board on Facebook and everyone guessed girl on there too. Just goes to show that you should never doubt a Mothers instinct eh!? 😉 We’ve been desperately trying to decide on a boys name and in the last 48 hours we seem to have whittled it down to our two favourites and I’m sure we will have come to a final decision within the next week or so.

    I definitely feel like we are ending 2016 on such a high and I’m sure the New Year is going to be full of so many new adventures for us as we soak up our last few months as a family of three and prepare for our much anticipated baby boys arrival in June.





    I’d also like to with you all a very Happy New Year! Thank you so much for following along our journey, I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you!

    Harriet XO