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    Greek Adventures

    I’m not entirely sure why but it’s taken me so long but I’m finally going to share all about our Greek adventure to Kos at the beginning of the Summer! Three whole months have already passed since we got back so the all those finer details are now a distant memory, but better late than never, hey?

    I think the main reason I haven’t shared this post sooner is because I got home from our week in the sunshine feeling a little deflated to be completely honest. Travelling with little ones is always going to be a bit stressful and I totally get that and I experienced it first hand last year when we took Bella to Ibiza for a week. But this time it was different. It was bloody hard work at times.

    We made a big mistake by not taking the stroller with us. Bella of course decided that this week would be the perfect time to become a complete Mama’s girl and refuse to walk anywhere by herself because who in their right mind would want to do that when they could be glued to their Mother’s hip AT ALL TIMES?! My darling daughter refused to sit and eat a single thing unless she was sat on my lap which meant pretty much every meal I ate was eaten one handed. It was almost like having a newborn again… one that weighed over two stone. Oh and she was totally that kid that screamed the whole aeroplane down on the way home due to being an overtired mess thanks to a delayed late evening flight. I was also the Mum that full on ugly cried on said flight due to pure desperation for my child to stop effing screaming. 

    ALAS toddler tantrums aside we did in fact have a very lovely time with Josh’s parents and his sister and her family. We swam, we ate wonderful food and we explored to our hearts content. All with fantastic company and glorious sunshine. We laughed ALOT and consumed plenty of cocktails. I even read a whole book which when your a Mother, is basically a luxury in itself!

    Greece was of course absolutely beautiful, I had visited twice previously as a child but I never fully appreciated just how pretty it is. I’m sure we’ll definitely return to Greece again for more family holidays in the future. I’m sure in years to come I won’t even remember those stressful moments, I’ll just look back at these photos with fond memories of our Greek adventures together.






















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    Our Holiday To Ibiza

    We have recently returned home from a lovely week away in sunny Ibiza. Although we only got back a few days ago it already seems like such a distant memory. We stayed at Sirenis Sea View Country Club and it was fantastic for families with the most beautiful views.

    If you read my last post you’ll know that it was Bella’s first time on a plane and I was just a tad extremely nervous about how she would behave on the flight. Luckily she was a complete superstar! She was very excited to begin with on the journey out there but then soon fell asleep sprawled out across both our laps. The flight home didn’t depart until just gone midnight so we had a very overtired toddler on our hands, all was fine as we got onto the plane and found our seats but as soon as we put Bella’s seat belt on she threw an almighty toddler tantrum. There was kicking and there was screaming. The lady in front turned around and not only game me a filthy look but proceeded to roll her eyes, tut at us and then cover her ears!!?? It wasn’t like we were ignoring her meltdown, or that it wasn’t distressing for us and Bella too. Thankfully she calmed down within five minutes then fell asleep in Daddy’s arms and slept until we stepped foot off the aeroplane and the cold London air hit us.

    I briefly considered writing a ‘tips for holidaying with a toddler’ post but then I realised that I just totally winged it so therefore no useful tips to pass on 😉 Oh, apart from snacks. Take snacks. Lots of snacks! Ohhh and book a private transfer from the airport to the hotel. Worth every penny.

    The hotel was actually a First Choice Holiday Village and as I mentioned it really was great for families with children. A few things that made life easier with a little one were (things I probably never would have noticed pre baby) were the amount of highchairs in all the restaurants, there was baby change facilities in all of the toilets, the staff were more than happy to fill up bottles/beakers with milk for babies, our family room had a fridge to store said milk and a microwave to heat it up too. All of these things were super handy.

    When we booked the holiday I pre booked some crèche sessions for Bella so that she could interact with some other children and it meant Josh and I had two hours a day child free to relax. Despite being a bit apprehensive beforehand, I was thoroughly impressed with the crèche and kids club facilities and would definitely use them again in the future. I know it’s not for everyone but we were pleasantly surprised. All of the staff were British and the ratio for under 36 months was 1 adult to 3 children. They were very security conscious I noticed and locked the doors behind them every single time a child came in or left, this reassured me that I knew she’d be in safe hands. Bella seemed to really enjoy herself and came away each day with her face painted and proudly clutching a piece of artwork that she had made which was really lovely. At the end of the week she got a certificate to take away with her with a personal message from the three ladies that had looked after her and I thought this was a great thing for her to keep from her first holiday.

    One of the highlights of the holiday for me was the setting, Ibiza really is extremely beautiful. The hotel was situated right on the coast and the sunsets each evening were breathtaking. Apologies if you follow me on Instagram for all the sunset spam, it was just so gorgeous 😉 Just outside the hotel was a lovely little stretch of beach called Port Des Torrent which was nice and quiet of an evening so we wandered down a couple of times to paddle in the sea and watch the sun go down.

    We spent the whole holiday relaxing and just enjoying spending quality time as a three. We only left the resort once but that’s okay because we really just needed some downtime. We swam, we sunbathed, we caught up on sleep, we drank plenty of cocktails and ate too much ice cream. It was pure bliss.

    Overall we had an amazing time and I definitely returned feeling refreshed and very lucky to have been able to spend a week in the sun with my little family.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos on my proper camera and completely forgot to vlog but I did get some nice snaps on my iPhone so I’ll pop those in instead!



    Thanks for reading!


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    Our week away in Norfolk

    You may have seen on my Instagram or Twitter that we have just spent a week away in beautiful Norfolk. We have been house and dog sitting for my husband’s grandparents while they were on holiday. They live in a gorgeous house down a country lane not far from the coast and we had such a lovely time exploring the local area, so I thought I would share some of what we got up to and a few loads of my favourite photos we took while we were there.

    We started off the week with a picnic and a walk around Sheringham Park which is a National Trust property. The views were amazing, you could see right out to the coast. Unfortunately we had one very rainy day so we decided to go swimming in the morning then we baked cupcakes in the afternoon which Bella loved (both the baking and the eating of course!). On Wednesday we took a picnic lunch down to Happisburgh beach and took Bella to the new park there before the heavens opened again in the afternoon. On Thursday we spent the day in Norwich city, we had lunch in Pizza Express then did some shopping in the afternoon. I love Norwich, I think its such a beautiful city and it has such character with its little lanes and cobbled streets. On the Friday we visited Wroxham Barns Junior Farm in the morning which you can read more about here. To make the most of the sunshine we then went onto Felbrigg Hall in the afternoon for a walk around the gorgeous walled garden and an ice cream. In between all of the above we had lots of lovely walks with the dogs and some much needed relaxation time back at the house while Bella took her afternoon naps.

    Overall we had a great week, we have had a pretty hectic few months so were desperately in need of a little family break together. Bella has thrived from having both Mummy and Daddy around for a whole week, she’s been coming out with loads of new words including now saying ‘yes’ in a really british accent instead of ‘yeah’, it is seriously cute!! Bella’s been making us laugh with her crazy antics every single day and i’m really going to miss her when we go back to work this week. Luckily we now only have a couple of weeks back home before we jet off to Ibiza for a week in the sun! It will be Bella’s first plane trip and i’m extremely slightly nervous about it now! So any tips for flying with an almost two year old would be much appreciated!!




















    Thanks so much for reading, apologies for the photo heavy post!

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    Wroxham Barns Junior Farm

    We are currently holidaying in Norfolk and yesterday we decided to visit Wroxham Barns Junior Farm as it was a beautiful sunny day and Bella is completely obsessed with animals so we knew she would enjoy herself. We have visited Wroxham Barns for lunch once before when we were visiting family but didn’t actually go into the farm.

    When we arrived the car park was particularly busy but when we actually got into the farm it was surprisingly much quieter than we expected. The entry fee is £6.25 per adult and under 2s go free. We were given wrist bands so we could come and go as we pleased which I thought was a great idea as it meant we go and have lunch then come back if we wished. There is also the option to purchase a paper bag of animal food for 50p so you can feed the animals as you go around the farm, we decided to do this and chose a bag of food for the big animals rather than for the poultry. Although make sure you read the signs and don’t feed it to the Pygmy goats like my husband did, as they are on special diets 😉

    The farm is fairly small but big enough to keep Bella interested the whole way around. All of the animals were super friendly and as soon as you came near they would bound over as they knew you had food for them! We saw various breeds of goats, sheep, cows, donkies, ponies, a couple of different breeds of pigs including extremely cute micro pigs! There was a also lots of different poultry animals including chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. Our favourites were probably the pygmy goats and the micro pigs who we genuinely would have taken home with us if we could!

    Overall we really enjoyed our visit to the farm, Bella loved feeding the animals herself and I’m sure we will return next time we are in the area.







    Thanks for reading,