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    Hugo At Five Months

    Five months!! Although of course I’m late publishing this again and he’s nearer to six months now!! He’s changing so fast now and totally breaking my heart every time he hits a new milestone!

    Weight – I fiiiinnally took him to be weighed. The last time I went he was 6.5 weeks! You can totally tell he’s a second child haha!! So at 5 months (22 weeks) Hugo weighs a whopping 18lbs & 4oz!! I dug out Bella’s red book to compare and she weighed 18lbs 15oz a couple of weeks before her first birthday! I’m not kidding when I say he’s a big boy 😉

    Size – Still in size 3 nappies. I have already had to dig out the 6-9 month clothes too which I feel so sad about. I just feel like he didn’t get very much wear out of his 3-6 month clothes at all before they were getting too snug!

    Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. Slight progress on the bottle front. After seeing an advert on Facebook I bought a Minbie bottle that claimed it was the best bottle for breastfed babes! As soon as it arrived I whacked it in the steriliser and got the breast pump out. He surprisingly took an oz or two from it with little fuss. Normally he screams the place down as soon as a bottle is put near him. But he was surprisingly happy to try the Minbie one. So will persevere with it! Fingers crossed.

    I have been thinking more and more about beginning to wean Hugo a few weeks early. He’s just so big and so hungry! The health visitor advised me to wait it out until Six months which I was surprised at, as the one I saw before had said he’d probably need to wean early as he was so big! I plan to do baby led weaning again so I think I will start him on some finger foods in the next week or so and just see how he gets on.

    Routine – Wakes up around 7-7.30am, feeds, nappy change and dressed for the day, then downstairs into his bumbo normally while we have breakfast. Then it’s nursery run time and he’ll usually sleep in the car. Once we get home/ out he’ll then have a quick top up feed and is awake until his afternoon nap! He’ll then go down about 1.30ish after a big feed and sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Up again until bedtime at about 7ish.

    Sleeping – Sleep at night has been HORRIFIC pretty much since the day he turned four months. I remember the four month sleep regression being hell with Bella too. Some nights he’s been waking up every hour and I am really struggling at the moment as I’m just so.damn.tired. He still goes down without a fuss and he isn’t wide awake in the middle of the night or anything. He’s just waking frequently and most of the time he wants to feed. Another reason I think he may be ready to start weaning?! Luckily he’s still napping well in the day.

    Development – Hugo is officially rolling!! He did it for the first time two days before he turned five months. And he hasn’t stopped since! As soon as you lay him down he rolls straight over. He’s also pretty sturdy with sitting up too. Until he lunges for a toy and he loses his balance!

    Still a complete dribble monster but no toothy pegs just yet! Overall Hugo is such a happy and content baby. He is so chilled compared to what Bella was like at this age.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo likes rolling around on his play mat, sitting up in his bumbo to watch us eat, standing on your lap, watching the world go by from his big boy seat of his pushchair, being smothered in kisses, twinkly Christmas lights, bath time and daddy’s singing (surprisingly!). Dislikes sleep, bottles and supermarkets!

    What we’ve been up to – It’s been a pretty busy month for us all! Hugo experienced both his first Halloween and fireworks displays. And we celebrated Bella’s fourth birthday!!

    By the time Hugo turns Six months old we will have moved into our new home and will hopefully be feeling suitably festive!! I’ve been terrible at taking photos on my big camera lately and I still haven’t had my Olympus Pen fixed after it broke a month after I got it. But I know I’ll cherish these iPhone snaps all the same 😉 Although the gorgeous black and white was of course taken by my wonderful sister in law!

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    Hugo At Four Months

    Its been four months (almost five by the time I have finally got round to publishing this post despite starting it weeks ago) since our Hugo Bear joined us and despite the fact it is flying by much quicker than I’d like, I am loving every second. He really is such a happy baby most of the time. And he brings so much joy to all of our lives. He is so loved by everyone!

    Weight – I still haven’t had him weighed. Oops. Although I have absolutely no concerns, he’s huge!!

    Size – Just about still fitting into his size 3 nappies, although I doubt it’ll be longer before he needs the next size. He is filling his 3-6 month clothes nicely but I’m already worrying he’s not going to be in them for much longer. His little feet already seem to be running out of room in his sleep suits. And all his dungarees seem to be getting short on the legs!!

    Feeding – Hugo is still breastfeeding like a champ! No luck with the bottles still. I even resorted to buying some formula as it was breaking my heart keep tipping expressed milk down the drain but of course he hated that too!

    Routine – Poor Hugo has had two back to back colds which definitely through us off a bit. His evening routine is still very much the same. I have also finally started to implement a bit of a day time nap routine. He normally falls asleep in the car on the nursery run so probably gets about 30 minutes in the morning at about 9-9.30am. I have been trying to put him down straight after lunch on the days we are at home and so far it’s going quite well. He will generally sleep for about 1.5-2 hours.

    Sleeping – Thanks to his colds, he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night sadly. We had about 10 days of him waking every 30 minutes or so and it was horrific!! Thankfully he seems to be getting back into his normal routine of waking just twice. Which I can handle just fine!

    Development – Lots of smiles, giggles and squawking. He properly babbles away to us now and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! He’s really starting to take an interest in toys now, especially the ones that hang off his playmat. Is yet to roll over but I don’t think it’ll be too long until he does! I forgot how much I love this age.

    I’m also pretty sure the dreaded teething has begun. My poor poppet is chomping away on anything and everything. He is super dribbley too.

    Likes & Dislikes – Absolutely adores his big sister, especially pulling her hair! I really love watching them together. They are already the best of friends. Hugo also enjoys sitting up in his bumbo at meal times and watching us eat. He loves laying on his play mat kicking about. Long walks when he’s all cosy in his pushchair. He still loves being carried in the baby carrier too. Dislikes bottles with a passion. Sigh.

    What we’ve been up to – Lots of autumn walks over the last month or so. We’ve been trying to take it a little slower at the weekends when we can which we have all been really enjoying.

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    Hugo’s Birth Story {Part Two}

    If you haven’t already, then you can read part one of Hugo’s birth story here.

    I had forgotten what wonderful stuff gas & air was. It definitely didn’t make the pain of the contractions go away but it really helped take the edge off of them. It also just gave me something else to focus on. Which by this point, I really needed. All of my hypnobirthing seemed to pay off too and I felt like it really helped me control my breathing.

    It didn’t seem like long before Kate was asking if she could examine me again as they felt things were progressing well. I felt a little disheartened when she told me I was still just 3cm dilated. I really expected to be more as things felt so intense. Kate also gave me another extremely painful sweep. I think I chugged on so much gas and air that I felt like I wasn’t even in the room anymore! Once that was all over with, we headed back downstairs. I was sure I had hours and hours ahead of me still.

    Once downstairs again, I kept active by bouncing on my ball by the window in the living room. Josh and Char made everyone some food. I remember asking what the time was at this point and I couldn’t believe it was already 7.15 pm. My contractions were getting a little closer together so it was agreed that after we had eaten I could finally get into the birth pool.



    I think it was about 7.45pm when I got in the pool. The feeling of the warm water surrounding me was amazing. I felt weightless and found it so much easier to change positions and get more comfortable. Things get a bit blurry from here. I remember leaning over the side of the pool on my knees. The contractions were so strong and I was trying just to keep my focus on breathing through them using the gas and air.








    Char put some lovely instrumental playlist on in the background. And I declared I was feeling a lot of pressure down below. The midwifes told me to just go with my body. So I did. They said I should probably take my knickers off. But I couldn’t. So I think Josh cut them off. Oh so glam.

    I remember suddenly panicking as the realisation that I was about to have my baby sunk in. I must have said ‘I can’t do it’ a million times over. Pretty sure I even begged for a C section too.

    Another contraction took over. I pushed. And then my waters broke. Two maybe three? more contractions and his head was out. I could hear someone say they could see his little rosebud lips.

    One more contraction and Hugo was born into the water at 9.16pm. They told me to pick up my baby and I was just in total shock. I scooped him up out of the water and brought him up to my chest. I was the first person to touch him and it was the most amazing feeling in the world.




    I couldn’t believe he was here. That I had done it. That it had all happened so quickly too! He was finally here, safe in my arms and he was already SO loved.

    We sat in the pool together for a while and I remember just staring at him in utter amazement while hot salty happy tears rolled down my face. Nothing can ever prepare you for that rush of love you feel when you first meet your baby.



    Josh cut the cord and shortly after I got out the pool and slowly made my way into the living room to deliver the placenta. I felt extremely weak and was very aware that I was losing a lot of blood.

    It wasn’t long before I clocked the worried looks on the midwives faces. And the next thing I knew one of them was calling for an ambulance. I heard her tell them I was having a ‘PPH’. And I just knew. A post partum hemorrhage. I had the same with Bella and I knew that meant I was going to have to be transferred into hospital.

    I desperately tried to tell them I was okay. That I felt fine. I ordered Char to fetch me some lucozade and a cereal bar. But I think my pale face, low blood pressure and the fact I was starting to slip in and out of consciousness gave it away that I definitely wasn’t okay.

    At some point I delivered the placenta. I’m not entirely sure when. The paramedics arrived and promptly got me hooked up to a bag of fluids. I helplessly watched on as Char snuggled Hugo and Josh dashed around the house putting the last few bits into the hospital bag I had prayed I wouldn’t need.

    After what felt like the bumpiest ambulance ride EVER we arrived at the hospital. We were greeted by a lovely team of midwives who got me settled into a room on the delivery suite. I had to have bloods taken 6 hours post delivery to check my haemoglobin levels. Thankfully they hadn’t dropped too much and because the fluids had helped me to perk up massively they were happy to let me go home again.

    Despite desperately not wanting to go to hospital, I really am glad I went. I felt so weak post delivery and I definitely needed the fluids and some extra rest. We were looked after amazingly and were back home again within 12 hours.

    My home birth was everything I had hoped it would be and even though things didn’t end as planned, it was still an amazing birth experience and I am so grateful for the wonderful care I received both at home and in hospital.

    Char captured some beautiful photos just like she did with Bella’s birth and I will treasure them forever!



    Hugo James William Lee. Born at home on 18/06/17. Weighing a healthy 9lbs.
    The final piece to our puzzle. <3 

    *Birth photography by Charlotte Rawles Photography*

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    Welcome To The World Hugo

    After keeping us waiting four days past his due date, our beautiful baby boy finally arrived into the world on Sunday 18th June at 9.16pm. He weighed a very chunky 9lbs, has the softest blonde hair and lovely big blue eyes just like his big sister and his Daddy. His full name is Hugo James William Lee. We decided on Hugo pretty much as soon as we knew he was a boy. James is after two of Josh’s brothers. And then William is not only Josh’s middle name but also his Dad’s and Grandad’s so we wanted to keep up the family tradition.

    I managed to have the home water birth I had hoped for and it really was such an amazing experience. But unfortunately I did also have to be transferred into the local hospital afterwards due to a small post partum haemorrhage. That bit was pretty scary but luckily we didn’t have to stay at the hospital for very long and we were back home again within just 12 hours. I’ll be sharing Hugo’s birth story along with lots of photos from his birth in a separate post at some point this week hopefully!

    I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages we have received following Hugo’s arrival, I have read every single one and we are so grateful for all of your kind words!

    As you can imagine we are all absolutely besotted with our newest addition and he was totally worth the wait! We are loving settling into life as a family of four and just getting to know our little Hugo bear.



    Harriet XO

    *Birth photography by the amazingly talented Charlotte Rawles Photography*