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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #6 & #7 | Fresh Air Is The Only Cure

    Firstly, I’m sorry I never got around to posting last weeks Ordinary Moments post but for the majority of this week Bella and I have been cooped up at home as she’s had Conjunctivitis. Which let me tell you, is no fun at all, especially when your two year old wakes up numerous times through the night wailing because her poor puffy little eyes are stuck together. Seriously gross and so so sad.

    So this week I have been playing nurse, which if i’m honest, is much harder than I thought. The terrible two’s are in full swing on a normal day, let alone when she’s feeling under the weather. Some serious patience has been needed. I suppose I’m just not used to staying at home all week as Bella and I are normally quite busy on my two days off during the week, we’ve both definitely been feeling a little stir crazy. We’ve tried our best to keep busy at home though and make the most of our time together just the two of us, we’ve done painting, played with play doh a million times and we’ve even baked on three separate occasions. It feels like Frozen has been on repeat but it does mean we’ve enjoyed plenty of sofa snuggles together.

    By Thursday however, I had to get out the house, we all needed some fresh air. I’m sure even the poor dog was craving it too. There is only so many times you can tolerate a two year old shoving food in your face and bringing you toys and insisting you ‘PLAAAY RUUUBBYYY’. Sorry pooch, it’s just because she loves you, honest. 

    Despite a frosty start, the sun was shining on Thursday and it was perfect weather for a dog walk. We headed to beautiful Bewl Water with my sister and niece to blow away the cobwebs. The views are absolutely gorgeous as you walk around the water and it’s always so lovely and peaceful there, definitely the perfect place to clear your head. It’s one of my favourite spots to walk the dog and the glorious sunshine made me so excited for Spring to arrive and for lots of walks here when it’s a bit less muddy 😉

    A walk was exactly what Bella needed, she was just so happy giggling away as she ran after the dogs and splashed around in the many muddy puddles. Sometimes fresh air really is the only cure and we’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, with so many gorgeous spots right on our doorstep.

    Here’s a few of my favourite snaps from our walk.













    Linking up with the lovely Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me to share #TheOrdinaryMoments

    Thanks so much for reading
    Harriet xo

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #1 | Toddler Talk

    bella boooo

    Over the Christmas break Josh and I both really noticed how well Bella’s speech is coming along now. She’s started to string words together and it’s so sweet albeit absolutely hilarious hearing the little phrases she comes out with. I felt the need to write them down as I just desperately don’t want to forget them!

    I love how she calls her baby cousin Olivia (who she is absolutely besotted with) ‘Bebe Lair’. No matter how many times we try and teach her to say ‘Olivia’ she’ll just smile and come back with ‘Bebe Lair’. She sometimes struggles with pronouncing her L’s so lights come out as ‘dights’ and lunch is ‘dunch’ although she has no problems when it comes to singing ‘let it gooooo’ a million times a day. The obsession is real folks.

    Whenever she’d like to see someone, normally Daddy or Auntie Ema she’ll often ask me ‘Bella (pronounced more like ‘Bewwaa’) seeee Daddy pleaseeee?’ with the cheekiest look on her face and if we don’t instantly go and see said person she’ll start calling ‘Daddy where are yooooooouuu?’ whilst frantically searching the house. It makes me laugh every single time.

    And of course, my favourite thing she says is ‘Lullooo’ which is her version of ‘love you’. She told me she loved me for the first time completely unprompted recently and I thought my Mama heart was literally going to fly out of my chest. I had just tucked her into bed, kissed her goodnight and before I could say it first she just looked at me and softly said ‘I Lullooo Mummyyyy’ with a beaming smile on her face. One of ‘those moments’ that you just don’t ever want to forget. One of the moments that makes it all worth it, every toddler tantrum, every meal refused, every broken nights sleep. When your two year old tells you they love you, nothing else matters.

    I’m linking up this post with the lovely Katie who blogs over at Mummy Daddy Me to (hopefully) share a whole year of our Ordinary Moments week by week, as these are the little things I want to hold onto the most and be able to look back on in years to come!

    Harriet xo