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    A Morning In London With Little Tikes

    A couple of weeks back Bella and I were invited to spend the morning in London with the lovely people from Little Tikes to celebrate the launch of their newborn product range with a baby shower themed brunch. We were up and out the house super early and on the commuter train by 7.15am! We had arranged to meet Emily, Fran and their lovely kiddos on route so by the time we arrived we were a party of eight!

    The event was super fun, the venue itself was gorgeous and it was packed with huge colourful balloons, an amazing brunch spread and more toys then you could shake a stick at. The kids all loved getting stuck in with the toys from the new ranges and definitely put them through their paces over the few hours that we were there. Whilst Bella played I enjoyed listening to a really interesting talk from the lovely Emma Kenny all about a recent survey on the highs and lows of parenting that Little Tikes had carried out.

    Whenever I think of Little Tikes as a brand I always think of their famous red and yellow Cozy Coupe car! Bella received one for her second birthday and absolutely LOVES it. It’s one of those toys that I know she will continue to play with until she physically can no longer fit in it! She’s forever cruising round the garden in it or filling it with all her ‘shopping’. There was even an adult sized one at the event which the girls all adored! Apart from all the garden toys, I had never realised what a huge range of other toys that Little Tikes did and with the addition of their newborn range there really is something for everyone now.

    After a fantastic few hours with Little Tikes we headed off in search of some lunch and ended up giving the kids a little picnic by the fountain in Trafalgar Square as it was such a lovely sunny day! I headed home in the afternoon with an a very tired toddler in tow who ended up having a little nap on my lap on the train home. Overall we had a wonderful day in the big smoke!









    Harriet XO

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    London Adventures

    While Josh was away with work last week he ended up having an unexpected free day which happened to fall on a Sunday, so Bella and I hopped on a train and headed into the big smoke for a day of adventuring with Daddy.

    A year or so ago if someone had suggested that I travel into London by myself with a toddler and pushchair in tow my response would have been nothing short of ‘hell no’. I would have thought of every single reason under the sun not to go and made myself feel sick with nerves. But lately I’m been feeling much more confident, both in myself and my mothering abilities so I jumped at the chance of a day exploring the city in the sunshine with my two favourite people.

    Bella was an absolute delight all day long, she loved every single second of our little adventure and couldn’t have been better behaved. This definitely took me by surprise as lately she has been such a feisty little madam and the toddler tantrums have been in full flow. Terrible Twos are no joke people…

    We pretty much just spent the day wandering the city and soaking in the busy city vibes. Bella was super excited to spot big ben on our travels as she’s been learning all about the time at nursery, we also took her to see where the Queen lives and luckily got there just as the guards were changing! Then after lunch we headed to Regent Street to introduce Bella to the magic of Hamleys of course 😉 There was also a travel festival on that day so there was lots of old models of buses and London cabs which was pretty cool to have a nosy at too.

    It really was just a wonderful day, one of those days where you just forget about everything else and soak in every.single.moment. A day that you really don’t want to end, one that will be etched in your heart for a very long time. There was not a toddler tantrum in sight, just a whole lot of laughs. I definitely shed a couple of tears as we said our goodbyes to Josh at the train station and headed back home to Sussex for a week flying solo.










    I feel so grateful every day for my two loves, but even more so on days like this one. My heart really is so full.

    Harriet xo