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Me & Mine Family Portrait Project

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    Me & Mine {January 2017}

    I’m so excited to be joining in with The Me & Mine Project for another year. I first starting taking these monthly portraits in November 2015 which honestly only feels like last week! In 2016 we managed to capture a family photo every month bar February! This year I am determined not to miss a single month. I absolutely love looking back at these photos and seeing how much our little family unit has grown over the previous 12 months. This year of course will be even more special, as half way through the year we’ll have a new family member joining us in our monthly Me & Mine photos. It’s quite crazy to think that all being well, we will take just four more of these as a threesome!

    January has been such a bleak month here in Sussex. Lots of rain, lots of ice and not a lot of sunshine! Every year as soon as the end of January rolls around, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring. I’m so over the chilly weather now and I’m desperately longing for some brighter days!

    We celebrated Josh’s birthday at the beginning of the month with a spa break and a big family meal. The rest of January has been filled with lots of organising and sorting at home to make space for the new baby. I’m really pleased with the progress we have made so far getting everything ready and hopefully by the end of February the children’s new bedroom will be pretty much finished.

    In between the rain showers we have tried our best to get outside at the weekends for some fresh air. We’ve actually  visited both Bodiam Castle and Scotney castle this month. We spent the morning at Scotney with the lovely Emily and her family last weekend and Jack very kindly took our Me & Mine photo for us which I am so grateful for. It’s always so much easier to ask someone else to take them rather than faffing around with the tripod! He even managed to get one of us all looking at the camera AND smiling. Although, I’m not sure we’ll be able to keep that up all year 😉




    Harriet XO


    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {August 2016}

    Another month has whizzed by and I can’t honestly believe that tomorrow is the first of September! I’m an Autumn girl at heart and normally I’m so excited when September rolls around as I always feel like it marks the start of Autumn and the countdown to Christmas. This year however, I’m still not ready to say goodbye to Summer just yet. I’ve really enjoyed these warmer months and I’ll be sad to see those sunny evenings slowly be replaced by the dark winter nights. Spontaneous walks at the beach on a Friday evening will soon be traded in for cosy evenings sat in front of the telly under a blanket with the fire on. Both equally lovely of course, but I’m just not ready yet.

    August has been another lovely month for us. We enjoyed a sunny weekend in Norfolk at the beginning of the month visiting family, we’ve had a couple of BBQs, lots of play dates and plenty of down time too. For the most part, the weather has been glorious so we’ve tried to make the most of it and have spent the majority of time outside!

    I’ve really noticed how grown up Bella is becoming this month too. She’s stringing full sentences together more and more now and I absolutely adore the conversations we have, especially after we’ve been apart for the day when she’s at nursery and I’m at work. She spends the whole drive home telling me all about what she’s been up to, who she played with and what games they played. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day.

    This month’s Me & Mine photo was taken on our way back from Norfolk. I love cornfields and so we made a quick pitstop to jump out and take some snaps although I think our tripod was wonky as this was the only decent one we got. We had originally hoped to visit the lavender at some point this month to take our family photos but the day we had planned to go was the one day it chucked it down all day! Ah well, there’s always next year.

    Despite not being ready to let go of Summer just yet, I am in fact really looking forward to September. Josh and I have a child free spa weekend away booked in which I am beyond excited about. And we also have a couple of birthdays to celebrate and some fun plans with friends too. I’m sure this time next month I will be fully embracing all things Autumn and loving every moment of it and no doubt the sunshine will have already become a distant memory 😉

    IMG_3480 edited


    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {July 2016}

    July has been quite simply LOVELY. So lovely that I’m a little sad to see it end if I’m honest, although hopefully August will be just as wonderful. I vowed to slow down a little in July, and I’m pleased to report that July was indeed, a little less hectic for us. Finally! Despite Josh and I both working away at the beginning of the month, since we got back there has been plenty of family days!  We’ve seen friends, enjoyed family pool days at the in laws, eaten a hell of a lot of BBQ food, drank copious amounts of Pimms at the weekends, bought a trampoline which has provided hours of fun (best buy ever) and we even managed a couple of trips to the beach! And best of all, we’ve had glorious sunshine for the most part!!

    This months Me & Mine photos were taken by my lovely friend Rachel during our evening at the beach (more photos here). The quality of them isn’t great as the sun was going down but the sky was just too pretty not to take some family snaps! We had such a nice evening frolicking on the beach, so regardless of the photo quality, I’ll always look back on these photos with fond memories. Which is the whole point of this project really, isn’t it? To document those happy family times month by month.

    July has left me feeling so content and I can’t wait for more of the same in August. We’re off for a little break to Norfolk at the beginning of the month to visit some family and I’m really looking forward to it. But after that we don’t have any other huge plans at the moment which is always nice, as you never really know what the coming month will bring!

    The end of August also marks a whole year of blogging for me! Life With Mrs Lee will turn One on the 24th of August and I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s gone. I’ll be writing a separate post on my first year of blogging nearer the time I’m sure and the blog will also be having a little re design shortly too! I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for my little online space.

    Me & Mine in July

    Harriet xo

    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {June 2016}

    Just the thought of JULY brings me out in hot sweats. Where the hell did June go? And where is the sunshine? I often wonder if any parents actually feel like the months drag by. Because since becoming a parent at the end of every single month I’m always completely baffled by just how fast time is passing us by.

    The highlight of June for us was definitely our holiday right at the beginning of the month, which I STILL haven’t has chance to blog about. Next week I promise!! We had a wonderful week away with some of Josh’s family and I’ve been suffering with a serious case of the holiday blues since we returned! I’ve just been struggling to get organised and been lacking motivation with most things. Pretty sure this miserable weather isn’t helping either! Hopefully the start of a new month is the kick up the bum I need 😉

    This months Me & Mine photos were taken on our holiday to Greece by my very talented sister in law Char just as we all watched the sun go down behind the hills before dinner one evening! It was so so pretty and made the perfect backdrop for some family snaps (you can read Chars post here). I think these sunset photos might just be my new favourites and I’ll definitely be popping at least one up in a frame!

    July is set to be a bit of an odd month for us as Josh is away with work for just over a week which will be the longest we have been apart in well over five years so I’m a bit apprehensive, especially about parenting my little twoligan solo! Bella and I are going to miss him like crazy I’m sure but I’m hoping that we can make up for it once he’s home with lots of family adventures and some slower paced lazy days in the garden. And maybe, just maybe we’ll get some warmer weather!? C’moooon sunshine, we’re so ready for you!

    Me & Mine in June



    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {May 2016}

    Thirteen Fourteen whole days into JUNE and I am yet to post my Me & Mine photos for MAY. The reason you ask? I’m just a rubbish blogger.We actually took a couple right at the beginning of the month on a sunny Sunday trip to the park but somehow I managed to delete them off my memory card whilst clearing them off in preparation for our holiday to Greece. So there I was right at the end of the month with no photos and no time to take more! Sigh.

    Sometimes these things happen, and that’s just life. So I thought I would share a family photo from our holiday instead which I know was technically a few days into June but I desperately didn’t want to miss another month after missing February already this year too! See.. I told you I’m a rubbish blogger 😉 I figured that by the end of the year when I’m reflecting back on these photos, I won’t remember anyway!

    The months really are flying by and May was no exception! Our month was full of lots of decorating and holiday prepping with a couple of family days thrown in for good measure. I feel like at the end of every month I desperately pray for the next to be a bit less hectic so I can soak all the little things up a bit more, but sadly this never seems to be the case! I’m not sure that I will ever get used to this fast paced life we seem to live these days!

    As I write this we are already half way through June and the diary is looking pretty full for the remainder of the month too. In fact I’m pretty sure that our next free weekend isn’t until half way through July! Before I know it Autumn will be upon us along with the count down to the most magical time of the year! Which if I’m being completely honest, I’m already getting excited for 😉 Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in some down time between now and then?! We’ll see.

    Anyway, here is Me & Mine in May (technically June 😉 ) 

    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {April 2016}

    Now I know I say this every time but, April has bloody flown by!! I literally feel like I blinked and missed it. The last month has consisted of lots of family birthday celebrations, a 3 day work trip away for Josh, lots of workouts for me and I also found a new love for running, oh and of course there has been a fair few toddler tantrums this month too 😉

    April has been pretty fast paced so two long weekends in May will be very welcome in our household. I’m hoping for lots of slow weekends filled with picnics and country walks, weather permitting of course!

    One of the things I put on our Spring bucket list was to find some local bluebells to take some family photos in and another was to explore the village we live in a bit more. So a couple of weeks back Bella and I took the dog out for a run with my sister in law and she showed me the prettiest little woodland area that was full of gorgeous bluebells and it just so happened to be a stones throw away from our house, I’m not really sure how I had never noticed it before! We headed back there with Josh in tow for a little afternoon stroll and to take this months Me & Mine photos as the bluebells are currently out in full force so they made the perfect backdrop.

    We are super lucky to have this place right on our doorstep and I’m so sad that I didn’t discover it sooner! I can definitely see lots of family walks here in the future. My friend Rachel joined us for our walk so she actually took our photos this month and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. So much easier than faffing around with the tripod and self timer that’s for sure 😉

    Me & Mine in April

    The Me and Mine Project