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    Me & Mine {November & December 2017} – And A Look Back At 2017

    I thought it was about time I finally shared our last family portrait of 2017! The end of the year was a busy one and I unfortunately never got round to taking proper family photos in November OR December. Which makes me a little sad but we do have this photo of us from our trip to Center Parcs. We have the same photo from 2016, but of course Hugo was just a bump then. So it was lovely to recreate this shot as a family of four. And even though it’s super cheesy, I know it’s one I’ll dig out to show the kids in years to come!

    November and December were really full on for us mainly due to buying our first home. It was a total whirlwind that mainly consisted of packing boxes, tip runs and liaising with solicitors, surveyors and estate agents. We finally moved in just before Christmas and then it was onto unpacking everything and preparing for Christmas itself!

    2018 is already proving to be just as busy as we start the renovations in our new home. It is utter chaos at the moment but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end! At least that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!


    I have really enjoy capturing our family over the past two years by joining in with the Me & Mine project. And I’m pretty sure that if it hadn’t been for this family portrait blog project, I wouldn’t have half as many family snaps! Of course I plan to join in throughout 2018 and I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see how our family has grown and changed once again. I’ve rounded up my favourites from the last 12 months below. I can’t believe just how much our Bella boo has changed! ❤️









    Harriet XO

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    Me & Mine {October 2017}

    You know life is hectic when it’s the middle of November when you realise you haven’t shared your Me & Mine photos for October! Oops. Better late than never?!

    Hectic is a slight understatement to be completely honest. We are currently in the process of purchasing our first house! I will no doubt do a separate post on that soon. But right now, the thought and reality of having to move this close to Christmas is a bit overwhelming! Albeit super exciting of course!

    Anyway, October! What a lovely month we had. It was filled with crisp Autumn walks, cosy Sundays at home, a little Halloween party, a fireworks display (Hugo’s first one!) and of course viewing our new house!! A busy month as always but very lovely all the same. As I write this November is already coming to an end and the Christmas festivities are hurtling towards us at full speed! We are off to Center Parcs again next week which will no doubt leave us feeling super festive and I CAN’T WAAAIITT!!

    I hope your October was filled with lots of crunchy autumnal leaves and copious amounts of hot chocolates?! Also a big thank you to our lovely friends Jack & Emily for capturing these photos of us (for the second month in a row!) – you’re the best!

    Harriet XO

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    Me & Mine {September 2017} 

    Well I think it’s safe to say that Autumn has well and truly arrived now! I can’t quite believe how much the weather has changed since we took our August Me & Mine photos in the Sunflowers. My sandals have now been traded for my trusty Chelsea boots and it’s officially coat season again. At the beginning of the month I said how I wasn’t ready to embrace all things Autumn just yet. But now as September comes to a close and we get ready to welcome October, I am all over those crunchy leaves, chunky knits and dark evenings. It is my favourite season after all!

    We have had another busy month filled with more family birthday celebrations, lots of country walks and cosy Saturday nights in watching X factor! Bella has started swimming lessons on Sunday mornings which she is really enjoying so far. Josh and I have also both joined weight watchers. So I’m hoping that by next months photos we will both be a few lbs lighter! 

    October is looking to be a bit of a quieter month thankfully. I’m looking forward to our annual pumpkin picking trip, maybe a bonfire or two! I’m also hoping we can get started with our dining room make over as before we know it the madness of Bella and I’s birthdays will be upon us. 

    This months Me & Mine photos were taken on the last day of the month (nothing like last minute!) at beautiful Knole park. Our lovely friend Emily took them for us and I’m always so grateful whenever I don’t have to run back and fourth to the tripod! Go check her lovely family shots out here

    Harriet XO 

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    Me & Mine {July 2017}

    Well I thought life flew by with just one child, but my goodness it seems to have picked up the pace even more since having two! Our first full month as a four is already over and it will certainly be one I will always remember. Life with two is definitely more hectic, but its nowhere near as difficult as I had imagined. Granted, Hugo seems to be a pretty easy baby. But of course there is plenty of time for that to all change!

    It has felt like we have been missing Josh a lot during July. He was working at Hampton court at the beginning of the month for a few days which meant early starts and late finishes. The following weekend he jetted off to Barcelona for a long weekend with his three brothers. Whilst he enjoyed the sunshine, cocktails and child free shopping the children and I went to stay with his parents for a couple of days where we were very well looked after!

    July for me, has mainly just been about finding my groove as a Mama of two. And of course focusing on getting to know our little Hugo Bear. Who we are all absolutely smitten with. I’ve loved having lots of one on one time with him whilst Bella is at nursery. But nothing beats the weekends when all four of us are together.

    Despite Josh being so busy we have managed to squeeze in a couple of family days. We spent a lovely day with Emily, Jack and their two littles a couple of weekends back. Although the weather wasn’t on our side and we ended up having an indoor BBQ! I am pretty sure I wore my rain mac every day last week – not exactly the July sunshine I had hoped for lets just say. The drizzly weather has already started to ignite my excitement for Autumn and Winter. Which I KNOW is waaaaay too early but I can’t help myself. I just love Autumn, it’s my favourite!

    We rounded the month off with some Sunday morning fruit picking with Josh’s brother and his family which was where we captured this months photos (Thank you Steff!!). This was then followed by a lovely family meal out to celebrate Josh’s parents 20th wedding anniversary.

    Overall July has been fairly busy for us but still super lovely. The next month is looking to be much quieter thankfully. I’m desperately hoping for some brighter weather in August so we can tick a few more things off of our bucket list before Summer is over for yet another year!




    How was your month?

    Harriet XO

    The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful
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    Me & Mine {June 2017}

    Every month of 2017 seems to have flown by but I can honestly say that June has felt like it’s been the quickest month by far. The beginning of the month was all consumed by waiting for our baby to arrive. And at the time it felt like each day  lasted an eternity. My due date came and went with no signs of a baby which left me feeling beyond fed up! But our beautiful boy finally arrived on the 18th of June. And every day since then has totally whizzed by as we have been in a complete newborn baby bubble. I can’t quite believe that we are now over half way through the year and that tomorrow marks the beginning of July!

    This months Me & Mine photos are my new favourites of course. Our first family portraits as a FOUR! These photos will always hold a very special place in my heart. Just like last months will, as they were our last photos as a three. I really am so grateful to have had Charlotte capture these special moments for us. These snaps were taken as part of Hugo’s newborn lifestyle photos which I will be sharing more of in a separate post soon as I am so in love with them all!

    July is no doubt going to be a little hectic as I settle into a new routine with two children. Josh is heading back to work on Monday after his two weeks paternity. I know we are all going to really miss him! He’s going straight back into a 6 day week and will be working away for 3 of those days which means he will be leaving early and home late! Nothing like throwing me in at the deep end, eh!? He is also going away with his brothers for 3 days later in the month too. Hopefully the sunshine will return soon so we can also squeeze some family days out in. I am desperate to go fruit picking now I am no longer heavily pregnant. So fingers crossed we’ll get around to doing that before all the Strawberries disappear!

    Me & Mine in June!







    Harriet XO

    *All photos in this post were taken by Charlotte Rawles Photography*

    Harriet XO

    The Me and Mine Project

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    Me & Mine {May 2017}

    I feel all sorts of emotions typing this post. Our last family portrait as a three. Any day now our whole family dynamic and life as we know it is going to change forever. Of course I am ridiculously excited to welcome our new addition, but part of me is feeling a little nervous for what lays ahead too. The last three and a half years since Bella was born have exceeded all of my expectations of what Motherhood would be like. Its been more amazing than I could have ever imagined and I have loved every moment of it. Yes, there has been tough days. Those days when I have counted down the minutes until bed time. Days that I have cried more than the baby probably did. But overall, it’s been wonderful and I’ll always be so grateful to Bella, for making me a Mother. For teaching me how to love with no limits. And for showing me how to enjoy the simple things in life.

    May has been mainly focused on getting everything ready for our baby boys arrival. I have washed more teeny baby clothes than I can count. I have repacked his bag a million times over. And I have zoflora-ed the shit out of my kitchen table way more times that probably necessary. We are ready. Oh so ready. 

    We’ve also been trying to make the most of our last few baby free weekends together which has been just lovely. Josh and I enjoyed one last little getaway in Reading at the beginning of the month. The following weekend I got my hair done and we had our maternity photos taken (more of those here) which is also when we captured this months Me & Mine photos. And the last couple of weekends have been spent taking it slow as a family, soaking up the calm before the storm I suppose. The sun has shone, we’ve been for lots of walks waddles with the dog, played in the garden until past bed time, eaten way too much ice cream and just enjoyed each others company. It’s been exactly what I have needed and it’s made me even more excited for lots more weekends spent like this over the Summer, just with our baby boy in tow too!

    There is a fair few photos this month, but I just love all of them so much that I couldn’t choose my favourites so I have included them all! These photos will always hold a very special place in my heart that’s for sure. A big thank you to Charlotte Rawles Photography for capturing them for us. We love you.

    Me & Mine in May <3










    Harriet XO

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