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    Me & Mine {April 2017}

    Just twelve days late this month. I think I need to maybe just accept that I’m too pregnant and unorganised to ever have these Me & Mine posts up on time! Regardless of how late I am with sharing our photos on the blog, I’m still so glad that we actually take them each month! That’s the most important part, right?!

    April flew by in a blur of Easter and birthday celebrations, hospital visits and baby preparations. Overall it was a better month than March but sadly it wasn’t completely stress free! The highlight for me was spending a lovely week off with Bella over the Easter period. Although spending so much time together really brought to my attention just how grown up she has become over these past few months. She’s definitely more of a little girl now rather than a toddler and I honestly can’t believe we are at this point already!

    We also had a wonderful long Easter weekend spent with our family and friends. We entertained a couple of times for my family on the Saturday and all of our friends on the Monday. Easter Sunday itself was spent at Josh’s parents with all of his side of the family. Bella participated in at least 3 egg hunts, maybe even more! I lost track in the end. We all consumed copious amounts of chocolate and we (mainly just me) are still working our way through it all. And the sun even made an appearance too which is pretty much unheard of on a bank holiday weekend in the U.K.!

    I love these photos that my mother in law kindly snapped of us in her front garden! Who knows, if baby boy was to make an early appearance these could be our last Me & Mine photos as a three! Although I highly doubt that 😉 Hopefully I can share some of our Maternity photos for May’s Me & Mine! 

    Harriet XO 

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    Me & Mine {February 2017}

    I am totally aware that this post should have been up a good week ago but I ended up leaving taking the photos right until the last minute even though I swore I would be more organised this year! Never miiiiiind.

    I really felt like February lasted forever. Despite it being the shortest month of the whole year, it seemed to really drag. Overall it wasn’t a particularly exciting month for us, although pancake day was definitely a highlight 😉 It just felt like we hardly saw Josh as he has been super busy with work these last few weeks. And that combined with a couple of clumsy falls and some crazy pregnancy hormones for me has left me feeling quite pleased to see the back of February.

    The weather is still pretty rubbish and I am more than ready for Spring to properly arrive now. We have had a couple of brighter days and oh my goodness do they make my heart happy. Everything always so much seems better when the sun is shining, don’t you think?

    February wasn’t all bad of course but sadly there wasn’t as much family time as I would have liked so I am hoping we can make up for that in March. I’m very conscious that these are our last few months as a three so I’ve been excitedly making plans for the coming months before our baby boy is due to arrive at some point in June. I have booked some time off work for over Easter. I can’t wait to spend ten whole days of quality time with my Bella Boo. We may even try and squeeze in a little short break in at the end of it too!

    February’s photos were taken at one of our favourite spots in our village which you have no doubt seen before and I’m sure you will see again! There is no hiding this baby boy bump of mine anymore and I think that definitely shows in these photos 😉 Just three more months of Me & Mine as a three before we become a family of four!

    Here is Me & Mine in February! <3 






    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {January 2017}

    I’m so excited to be joining in with The Me & Mine Project for another year. I first starting taking these monthly portraits in November 2015 which honestly only feels like last week! In 2016 we managed to capture a family photo every month bar February! This year I am determined not to miss a single month. I absolutely love looking back at these photos and seeing how much our little family unit has grown over the previous 12 months. This year of course will be even more special, as half way through the year we’ll have a new family member joining us in our monthly Me & Mine photos. It’s quite crazy to think that all being well, we will take just four more of these as a threesome!

    January has been such a bleak month here in Sussex. Lots of rain, lots of ice and not a lot of sunshine! Every year as soon as the end of January rolls around, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring. I’m so over the chilly weather now and I’m desperately longing for some brighter days!

    We celebrated Josh’s birthday at the beginning of the month with a spa break and a big family meal. The rest of January has been filled with lots of organising and sorting at home to make space for the new baby. I’m really pleased with the progress we have made so far getting everything ready and hopefully by the end of February the children’s new bedroom will be pretty much finished.

    In between the rain showers we have tried our best to get outside at the weekends for some fresh air. We’ve actually  visited both Bodiam Castle and Scotney castle this month. We spent the morning at Scotney with the lovely Emily and her family last weekend and Jack very kindly took our Me & Mine photo for us which I am so grateful for. It’s always so much easier to ask someone else to take them rather than faffing around with the tripod! He even managed to get one of us all looking at the camera AND smiling. Although, I’m not sure we’ll be able to keep that up all year 😉




    Harriet XO


    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {December 2016}

    Oh December, what an amazing month we had! I’m so sad to see the back of December, but I’m also super excited to see what the New Year has in store too. The end of the year is always a bit bittersweet. I love reminiscing about all the things we got up to throughout the year and planning ahead for the coming year but part of me always feels a little sad too as the year draws to a close.

    We kicked off December with our little break to Center Parcs which I still haven’t got round to blogging about but we really did have a lovely time. Shortly after we returned we announced the very exciting news that we are expecting baby number two after finally having our 12 week scan. The rest of the month was pretty jam packed with all the usual festive shenanigans like family meals out, trips to see Father Christmas and catching up with loved ones.

    We then enjoyed 10 blissful days off together to celebrate Christmas which turned out to be the perfect mixture of busy days entertaining others and quiet days at home just the three of us. The month definitely finished off on a high by finding out that baby number two is a little boy which we are so so excited about. So overall it really has been a wonderful month, the perfect way to the end year.

    This months Me & Mine photos are a bit of a mixed bag, the first couple were taken right at the beginning of the month at Center Parcs (one includes our lovely niece) and then the last one is from the photos we took for our gender reveal last week.




    I really am so pleased I decided to join in with The Me & Mine Project during 2016 as we have captured so many lovely memories over the past year and I think I only actually missed one month (February) which is a small miracle in itself. We will definitely be joining in again during 2017 (hopefully not missing any months this time!) and I can’t wait to be able to look back again this time next year and see how much our family has grown.













    IMG_3480 edited










    Harriet XO

    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {November 2016}

    I’m a little late (okay okay… two whole bloody weeks late) sharing my Me & Mine photos this month, but for very good reasons; Firstly, I already have a serious case of baby brain and this post has been finished but just sat in my drafts for a good ten days now… sigh! But also because I had been waiting to receive our annual family photo’s back from my super talented sister in law. We have been so lucky to have had Char capture our family journey right from the very beginning. I regularly swoon over all the amazing photos Char has taken for us over the past three years and they honestly give me all.the.feels.

    November flew by just as I had expected to be honest. It was such lovely month full of birthday celebrations for both Bella and I, a couple of fireworks displays, lots of Christmas shopping and then we rounded the month off with a fantastic few days at Center Parcs.

    I know that December will be over in a flash as like most people I’m sure, we just have so much on this month. There are lots of festive family days in the diary in the lead up to the big day and of course I’m super excited for Christmas itself! A whole week off from work to spend celebrating and being merry with all my favourite people is most definitely the perfect way to end the year!

    Here are a few of my favourite shots from our family shoot. I love them all so much and I really feel like they capture our family of three just perfectly. It’s crazy to think that his time next year we’ll have another little person joining us in these photos! If you have no idea what i’m talking about, then you need to read this post 😉












    All photos are taken by Charlotte Rawles Photography


    The Me and Mine Project
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    Me & Mine {October 2016}

    I know I say it almost every month, but I feel like each month really does fly by so fast and of course, October has been no exception. I’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog lately which has mainly just been due to being really busy, feeling a tad uninspired at times but also we’ve had our fair share of Autumn germs too, which has thrown me off balance a little. I have lots of fab things to share over the next few weeks so hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things in November.

    October has been a wonderful month for us and we’ve made so many lovely memories that I’m actually feeling a little sad that it’s over so soon. We’ve been to two firework displays, enjoyed a few Autumnal walks which are always my absolute favourite as everywhere just looks so gorgeous at the moment! We also took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and we even carved our pumpkins for the first time ever rather than leaving them to just rot on the side 😉 We then finished off October by having the lovely Alice and Amelia to stay for the weekend and also by celebrating our gorgeous nieces first birthday with a day at the farm yesterday.

    Somehow we also managed to throw a few slow Sundays into the mix too which are always SO welcome in our household. Our life is quite fast paced most of the time so we’ve been making a real effort to schedule in a few days to just do nothing and it’s been just blissful. Most of the time these days end up being spent pottering around the house doing odd jobs but that’s totally okay with me, as long as I can do it all in the comfort of my PJ’s 😉

    I’m bracing myself slightly for the month ahead, it’s always such a busy one for us as both Bella and I have November birthdays and of course the build up to Christmas really begins too! We’re having a little fireworks party next weekend to celebrate Bella’s third birthday but I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing for mine just yet. Although as long as there’s cake involved at some point, I’ll be a happy lady 🙂  We’re also off to Center Parcs at the end of the month so it’s definitely going to be pretty jam packed but I can’t wait!

    This months Me & Mine photos were of course taken at the Pumpkin Patch, I know I knoooow, not very original but it’s much easier when you have someone else to hand that can snap a photo for you instead of faffing with the tripod. Of course in typical toddler fashion, Bella looks super unimpressed in both of these photos but I promise she was enjoying herself really!

    I hope you’ve all had a lovely October too!

    Harriet XO

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