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    Hugo At One

    I had every intention of writing a monthly update on Hugo right up until he turned one. I managed six months and then we bought a house. And as I’m sure you already know, blogging took a backseat while we got stuck into renovating our new home. So today I’m sharing a little update on Hugo now he’s a year old. I will no doubt share updates on him now and again in the future, when I feel like I want to remember the stage we’re at, just like I do for Bella too.

    Hugo has changed so much over the last few months and after looking back at the first couple of updates I shared, I can’t believe just how much babies change in that first year of their life. I feel like the baby days are almost over already and Hugo seems more and more like a toddler every day now!

    Weight – Hugo’s weight gain slowed down A LOT once he hit six months. He was last weighed at his one year check up and was 21.9 lbs.

    Size –  Currently he wears mostly 12-18/1-1.5 in clothes but is still fitting into some 9-12m bits too. He wears size 4+ nappies and his shoes are also a size 4!

    Feeding – We officially stopped breastfeeding at 11 months. Which is the same time I stopped with Bella too. It wasn’t the easiest transition this time around, but I know the time was right for us both. I will probably share a separate post all about our breastfeeding journey shortly. Hugo now drinks full fat cows milk and he has one bottle before his afternoon nap and one before bed.

    Food wise, he’s still not the best eater but is MUCH better thankfully. He usually has cheerios for breakfast followed by some fruit or a yoghurt. Lunch is always the meal I find the hardest, as Hugo isn’t a big fan of bread products. Sometimes he’ll have a snacky plate with things like crackers, cheese and fruit. Or if we have had something like rice or pasta the night before, then I’ll save some back and give him that for lunch. For dinner he usually eats the same as everyone else but he definitely has his favourites. He loves anything with pasta but especially bolognese or mac n cheese. He also really enjoys sausages and rice based dishes. His favourite snacks are raisins or cheddars. He’s not too keen on his veggies at the moment, he especially dislikes broccoli it would seem. But he’ll happily eat fruit, blueberries are LIFE.

    Routine – We seem to have fallen into a pretty good routine which seems to work really well for everyone. Hugo wakes up anytime between 7-8.30am. We’ll change his nappy and get him dressed before we head downstairs. He goes straight into his highchair for breakfast and he’ll also have a beaker of water. After this we either go straight out for the nursery run or he’ll play for a bit in the lounge on the days Bella is home with us. Lunchtime is about 12.30/1pm and then he goes down for his nap with a bottle after lunch. Once he wakes, he’s raring to go for playtime again. We tend to eat dinner about 5.30-6pm. Then it’s bathtime and in bed for 7ish.

    Sleeping – Hugo turned one and suddenly realised that sleep is a wonderful thing! He doesn’t usually have a morning nap, but will occasionally fall asleep in the car. His main nap is after lunch and he will usually sleep for 2-2.5 hours. I try to avoid letting him nap past 3.30pm as I know it will throw off bedtime. His usual bedtime is around 7pm and most of the time he will then sleep right through until anytime between 7-8.30am. It’s AMAZING compared to his big sister!

    Development – Since Hugo’s last update at 6 months, he has changed a LOT. He mastered crawling on the day he turned 7 months. And then took his first steps around the time he turned 11 months! I really wasn’t expecting him to walk before his first birthday but he surprised us all and now he doesn’t stop. He climbs everything, runs at the speed of light and just generally does not sit still. EVER. He says a few words now. Mainly ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ and Hiyaaaa’. But his favourite way of communicating is by yelling. I have honestly never met such a loud baby. He shrieks like a banshee and gets so frustrated when you don’t do what he wants.

    He waves, points, blows kisses, nods, dances, shakes his head and claps. Hugo now has 12 teeth!! It would seem he pops them through, usually two at a time, with no issues at all. He is a total champ when it comes to teeth and never makes any fuss. Hugo is generally a fairly happy and easy child. Although he is definitely my wild one. He has no fear and loves nothing more than causing mayhem.

    In September Hugo will be starting nursery two days a week which I think he will really enjoy. I’m going to miss him so much but I’m confident he will thrive there and love every second.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo likes climbing, sleeping, dancing, swings, swimming, slides, being in the back carrier with Daddy, emptying cupboards, musical instruments, raisins, his sister and kicking a ball around. He dislikes bath time, being told ‘no’, vegetables, being restrained in his buggy and having his nappy changed.

    What we’ve been up to – It’s been such a busy few months. Our big home renovations are mainly finished now thankfully. We’ve also been to Center Parcs again which we all really enjoyed. We celebrated Hugo’s birthday, welcomed a new baby into the family and have just been enjoying this beautifully hot British summer we are currently having. I’m looking forward to the Autumn and getting into the swing of our new routine. And then before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. Life as a four is good right now and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Of course I had to end this post with a little look back at Hugo’s first year in photos. And yes, I definitely did shed a tear or two while choosing these photos!



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    Hugo At Six Months

    Half a year already?! I feel like he is changing so much now, I can’t keep up! I’m really glad that I have been writing these monthly updates though, so I can look back at them in the future. And no doubt sob that I miss my teeny baby. Hugo’s sixth month was a busy one with his first holiday and we moved house! I’m super late sharing this but I did start writing it just after he turned six months in December.

    Weight – I had Hugo weighed last week and at six and a half months he weighed 19lbs 6oz! Which is more than his big sister at a year! He is on the 75th centile for weight.

    Size – Officially in size 4 nappies now and 6-9 months clothes. Although he is already fitting into some 9-12 month clothes already too!

    Feeding – Still breastfeeding. Which is becoming pretty difficult sometimes. Hugo’s going through a phase of pinching and scratching whilst he’s feeding and its so painful!! I’m hoping it passes soon. The Minbie bottle I mentioned in my last post was a total fail. I tried multiple times with not much joy. Don’t get me wrong I love breastfeeding but I am getting pretty desperate for him to take a bottle. I did get him to take a couple of bottles of expressed milk last weekend which was in MAM bottles. I have tried a few times since and sometimes he will drink, other times he won’t. It’s all very much on his terms.

    I waited until just before Hugo turned six months to start weaning him. And we’re a few weeks in now and sadly it just isn’t going very well. I started off by offering him fingers foods, just like I did with Bella. However he was extremely ‘gaggy’ to the point he just threw up every single time he put food into his mouth. I had a little google and it seemed that the general consensus was to try purees instead. So that’s what I did but I found he still gagged and threw up just as much with purees. Being spoon fed also made him extremely distressed and upset.

    Over Christmas I stopped all together for a couple of weeks as Hugo was full of cold and throwing up a lot of mucus anyway so I didn’t want to distress him further. We started again in the new year and I have spoken to a health visitor since too. She advised to just keep offering him a mixture of purees and finger food daily and see how he goes. So this is where we are currently at. Hugo seems to prefer the baby led weaning approach, he likes picking food up and is very good at putting to his mouth and sucking it. He is still very ‘gaggy’ but isn’t throwing up as much now thankfully. I think he just has a super sensitive gag reflex!

    Routine – Our routine has been all over the place lately as we went on holiday at the end of November, have moved house and then all the Christmas festivities. So I am still trying to get things back on track.

    Hugo still usually wakes up around 7-7.30am has a feed, nappy change and then I take him down in his pjs for breakfast. After he has eaten (gagged a lot and thrown food to the dog) I then get him dressed for the day before we head out on the nursery run. He still usually sleeps in the car. We’ll either head home or out to see friends / to a baby group etc depending what our plans are. Then ideally he will have lunch, milk and an afternoon nap before picking Bella up at 4.30ish. It’s then back home for a play with big sissy, dinner, bath and in bed by 7-7.30ish.

    Sleeping – Sleep is still rubbish sadly. A couple of weeks ago he was waking pretty much HOURLY. It was way worse than when he was a newborn. Sob. The last few nights have been sliiiiightly better. But hes still waking about three times on average.

    Development – This boy does not stop MOVING. He is rolling, sitting, crawling backwards and just generally shuffling his way around the place. He gets up onto all fours and rocks back and fourth, whilst getting very cross that he can’t master moving forwards yet. I also watched him get himself back up to sitting from laying down a few days back. He is just so active and has definitely hit that ‘into absolutely everything’ stage. He is also really vocal and I love listening to his babble away.

    Oh and finally after all the dribbling he has cut not one but TWO teeth.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo loves his jumperoo, sitting up in his highchair, causing havoc rolling about on the floor, swimming, baby groups and pulling his sisters hair. Dislikes weaning, sleep and not being able to properly crawl…

    What we’ve been up to – Since Hugo’s five month update we went on our first little holiday as a four to Center Parcs. We took Hugo swimming for the first time which he really enjoyed. He also celebrated his first Christmas and New Year which was so lovely despite him being full of cold. And last but not least, we also moved house! I was super sad to say goodbye to the house Hugo was born in. But I am looking forward to putting our mark on our new home and making lots of memories here too.











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    Hugo At Five Months

    Five months!! Although of course I’m late publishing this again and he’s nearer to six months now!! He’s changing so fast now and totally breaking my heart every time he hits a new milestone!

    Weight – I fiiiinnally took him to be weighed. The last time I went he was 6.5 weeks! You can totally tell he’s a second child haha!! So at 5 months (22 weeks) Hugo weighs a whopping 18lbs & 4oz!! I dug out Bella’s red book to compare and she weighed 18lbs 15oz a couple of weeks before her first birthday! I’m not kidding when I say he’s a big boy 😉

    Size – Still in size 3 nappies. I have already had to dig out the 6-9 month clothes too which I feel so sad about. I just feel like he didn’t get very much wear out of his 3-6 month clothes at all before they were getting too snug!

    Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. Slight progress on the bottle front. After seeing an advert on Facebook I bought a Minbie bottle that claimed it was the best bottle for breastfed babes! As soon as it arrived I whacked it in the steriliser and got the breast pump out. He surprisingly took an oz or two from it with little fuss. Normally he screams the place down as soon as a bottle is put near him. But he was surprisingly happy to try the Minbie one. So will persevere with it! Fingers crossed.

    I have been thinking more and more about beginning to wean Hugo a few weeks early. He’s just so big and so hungry! The health visitor advised me to wait it out until Six months which I was surprised at, as the one I saw before had said he’d probably need to wean early as he was so big! I plan to do baby led weaning again so I think I will start him on some finger foods in the next week or so and just see how he gets on.

    Routine – Wakes up around 7-7.30am, feeds, nappy change and dressed for the day, then downstairs into his bumbo normally while we have breakfast. Then it’s nursery run time and he’ll usually sleep in the car. Once we get home/ out he’ll then have a quick top up feed and is awake until his afternoon nap! He’ll then go down about 1.30ish after a big feed and sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Up again until bedtime at about 7ish.

    Sleeping – Sleep at night has been HORRIFIC pretty much since the day he turned four months. I remember the four month sleep regression being hell with Bella too. Some nights he’s been waking up every hour and I am really struggling at the moment as I’m just so.damn.tired. He still goes down without a fuss and he isn’t wide awake in the middle of the night or anything. He’s just waking frequently and most of the time he wants to feed. Another reason I think he may be ready to start weaning?! Luckily he’s still napping well in the day.

    Development – Hugo is officially rolling!! He did it for the first time two days before he turned five months. And he hasn’t stopped since! As soon as you lay him down he rolls straight over. He’s also pretty sturdy with sitting up too. Until he lunges for a toy and he loses his balance!

    Still a complete dribble monster but no toothy pegs just yet! Overall Hugo is such a happy and content baby. He is so chilled compared to what Bella was like at this age.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo likes rolling around on his play mat, sitting up in his bumbo to watch us eat, standing on your lap, watching the world go by from his big boy seat of his pushchair, being smothered in kisses, twinkly Christmas lights, bath time and daddy’s singing (surprisingly!). Dislikes sleep, bottles and supermarkets!

    What we’ve been up to – It’s been a pretty busy month for us all! Hugo experienced both his first Halloween and fireworks displays. And we celebrated Bella’s fourth birthday!!

    By the time Hugo turns Six months old we will have moved into our new home and will hopefully be feeling suitably festive!! I’ve been terrible at taking photos on my big camera lately and I still haven’t had my Olympus Pen fixed after it broke a month after I got it. But I know I’ll cherish these iPhone snaps all the same 😉 Although the gorgeous black and white was of course taken by my wonderful sister in law!

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    Hugo At Four Months

    Its been four months (almost five by the time I have finally got round to publishing this post despite starting it weeks ago) since our Hugo Bear joined us and despite the fact it is flying by much quicker than I’d like, I am loving every second. He really is such a happy baby most of the time. And he brings so much joy to all of our lives. He is so loved by everyone!

    Weight – I still haven’t had him weighed. Oops. Although I have absolutely no concerns, he’s huge!!

    Size – Just about still fitting into his size 3 nappies, although I doubt it’ll be longer before he needs the next size. He is filling his 3-6 month clothes nicely but I’m already worrying he’s not going to be in them for much longer. His little feet already seem to be running out of room in his sleep suits. And all his dungarees seem to be getting short on the legs!!

    Feeding – Hugo is still breastfeeding like a champ! No luck with the bottles still. I even resorted to buying some formula as it was breaking my heart keep tipping expressed milk down the drain but of course he hated that too!

    Routine – Poor Hugo has had two back to back colds which definitely through us off a bit. His evening routine is still very much the same. I have also finally started to implement a bit of a day time nap routine. He normally falls asleep in the car on the nursery run so probably gets about 30 minutes in the morning at about 9-9.30am. I have been trying to put him down straight after lunch on the days we are at home and so far it’s going quite well. He will generally sleep for about 1.5-2 hours.

    Sleeping – Thanks to his colds, he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night sadly. We had about 10 days of him waking every 30 minutes or so and it was horrific!! Thankfully he seems to be getting back into his normal routine of waking just twice. Which I can handle just fine!

    Development – Lots of smiles, giggles and squawking. He properly babbles away to us now and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! He’s really starting to take an interest in toys now, especially the ones that hang off his playmat. Is yet to roll over but I don’t think it’ll be too long until he does! I forgot how much I love this age.

    I’m also pretty sure the dreaded teething has begun. My poor poppet is chomping away on anything and everything. He is super dribbley too.

    Likes & Dislikes – Absolutely adores his big sister, especially pulling her hair! I really love watching them together. They are already the best of friends. Hugo also enjoys sitting up in his bumbo at meal times and watching us eat. He loves laying on his play mat kicking about. Long walks when he’s all cosy in his pushchair. He still loves being carried in the baby carrier too. Dislikes bottles with a passion. Sigh.

    What we’ve been up to – Lots of autumn walks over the last month or so. We’ve been trying to take it a little slower at the weekends when we can which we have all been really enjoying.

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    Hugo At Three Months

    Three whole months old already! A quarter of a year has already passed us by in the blink of an eye. Hugo is officially no longer a newborn but a fully fledged infant. I reaaaallly wish he’d slow down a bit! 

    Weight – I have no idea as I haven’t had him weighed recently! But he’s a chunky thing that’s for sure! 

    Size – Still in size 3 nappies. Officially in all his 3-6 month clothes now. I put it off for ages when really he probably would have fit in them a couple of weeks back, but I was avoiding having to pack away all the newborn bits! But I have finally done it. All the newborn and upto 1 month clothes are all packed away in boxes ready to be passed onto somebody else. I do feel really sad about it this time, knowing it’s the last time and I’ll never be washing tiny newborn sleep suits again! 

    I am however enjoying putting Hugo in more outfits now. I picked up lots of cute leggings and soft dungarees in the sales when I was pregnant so it’s been fun seeing him wearing those bits.

    Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. He feeds every 3-4 hours when we’re out and about but usually feeds more often if we are just at home. Despite taking a bottle of expressed milk okay the first time, he’s not been so keen since! We are trying some MAM bottles this week to see if he prefers those maybe. 

    Routine – I am still yet to implement a proper day time routine but his evening routine is still the same as last month and he’s pretty much always asleep by 7.30-8. I am finding he’s awake a lot more during the day now and he seems to prefer short cat naps rather than taking proper naps. So I really do need to figure out a nap schedule.  

    Sleeping – On a whole, he is still a pretty good sleeper. But I have noticed he wakes for his first feed at about 1.30am now and then wakes again around 4.30ish too. There has been a few nights where he’s woken up to 4 times which is a bit of a shock to the system for me! 

    Development – The cooing is in full force now and it’s so bloody cute!! He’s super smily and has been doing a few little giggles and squawks which I have been loving. Hugo had his first set of immunisations when he was 9 weeks old and he was such a champ!! A bit more unsettled that normal for the first 24 hours but that was it! 

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is fascinated by the TV and is forever cooing away at it if Bella is watching a film or something. He is a complete Mama’s boy (which I secretly love!) but he’s also a big fan of his big sissy too. Still adores bathtime. Hates tummy time with a passion. 

    What we’ve been up to – It’s been another busy month. We spent a few days in Norfolk visiting Josh’s grandparents which was lovely. Hugo attended his first party and spent most of it asleep in his carrycot behind the sofa! We also went Sunflower picking, to the beach, for a day at knockhatch & celebrated some family birthdays. 

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    Hugo At Two Months

    This second month has flown by even faster than the first! I really feel like I’m starting to find my groove as a Mama of two now and things are starting to fall into more of a routine. Here’s how Hugo is getting on at Two Months old.

    Weight – I last had Hugo weighed at about 7 weeks with the health visitor at home and he was 12lbs 15oz! He is currently following the 91st centile for weight. He’s feels so heavy already, how I’ll lug him about in a few months I don’t know!

    Size – Last week I switched Hugo into size 3 nappies as I kept finding that the size 2 ones were leaking. The newborn clothes are now left redundant in a drawer as our chunky boy has outgrown them all. I can’t bring myself to pack them all away again just yet. I feel like they have only been out five minutes! As Hugo is our last baby I will probably just pass them all straight on to someone else. At the moment he is wearing all 0-3 but he is already filling his sleepsuits! He is HUGE. So I really need to start thinking about digging out the 3-6 month bits we have already, so I know what else I need to buy!

    Feeding – I am still exclusively breastfeeding. I also used my electric breast pump a couple of weeks back for the first time and was stunned that I managed to pump a whole 5oz bottle in less than 10 minutes. Hugo’s Auntie Char gave him his first bottle and he straight away guzzled a couple of ozs with no fuss. Later that evening Josh fed him the rest! I think maybe I will pump a bottle or two a week purely so that Josh and Bella get the chance to give it to him. And to help Hugo get used to drinking from a bottle too.

    Routine – Things are still fairly laid back during the day but we do now have an evening routine in place (albeit pretty basic!)

    When Bella is getting her pyjamas on, we will get Hugo ready for bed too. This is usually about 6.45pm. I change his nappy and sleepsuit then pop him into his sleeping bag. Josh then reads Bella her bedtime story while I go into our room and feed Hugo. I shut the curtains and turn off all the lights so it’s quiet and calm. I will then breastfeed him for anything up to 30 minutes – this is definitely his longest feed of the day! Once he is finished I burp him and put him into his sleepyhead in his bedside crib. He is normally asleep by 8ish.

    Sleeping – Once he is asleep for the night he will normally wake for a feed between 3.30 – 4am. Then go back down until about 6.30am which is when Josh is usually getting up for work and Bella comes into our bed for a cuddle. I then quickly feed him again and try to get him back to sleep while we all get ready for the day!

    Development – Hugo is still dishing out ALL the smiles. His whole face lights up when he smiles and it literally melts my heart. He has also started doing the odd bit of cooing too which is adorable. This boy is desperately trying to find his thumb to suck too. He spends most of his time sucking his fists and I am sure he will his thumb soon. Just like his big sister did! We also had our check up with the Dr this week who was very happy with everything.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is happiest with his Mama or in the baby carrier. He absolutely loves being carried and it’s the best way to sooth him if he’s a bit fractious. Bath time is also much more successful now, Hugo loves kicking his legs and splashing away. Still hates getting out and getting dressed though!

    What we’ve been up to – We have had a pretty busy month! We’ve spent lots of time with both friends and family over the last few weeks. Hugo has had his first trip to the park, we have been fruit picking, for a walk along the beach, visited both Scotney Castle & Sheffield Park. Josh and I also took him out for dinner which he pretty much just slept through and woke up just in time for dessert!

    Harriet XO