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    A Frosty Walk At Bodiam Castle

    Since Christmas we have been so focused on switching all of our bedrooms around that it seems like we’ve spent every weekend knee deep in utter chaos at home! Last weekend I just couldn’t face anymore sorting so we took a much needed break from it all. Josh had to work all day on Saturday so Bella and I had lunch and spent the afternoon swimming with my sister and niece. It was so lovely to see them both and Bella had so much fun swimming and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! I’m really keen to get her enrolled in some swimming lessons at some point this year but in the meantime I’m going to try and take her myself a couple of times a month to help her confidence in the water!

    As Sunday was our only day all together we decided to brave the cold frosty weather and popped out for brunch and a walk to blow away the cobwebs. I had a real craving for poached eggs so we headed to The Hub at Quarry Farm after hearing such wonderful things about the food. Oh boy, we were not disappointed! Josh and I both ordered Eggs Benedict and it was absolutely delicious as was the coffee according to Josh. We both loved the decor of The Hub too, it was so lovely and cosy with the fire roaring, the perfect place to spend a chilly Sunday morning. I can definitely see us becoming regulars!

    The Hub is literally a stones throw away from Bodiam Castle. you could even see the castle as we were driving out! Bodiam Castle was actually fairly busy despite how cold it was. We had a leisurely stroll around the frozen moat watching the ducks potter about on the ice which Bella found hilarious! Afterwards we then headed into the castle. I have taken Bella previously, although it was probably this time last year and she wasn’t particularly interested at all. But this time she really enjoyed exploring and was climbing all the steps, looking out of all the windows and asking loads of questions. We had a lovely time and we both said how we really must visit more often as we live so close!










    Harriet XO


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    A Sunny Spring Day At Sheffield Park Gardens

    About 4 years ago, shortly after Josh and I got engaged I decided I’d like to start a blog to document our Wedding planning and the start of our family life. I was an avid reader of other blogs and I desperately wanted to join in and share my thoughts on my own little online space, mainly for my own personal benefit as I wanted to be able to look back on it in years to come. So I started a very basic blog and I think I wrote about five posts but I was never brave enough to share it publicly.

    Fast forward to August 2015, a wedding and a baby toddler later I decided to finally bite the bullet and do it properly. I didn’t really know what I was doing with regards to the set up and design process but I somehow figured it out with lots of help and tips from my lovely online friend Alice who blogs over at New Young Mum. Alice I are the same age and her daughter Amelia is just three months older than Bella. Sadly we live about three hours apart but after months of chatting online we finally managed to get together in person last week and we had such a great day.

    As we are both National Trust members we decided to meet at Sheffield Park Gardens which was about an hours drive from me and two from Alice. We were super lucky with the weather as it was a gloriously sunny day, the girls were even able to run about without cardigans.

    The gardens at Sheffield Park are absolutely beautiful and bursting with colour at the moment. Apparently May is in fact their busiest month all year and you can totally see why, it’s by far the prettiest National Trust place I have ever visited and it’s probably the biggest too, you could easily spend all day there enjoying the various walks and taking in the stunning views. We decided to make the most of the sunshine by taking our own picnic to enjoy on the grass, although we were in fact mobbed by a group of very feisty ducks so next time I may check out the little tea rooms instead 😉




    Bella and Amelia got on so well which wasn’t surprising really as I think they have very similar personalities. And by that I mean they are both feisty, head strong, independent little girls 😉 It didn’t take long before they were chatting away to each other, holding hands and cuddling. They were so adorable together and Bella hasn’t stopped talking about her new friend Amelia all week.





    We actually did quite a lot of walking considering we had two toddlers in tow, we even managed to get lost for a while, not that it mattered too much as the girls were so busy exploring and throwing stones into the water at every opportunity to even notice. We hunted down the bluebells and the girls loved frolicking in them together while we snapped some photos of them like typical Mama bloggers 😉









    Overall we had such a lovely day with Alice and Amelia and we’re already hoping to get some dates in the diary to get together again over the summer. If you’re local to Sheffield Park I would definitely recommend a visit, I can’t wait to go again soon, I have a feeling we may even become regulars as it’s just so beautiful and I’d love to see how it changes throughout the different seasons.

    Harriet xo

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    Me & Mine {January 2016}

    I’m so excited to be joining in for a whole year of Me & Mine family portraits and to watch how our family grows and changes over the year! I can’t wait to be able to look back at the end of 2016 and have 12 family portraits capturing all the exciting things we got up to this year. I think I may make them into a photo book or something for Bella to keep and of course they will also be perfect for the calendars I make for my parents for Christmas gifts 😉

    January has been a nice quiet month for us and the slower pace has been very welcome after the crazy festive period. Apart from Josh’s birthday at the beginning of the month we haven’t had many big plans in place which has been such a nice change for us. Our weekends have consisted of cosy days at home, a few lunch dates, plenty of roast dinners and a couple of chilly winter walks.

    The temperatures have dropped dramatically over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been really struggling to warm up. I just feel cold all the time at the moment which has really affected my mood so it’s safe to say I’m dreaming of those milder Spring days. I can’t wait to fill my house with tulips and daffodils and to be able to venture out the house without getting wrapped up in a million different layers! We also booked our Summer holiday this month and I’m already so excited for some Greek sunshine with our family in June.

    This month’s Me & Mine photo was taken on a trip to Scotney Castle a couple of weekends back. We’d woken up to a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground so decided to head out to Scotney for a frosty walk. We didn’t stay out too long because it was SO cold but it was nice to get some fresh air before heading home for lunch and a cosy afternoon by the fire.

    Scotney is without a doubt my favourite local National Trust property. We visited a few times in the Autumn when the leaves were turning a lovely shades of golden and the grounds looked just as beautiful covered in a light sprinkling of snow and I’m sure they will look equally gorgeous throughout spring and summer when all the flowers are in bloom. I can definitely see us spending a lot of time there over the warmer months as it’s the perfect spot for a family picnic and a walk.

    As much as I enjoyed our slow January, it has really dragged at times and I’m definitely looking forward to February and hopefully lots more adventures with my loves!
    I said this last month but I reaaaaally need to get myself a tripod for these photos as its not very easy finding an even surface the right height to plop the camera on when out and about, hence the castle wall in the corner of this photo. Massive fail. If anyone has any recommendations for a good compact tripod then please do let me know!

    Me & Mine in January


    The Me and Mine Project
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    Fresh Air At Scotney Castle



    Our weekend didn’t start off as planned. Friday evening was the first time all week that Josh got home from work at a half sensible hour and we had planned to spend the evening relaxing in front of the TV together once Bella was tucked up in bed, which for us, really is a rare thing. Our TV will often go a couple of days without even being switched on! It had been a long week, and we were both looking forward to a quiet evening in. While we were eating dinner, my Dad called in a fluster to tell me he had run out of insulin. I am my Dad’s registered carer and so therefore when these things happen, I/We have to deal with them. Even if that does mean various phone calls to all the late night pharmacy counters in the area and TWO trips back and fourth to Asda which is a good 20 minutes away. Safe to say our cosy evening in didn’t happen, but sometimes these things just don’t pan out. Sigh.

    Saturday morning was also a mild disaster. Long story short, there was an incident which involved Bella, a brand spanking new extremely cute outfit, a tired Daddy who definitely probably wasn’t paying full attention and a bottle of bright pink nail polish. Need I say more. The outfit got ruined and there was almost tears (from me over the destroyed cute outfit) and a few cross words may have been exchanged.

    It was at this point we decided we needed to get out of the house. Josh packed up a picnic and a flask of hot chocolate and we headed to Scotney Castle for some much needed fresh air. Saturday was a perfect October day, sunny and dry but just slightly chilly. We ate our picnic on a bench near the car and Bella had her first ever hot chocolate. It was seriously cute watching her blow the little beaker of ‘choc-choc’ and judging by the look on her face and the amount of times she said ‘yummm’ and ‘mmmm’ the kid definitely enjoyed it. Clearly has Mama’s sweet tooth 😉

    We then picked up a map and headed off to explore. In the end we ignored said map and just followed where all the other dog walkers were headed. The grounds of Scotney Castle are absolutely gorgeous and looked even more beautiful covered in Autumn leaves. I think it will definitely be one of our new favourite weekend spots. The crisp fresh air was exactly what we needed, Bella burnt off some steam and both her and the dog were fast asleep before we even left the car park. Win.

    Below are a few of my favourite photos from a very lovely family afternoon.

    Thanks for reading











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    Our week away in Norfolk

    You may have seen on my Instagram or Twitter that we have just spent a week away in beautiful Norfolk. We have been house and dog sitting for my husband’s grandparents while they were on holiday. They live in a gorgeous house down a country lane not far from the coast and we had such a lovely time exploring the local area, so I thought I would share some of what we got up to and a few loads of my favourite photos we took while we were there.

    We started off the week with a picnic and a walk around Sheringham Park which is a National Trust property. The views were amazing, you could see right out to the coast. Unfortunately we had one very rainy day so we decided to go swimming in the morning then we baked cupcakes in the afternoon which Bella loved (both the baking and the eating of course!). On Wednesday we took a picnic lunch down to Happisburgh beach and took Bella to the new park there before the heavens opened again in the afternoon. On Thursday we spent the day in Norwich city, we had lunch in Pizza Express then did some shopping in the afternoon. I love Norwich, I think its such a beautiful city and it has such character with its little lanes and cobbled streets. On the Friday we visited Wroxham Barns Junior Farm in the morning which you can read more about here. To make the most of the sunshine we then went onto Felbrigg Hall in the afternoon for a walk around the gorgeous walled garden and an ice cream. In between all of the above we had lots of lovely walks with the dogs and some much needed relaxation time back at the house while Bella took her afternoon naps.

    Overall we had a great week, we have had a pretty hectic few months so were desperately in need of a little family break together. Bella has thrived from having both Mummy and Daddy around for a whole week, she’s been coming out with loads of new words including now saying ‘yes’ in a really british accent instead of ‘yeah’, it is seriously cute!! Bella’s been making us laugh with her crazy antics every single day and i’m really going to miss her when we go back to work this week. Luckily we now only have a couple of weeks back home before we jet off to Ibiza for a week in the sun! It will be Bella’s first plane trip and i’m extremely slightly nervous about it now! So any tips for flying with an almost two year old would be much appreciated!!




















    Thanks so much for reading, apologies for the photo heavy post!