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    An Autumnal Afternoon At The Pumpkin Patch

    This weekend we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and had the loveliest afternoon with Josh’s brother and his family. This was our third year going together and I love how it’s become a little yearly Autumnal tradition and I hope it’s something we continue to do for many years to come. The first year we went Bella was only 11 months old and not yet walking, she obviously had no clue what all the fuss was about but this year she was super excited and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Although she was totally not fussed by all the big pumpkins, instead she was way more interested in hunting out the teeny tiniest ones she could find. You can’t blame her though, everything is definitely much cuter in miniature form!

    I find that there is something quite magical about looking out over a sea of bright orange pumpkins and it really does make my Autumn obsessed self, oh-so-happy. Every year Josh and I have a little bicker about the ridiculous amount of pumpkins I try to sneak into the wheelbarrow, and every year I begrudgingly am made to put a few back. Although I alwaaaays manage to walk away with at least four! It’s a similar sort of bicker to the one we have at the Christmas tree farm each year too, when my husband insists that the humongous tree he has chosen will fit in the car, and that it of course will fit in the house. It never does, we always have to cut some off! 😉

    We are slowly but surely working our way through our Autumn bucket list, we’ve been to our first fireworks display, we’ve picked our pumpkins and the slow cooker has already been used a couple of times too. It’s less than a month until Bella’s third birthday now and the party invitations have officially been sent. She is super excited about her impending birthday and will tell anybody that will listen that her birthday is in November and that she’s going to be three. I however, am totally in denial about the whole thing, of course. Three just seems way too grown up for my liking!

    Lastly, apologies in advance for the ridiculous amount of pumpkin picking photos you are about to endure, I just couldn’t help myself 😉 I hope you have all had a lovely autumnal weekend also!

    Harriet xo