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    Our Thoughts On The Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

    At the end of last Summer, Bella and I spent a lovely morning in London at an event hosted by the wonderful people over at Little Tikes. We were super impressed with their new baby range. Following the event we were lucky enough to be sent this amazing easy store large slide in pink for Bella to put through its paces. As soon as she opened it, she insisted on having it set up in the dining room which is where it stayed for a good few weeks. I had planned to move it outside but sadly the British weather quickly took a turn for the worse shortly after, so we hadn’t been able to get outside to play with it very much over the winter.

    We recently had a few brighter days and Bella was so desperate to use her new pink slide properly out in the garden. The grass was still a bit too damp so we decided to set it up on the decking instead. Bella absolutely loves this slide and would go up and down it all day long if I let her.

    The slide is 5 foot long and suitable for children from 24 months up until 5 years old so I know that Bella will have years of fun with it yet. It feels super sturdy as it has quite a wide base so I don’t need to worry about it tipping over. Bella seems to find the steps nice and easy to climb too.

    My favourite feature is definitely the fact that it folds and then locks in place which makes for easy storage. During the winter months we can just fold the slide up and pop it in the garage without it taking up loads of room which I think is super handy, especially if you are pushed for space. As well as the vibrant pink which Bella adores, the slide is also available in primary colours and sunshine yellow which I think is my personal favourite.

    The only criticism I would make would be that it is quite a drop off the bottom of the slide. It took Bella some getting used to. It’s definitely something to bare in mind if using it on a hard surface!

    Overall we have been super impressed with the Easy Store Large Slide and I am confident that Bella will enjoy endless hours of fun with it, especially as the weather warms up!








    Harriet XO

    *Little Tikes very kindly sent us this slide in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are of course my own*

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    Our Thoughts On Yazoo No Added Sugar

    At the end of last year the lovely people over at Yazoo got in touch and asked if we would like to try some of their new no added sugar range of milkshake drinks. Both Bella and Josh love milkshake so we jumped at the chance to give these a try. At first I admit I was a little dubious about a couple of things. Firstly would they taste anything like the real deal? And secondly were they really going to have no added sugar?! Or had they replaced the sugar with loads of artificial sweeteners?

    When our box of Yazoo no added sugar milkshakes arrived the first thing I did was check out the ingredients list and I was pleasantly surprised with just how few ingredients is in them and it definitely put my mind at ease before giving them to my three year old.

    The milkshakes come in three different flavours; strawberry, banana and toffee. Josh got stuck in first and tried a strawberry one which he insisted tasted just like the full sugar version which he was clearly very impressed with.

    The real test of course was to see what Bella thought of them! When she got home from Nursery I offered her one as a snack to keep her going before dinner. I’m pretty sure she thought all her Christmases had come at once as usually a milkshake is a very rare treat and normally only something she would have if we were out for lunch or something. She also chose strawberry and finished it in record time, exclaiming how ‘yummy’ it was. The kid was definitely none the wiser about it having no added sugar.

    Over the next week or so both Bella and Josh tested out all three flavours. They came to the conclusion that strawberry was their firm favourite. Although my sister tried a couple and she was a big fan of the banana flavour too. Overall we were very impressed and I found that the milkshakes made a brilliant snack alternative and the small 200ml bottles were really handy to chuck in my bag for when we were out and about. I can definitely see myself re purchasing!

    *Yazoo very kindly sent me a months supply of Yazoo No Added sugar in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course my own*

    Harriet XO

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    Brilliant Children’s Toys From Wicked Uncle

    Before becoming a parent myself, buying presents for other peoples children was always something I really struggling with. I never ever knew what to buy, what they liked, what they already had and what was age appropriate! I was (and pretty much still am) always the clueless Auntie that is stood in the supermarket sending photos of potential presents to the child’s Mother. Since having Bella I have found it much easier, especially when it comes to buying for little girls, but when it comes to boys, I am always pretty stumped as to what to buy. I haaaate buying kids clothes because it must just be so boring for them and I’m also not a huge fan of giving money or vouchers to children, I much prefer for them to have a proper present to open straight away.

    So when Wicked Uncle got in touch and asked if I’d like to give their service a go, which claims to solve all those problems, I of course accepted the challenge! The Wicked Uncle website is super user friendly as all of the toys are broken down into different categories. You can choose either gender or just select ‘all’ which is what I did and then if you want to make sure you are choosing something age appropriate then you can also select the child’s age too which I think is such a great feature, especially if you aren’t really sure what you’re looking for. There is also an ‘All boys’ and ‘All girls’ function too if you just want to browse the whole collection.

    As I was buying for Bella I selected ‘Age 3’ and was super impressed with the huge selection of results that came up. All things that I had never thought of buying for her but things that I knew she definitely would have loved. They have some absolutely gorgeous wooden toys which I’m always a big fan of but in the end I actually settled on a Megasketcher, a Mix and Match game and some Kinetic Sand.

    The delivery was very quick and Bella was so excited when she saw the box arrive. She was so thrilled that she asked if it was her birthday and if they were her birthday presents, it was the sweetest thing! Since we received the gifts from Wicked Uncle Bella has been enjoying playing with them non stop so they are definitely a big hit, especially the Megasketcher which we now seem to cart around with us wherever we go! Overall I was super impressed with the service from Wicked Uncle and will be using them again in the future when I’m feeling uninspired for children’s gifts!








    *Wicked Uncle very kindly sent us a voucher in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course our own*

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    BKD Mini Bakers Club Subscription Box | Review

    Baking is probably my favourite hobby and without blowing my own trumpet too much, it’s one of the few things that I know I’m pretty good at and it’s something that I really love doing. For me the kitchen is the heart of the home and I love nothing more than putting the world to rights with my nearest and dearest over a slice slab of home made cake. Which may not be good for the waistline but believe me, it’s good for the soul 😉  I’m a pretty passionate baker and that’s something that I’ve always wanted to share with my daughter.

    So when BKD got in touch and asked if we would like to review one of their new Mini Bakers Club subscription boxes we jumped at the chance. I have followed BKD on Instagram and Twitter for a while and I’ve always admired their beautiful monochrome packaged baking kits. The subscriptions boxes are actually a new addition to BKD and I think they are such a wonderful idea and the perfect rainy day toddler activity. Luckily Bella shares my love for baking and we can often be found getting messy and baking up a storm in the kitchen, which meant she was equally as excited when the box arrived with her name on and we both couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

    What BKD Say…

    BKD Mini Bakers Club subscription boxes are a great way for families to spend quality time together whilst the children are engaging in an educational, craft baking project. Each month the baking box will be personally addressed to your child and include a different flavour BKD artisan baking mix (100% Natural) along with a beautifully illustrated baking guide full of exciting baking themed craft projects. Plus instructions on how to make and decorate the cupcakes, cakes or biscuits and extras such as colouring pencils, stickers, baking accessory and packaging for giving their baked items as gifts.

    The box we received was for making Gingerbread biscuits which is actually one of the few things I have never made from scratch myself! I was super impressed with the amount of  little bits and pieces included in the box, especially the little bags to pop the biscuits in if you wanted to share them with friends, as well as little stickers to decorate the bags with. All I needed to source myself was 2 tablespoons of golden syrup, some butter and a cookie cutter, all of which I already had in.

    I loved how the box was personalised with Bella’s name and I think older children would be super impressed with this too. The recipe card was very clear and easy to follow and because there was very little measuring to do it meant that there was minimal mess made which is always a plus when baking with little ones! I did make one small mistake by putting the biscuit pop sticks into the biscuits BEFORE they went in the oven rather than after which did result in the sticks melting a little, oops, but as they cooled they did quickly set again luckily!

    The weather was a bit overcast on Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get our bake on. Bella was super excited to get started and couldn’t stop smiling as she was mixing the ingredients together in the bowl. She happily got stuck in with kneading the dough and apparently didn’t need any help from Mama. However, she wasn’t very happy that we had to pop the dough in the fridge for an hour to firm up.

    Although I thought this was the perfect time to get the activity book that came in the Mini Bakers Club Box out to try and distract her for a bit while we waited. I think older children especially would really enjoy filling this out but Bella was way more interested in sticking the stickers all over the little bags ready to pop her finished creations in.

    When the dough was chilled we rolled it out onto the table and Bella chose a few different shaped cutters to use and we got to work cutting our the biscuits. They take less than 10 minutes to cook which I thought was great as children don’t tend to have much patience with these sorts of things. Once they were cooked and cooled we decorated them using the tube of white icing that was included and some sweets that I picked up that morning. This was a bit of a family affair and I’m prettttty sure Josh actually enjoyed it more than Bella who was too busy eating the sweets rather than sticking them on the biscuits!! 😉

    Our finished biscuits pops looked and tasted scrumptious. We all really enjoyed making them and spending some quality time together. Because the whole process was so simple Bella didn’t lose interest at all which was great too. Overall I was very impressed with the BKD Mini Bakers Club Subscription Box, the only thing I think that could maybe be improved would be to include some decorations in the box too as I did have to buy those separately. But apart from that we loved it and would definitely recommend to others!

    BKD are currently running a half price subscription offer on the first month of any package so for a 1 month subscription it would cost just £4.99 instead of the usual £9.99 (Plus £1.99 postage). For more information and to sign up click here.

    Harriet xo

    *BKD very kindly sent us a Mini Bakers Club subscription box in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*