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    Gift Ideas For Hugo’s Second Birthday

    Hugo’s second birthday is fast approaching so I have started to think about what gifts we might get him. I always found it so easy buying for Bella but I really struggle with ideas for Hugo. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a boy or if it’s just a second child thing. His favourite things to play with at home at the moment are the play kitchen, shopping basket, babies and cars. He loves the playmobil at his childminders too! The garden slide that Bella got for her third birthday is a big hit with him too. He is also Peppa Pig obsessed but I try to avoid too many character things as children change their mind so frequently!

    So I have been scouring online and have come up with a handful of bits that I think he would love. I’ve tried to keep everything fairly unisex too so these ideas should suit everyone.

    Bella has a scooter similar to this and Hugo is obsessed with it. This lovely yellow one also comes with a folding seat which I think will be so handy for his age. This will be Hugo’s main present along with a helmet too!

    I love personalised gifts and there is almost always something personalised on my own birthday list. I think this breakfast set would make a lovely birthday gift for Hugo! The Gift Co had loads of fab ideas for both children and adults.

    Toddler vans are just super cute and I think they’ll be great shoes for the summer as they’ll go with both leggings and shorts.

    As Hugo’s a summer baby it’s nice to be able to buy him garden toys for his birthday. I think he would love this little lawn mower!

    This water table would be great for both the children to play with together during the warmer weather! I’m a big fan of little tikes toys, they’re always so well made.

    It’s a bit of a tradition in our house that we always buy the children a top and/or some pjs with their age on! This 2 stripy tee is ADORABLE.

    Hugo has just got over his fear of the bath so I thought a new bath toy featuring his favourite little pig would be a hit!

    And last but not least is this diggers magnet book! Hugo has a Peppa one of these already and loves it. He’ll sit for ages playing with it so I think he’ll enjoy this one too.

    *This is a Sponsored Post but all opinions and words are of course my own*

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    Second Birthday Celebrations

    As I type this I’m still struggling to comprehend the fact that I’m now a Mama to a Two year old… Before I know it she’ll be starting school.. Sob. Anywaaay I thought I’d share what we got up to over Bella’s birthday weekend. Better late than never, hey 😉

    Last year we had a lovely ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ themed party to celebrate Bella’s first birthday. This year we decided to have more of an outdoorsy affair and opted for a Fireworks party the night before Bella’s birthday with a loose woodland theme. We have a huuuuge back garden so thought it would be a good idea to utilise the space for once! Josh put up a gazebo on the decking (in gail force winds and pouring rain might I add) and I just added some simple white fairy lights. I didn’t bother with any other decorations outside as the weather was so hideous there was just no point! Luckily by the time people started arriving the rain had stopped.

    Decorations wise I kept it pretty simple with more white fairy lights over the fireplace in the dining room and on the table that I displayed all the sweet treats on. I scattered some pine cones around the room along with some super cute little felt toadstalls. Keeping with the woodland theme I used a few slices of wood that I borrowed from my sisters leftover wedding stash to display the woodland paper plates & napkins on. Lastly I hung the pink paper garlands that I originally bought for Bella’s party last year above the dining table.

    For savoury food we did lots of slow cooked pulled pork served in white bread rolls with grated cheese & coleslaw. These were a big hit and I’d definitely do them again for a bonfire night celebration. We also did hot dogs with caramelised onions and lots of hot potato wedges.

    On the sweet table Bella’s wonderful woodland birthday cake definitely stole the show. It was a four layered Victoria sponge sandwiched with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. I baked the sponges and my very talented Mother in law covered and decorated the cake. I was so pleased with how it turned out, the little animals and toadstools were adorable! I also made two trays of salted caramel double chocolate brownies (bit of a mouthful…quite literally), the most amazing buttery flapjacks and apple, cinnamon & fudge muffins which everyone loved. I find it so satisfying when others enjoy your baking! 🙂 I have already posted the muffins recipe but will share the other two recipes over the next couple of weeks as they are both SO tasty but also super easy to make!

    After we served the food the evening consisted of glow sticks, marshmallow toasting, sparklers & fireworks (that were a mild disaster thanks to the damp weather!) We finished off the evening by singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl and she opened a few presents!

    Bella loved every second of her birthday party (apart from when she burnt her finger on a sparkler) which of course is the main thing but I think everybody else enjoyed themselves too!

    On Bella’s actual birthday we had a quiet morning at home opening presents with a special birthday breakfast of croissants and orange juice. Followed by lunch out and an afternoon visting the farm we have annual memberships for. It was so nice to have a relaxed day just the three of us and it meant we could give the birthday girl our full attention, which of course she loved!!

    Here’s a few iPhone snaps of her birthday weekend. I was so busy at the party I didn’t get chance to get many good ones!


    Thanks for reading
    Harriet xo





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    Apple, Cinnamon & Fudge Muffins

    These apple muffins have quickly become a firm favourite in our family. I made them for Bella’s second birthday a couple of weeks back and they were such a huge hit I have already made another batch and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making them on a regular basis from now on! I have tweaked the original apple muffins recipe slightly by adding in cinnamon and fudge pieces to jazz them up a bit. They are the perfect muffins for the cooler Autumn & Winter months, especially warm from the oven! Apple & Fudge is a match made in heaven and of course, who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon coming from the kitchen at this time of year!?

    What I love most about this recipe is just how simple it is. To me it’s an ‘old fashioned’ recipe as all you need is a mixing bowl & a spoon! No messing around with fancy mixers or food processors. Which means they are super quick to make and the mess is minimal. A perfect recipe to make with little ones!


     Ingredients (Makes 9 Muffins)

    • 200g Plain Flour
    • 100g Caster Sugar
    • 50g Soft Brown Sugar
    • 2 1/2 tsps. of Baking Powder
    • Pinch Of Salt
    • 1 generous tsp of Ground Cinnamon
    • 90ml Semi Skimmed Milk
    • 80ml Vegetable Oil
    • 1 Large Egg, beaten
    • 5 drops of vanilla essence of 1 tsp or vanilla paste
    • 2 large eating apples, peeled, cored and chopped into cubes
    • Mini fudge pieces
    • Icing sugar


    1. Preheat oven to 200 C / Gas 6 and add paper cases to a muffin tray
    2. Measure out all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl; flour, both sugars, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.
    3. Add the milk, oil, egg and vanilla to the dry ingredients. Stir until just combined (mixture will be lumpy).
    4. Fold the chopped apple into the mixture.
    5. Spoon the mixture into the muffin cases. I personally use an ice cream scoop for this as I find it easier to make sure the mixture is split evenly and its much less messy
    6. Sprinkle a few mini fudge pieces over the top of each muffin. Using a sieve dust each muffin with some icing sugar.
    7. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until golden brown.
    8. Transfer onto a wire cooling rack to cool or of course you can serve them warm straight from the oven 😉


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    Dear Bella,

    On Sunday you turned two years old. TWO WHOLE YEARS OLD. I just can’t believe how quickly these last two years have gone. It only seems like yesterday we were bringing you home all wrapped up in the same pink blanket that now lays on the end of your toddler bed. It was a cold November evening and we were SO very  excited albeit slightly nervous to start our new life as a family of three. Even though these last two years have flown by much quicker than I’d like to admit, I also can’t imagine our lives without you.

    When you turned One you were still such a baby to me. You weren’t quite walking yet, you only said a few words and you were more than happy for Mama to help you when you needed it. Your wispy baby hair is now long gone and has grown into the most beautiful thick curls which always recieves such lovely compliments. Since your first birthday you have grown from a baby to a fully fledged toddler and my heart could burst with pride for the wonderful little girl you are becoming. This past year has been full of ‘firsts’ and I feel so blessed to be your Mama. To be able to watch you take those first unaided steps, to listen to your little voice mispronounce all these new words you have learnt and to hold your hand for every step of the way (when you let me that is, Miss independent!). You are such a clever little thing and you definitely keep us on our toes.

    You are an extremely strong willed and feisty little girl and as much as it drives me crazy sometimes, it’s one of the things I really love about you. You are so determined to be as independent as possible which means you will rarely accept help anymore and ‘No Waaaaaaay’ is your new favourite phrase. You make us laugh every single day with your quirky little ways, the way you can’t help but dance when you hear music and the way you call your Daddy ‘Jooooossshhh’ sometimes to get his full attention.

    Cuddles aren’t really your thing, unless you are under the weather or especially tired. But you do love to read and I relish those moments when you clamber onto my lap for a story and a snuggle. Occasionally you’ll surprise me and insist I sit with you so you can hold my hand or rest your head on me while you suck your thumb after a busy day at Nursery. It doesn’t happen often so I always stop whatever it is I am doing to join you because I know those moments won’t last forever.

    I feel so much more emotional about you turning Two, Bella Boo. But if Two is anywhere near as much fun as One then I honestly can’t wait.

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

    I love you more than I ever thought possible.

    Love Mummy xxxxx

    Photos taken by one of my best friends Rachel

    IMG_9082 (1)






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    Autumn Vibes

    Despite the fact we are flying out to Ibiza for our summer holiday in just over a week I have got some serious Autumn vibes going on right now and I am embracing it with open arms!

    For as long as I can remember Autumn has always been my favourite season. It’s probably because my birthday is in November but there are sooo many other factors behind why I love this season most and why I look forward to it all year round eagerly waiting to see those first golden leaves on the ground. I must drive my family and friends nuts I’m sure!

    I think the main reason is because there is no disappointment with Autumn compared to other seasons. British Summertime always lets us down, they promise this ‘heat wave‘ that might last a few days before the rain starts again and it just makes everyone miserable. My social media time lines recently have just been full of people moaning about what a let down the Summer months have been, yet again, I’m not sure why people are still surprised! The same thing happens in Winter, everyone is eagerly awaiting that foot of snow as predicted by Mr weather man and we normally end up with more of a dusting of icing sugar rather than the thick blankets of the white stuff that we all hoped for. With Autumn it tends to all unfold as we expect it to. The beautiful leaves fall of the trees, the weather gets cooler; the air just that bit crisper, people begin to wrap up more  and the boots come out, the evenings are shorter, the mention of Christmas becomes more acceptable, X Factor is back on the telly, people light their fires and pop the heating on… my list could go on and on. But my point is; those things are what we are all hoping for and that’s exactly what we get. Therefore there’s no disappointment. Everybody wins.

    These are my top 10 reasons why I bloody love Autumn.

    1. Cosy evenings by the fire snuggled under a blanket. Pure bliss.
    2. Fashion. I have a weakness for chunky knits, tartan scarves and tan boots.
    3. Walking over crisp crunchy leaves. Seriously makes my heart happy.
    4. Hot chocolates. Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate after an Autumnal walk?!
    5. Comfort food. I can’t wait to dig my slow cooker out and start making more hearty stews and soups.
    6. Birthday celebrations. Bella and I both have November birthdays just under 3 weeks apart and I love it. I am already stupidly excited for Bella’s second birthday, plans are well underway and i’m sure i’ll be sharing my ideas on the blog nearer the time.
    7. Bonfire nights. I have sadly missed the one we normally go to the past two years as we were struck down with a cold last year and the year before I was just about ready to pop with Bella. Therefore I can’t bloody wait to take Bella this year!!
    8. Berry lips and nails. You just can’t rock a berry lip/manicure in July like you can in October. Fact.
    9. Candle lit bubble baths. Again it doesn’t always feel right during the Summer when it’s still light outside at 8.30pm! I always have more baths during the colder months to warm me up and unwind after a long day.
    10. Last but not least has to be the countdown to Christmas time of course! FYI – Just over 100 days to go, not that i’m already counting or anything. 😉

      I’d love to know what your favourite things are about Autumn!
    Thanks so much for reading!