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  • InHugo

    26 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Two}

    I feel like the weeks are flying by now and I can’t believe that my next update will mark the beginning of the third and final trimester. So many people told me how your second pregnancy whizzes by compared to the first and oh boy, it is so true.


    26 weeks & 2 days


    14th June 2017 – Less than 100 days to go until my due date!!




    At week 26, baby weighs as much as a red cabbage! Which is about 1.7lbs. From head to heel he is now over 14 inches long. According to my app, babies growing body is supported by his strengthening spine, which now has 150 joints, 33 rings and 1,000 ligaments! Which is just crazy! Our baby boy’s taste buds are now fully developed, his nostrils are beginning to open and his mouth and lips are becoming more sensitive. 

    I have been making a conscious effort to eat healthier the past couple of weeks and have cut right down on the amount of treats I’m allowing myself. I’m feeling so much better for it but but I have also been weighing myself much less frequently so I’m not sure what my weight is at the moment. Although I’m starting to feel huge now and have really noticed the extra weight gain in my face, which I haaaaate! 


    My main pregnancy symptom over the past couple of weeks has been my crazy emotions. They are all over the place and I’ve had quite a few teary moments lately. I’ve also been super thirsty which has been worrying me slightly as I know it can be a sign of Gestational Diabetes. I am booked in for my blood test in a couple of weeks to check and I have everything crossed that I don’t have it. 


    Baby boy is extremely active now which is always so reassuring! It feels like he is constantly on the go, squirming and wiggling about in there. Although, I did have a bit of a panic last week as I realised I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt him move. I tried the usual laying on my side, having a glass of cold water and something sugary to eat but he still didn’t move. As this was very unusual I went up to the maternity ward to get checked over and thankfully all was fine. As soon as the midwife touched my bump he started wiggling and she had no problems finding his heartbeat! Little monkey is keeping us on our toes already!


    No new ones that I can see yet. I am still using my secret saviours band with the day gel every day and then using the night cream before bed each night. I absolutely adore the smell of both of the products and genuinely look forward to using them!  


    Sleep is really hit and miss lately. I either sleep really well and don’t wake at all or I find myself counting sheep at 1am, 3am and 5am. I also feel super tired during the afternoons and could definitely take a nap at my desk if I had the chance.


    Honey! I literally can’t get enough of the stuff. I have been especially loving honey and banana on toast and greek yoghurt topped with a drizzle of honey too. Better than the sausage rolls I suppose 😉


    I found week 24 really tough and found myself in tears almost daily for various crazy reasons. My emotions seem to be settling down a bit again thank god. Apart from that I’m feeling okay. I’m looking forward to my midwife appointment next week so that I can discuss my home birth in a bit more detail. 


    For the first time I think probably EVER I have been fancying an alcoholic beverage. I rarely drink so this totally took me by surprise. I’ve been having some slimline tonic with fresh lime and just pretending its a G&T instead! 


    A couple of weeks back I won a Selfish Mother tee and have been loving wearing that with ripped jeans and an oversized cardigan. I’ve been thinking about picking up some new bits for Spring, especially tops as mine are all becoming too small now. I think I will probably just pick up some over sized shirts/ shirt dresses that will see me through the last few months of my pregnancy as the weather gets warmer and that I can also wear afterwards which are suitable for breastfeeding. 


    I got my hair done at the weekend and it’s amazing what a little self care can do for your confidence. I went a bit blonder and a bit shorter and I’m really pleased with it! 


    My next midwife appointment as it feels like forever since I last saw her! Josh and I have also got plans to go out for Sushi at one of our favourite restaurants next week which I can’t wait for. 





    Harriet XO

  • InHugo, Mama

    My Second Trimester Essentials

    My second trimester has absolutely flown by. And I am now very quickly hurtling towards the third and final trimester of my second pregnancy. I (stupidly) fully expected that upon entering the second trimester my energy levels would return. And that I may even have be blessed with that wonderful pregnancy glow everyone talks about. Let me tell you… It’s all lies. Well for me anyway! I have been utterly EXHAUSTED these last few months, probably even more so than in the first trimester. There’s been no glow over here, just lots of dark circles under my tired eyes that even a stupid amount of concealer struggles to hide.

    I thought I would share with you a few of the things that have made my second trimester a little easier along with a couple or things that I have just been really loving lately.

    How To Grow A Baby & Push It Out Book By Clemmie Hooper

    I pre ordered this book months ago and was so excited to read it as soon as it fell through my door the day it was released. It definitely didn’t disappoint! I read the whole thing cover to cover within a matter of days. Clemmie writes so honestly and tells it exactly how it is. Even though I’m expecting my second baby I still learnt a few new things!

    Sistema Water Bottle

    Pregnancy always makes me super thirsty so I have been carrying my water bottle with me wherever I go lately. I try to drink a couple of these a day as I get very easily dehydrated which always causes me awful headaches.

    Lush Bubble Bars

    I’ve been struggling with back ache a lot more during this pregnancy than my first. I have found warm bubble baths one of the only things that relieves it a little. So a long soak with some kind of lush bath goody is a must. The comforter & bright side bubble bars are my faaaaves.

    Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    This is something I put on my Christmas list and Josh told me it was very hippy! But it has been wonderful and I use it all the time. I struggle to relax most of the time but by burning relaxing scents in my diffuser it really does help me to unwind. My favourite essential oil has to be pink grapefruit!

    Collection Concealer

    Concealer is always a staple part of my make up routine but I have found myself reaching for it more than ever this pregnancy. I have got terrible dark circles and I have been having plenty of hormonal break outs lately too. This collection one is super cheap but does a wonderful job. I have been using it for years and recommend it to everyone!

    Secret Saviours Bump Band

    I was sent this fab product a month or so ago along with the day gel and night cream. I have been absolutely loving using it so far! And it seems to be doing a wonderful job of keeping any new stretch marks at bay as well as keep my existing ones well hydrated! I’ll be sharing a full detailed review nearer the end of my pregnancy.

    Next Maternity Tights & Leggings

    As much as I like to try and stay as stylish as possible whilst expecting I also think that being comfortable is way more important. I have been wearing my maternity tights all the time as they are so much more comfortable than jeans. Leggings are of course also a pregnancy must have. I mostly wear mine around the house or for if  I’m having a more casual day I will team them with shirts and converse or trainers.


    I can’t seem to stomach big meals anymore so I’ve taken to eating little and often instead. These fibre one bars are great for popping in my handbag when I’m out about. 

    Hypnobirthing App

    I dabbled with a bit of hypnobirthing when I was expecting Bella but I have been trying (and failing!) to do it more regularly this time around. I tend to listen to the positive affirmations through headphones before I go to sleep. It relaxes me so much that I never seem to hear the end as I’m already asleep! 

    Lip Balm

    My lips have been super chapped lately which isn’t something I normally suffer with! I usually wear lipstick most days but it just looks awful when my lips are super dry. Instead I have been reaching for a tinted lip balm which keeps my lips moisturised but also gives a hint of colour!

    What were your pregnancy essentials?

    Harriet XO