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    Feels Like Spring {The Weekend Diaries}

    One of the main reasons I started this blog back in 2015 was to record our family adventures, both big and small. But lately I haven’t really shared many family posts. So I have decided to create a little series called ‘The Weekend Diaries’. These posts will be exactly that, a diary of our weekend. Somewhere I can ramble about what we got up to and share any photos I took. I won’t commit to doing these every week. Just now and then when I feel like it.

    This weekend we had such beautiful weather here in Sussex. It really did feel like Spring had arrived. The sunshine instantly lifts my mood and makes me want to get outside. We had a slow morning at home, the kids played nicely while Josh prepared a picnic and I got ready. We’re trying to spend less money this year so we decided to utilise our National Trust membership on Saturday and headed to Scotney Castle to eat our picnic and walk the dog.

    As we were getting ready to leave the house, I found myself getting increasingly worked up and anxious. This resulted with me dashing back into the house and having a horrible panic attack sat on the floor of our porch. I won’t go into all the details, and I’m still not entirely sure what triggered it. I suspect it was a build up of a number of small things that were bothering me. But it was really bloody crap. Josh helped me to calm down and eventually managed to coax me back to the car.

    Josh drove the scenic route to Scotney to give me some extra time to get my shit together. And by the time we arrived I was feeling a hell of a lot better. I was determined not to let it ruin our day. We ate our picnic in the car while Hugo was still happily restrained in his car seat, if you have a toddler, you’ll totally understand why 😉 We then had a lovely walk in the glorious sunshine. We’ve done this walk so many times and it’s just such a peaceful place to be. Bella ran ahead with Murphy while Hugo toddled along slowly behind before we bribed him back into the buggy with a biscuit so we could pick up the pace a little! Top parenting always over here, ha! On the way back to the car, we stopped at this lovely swing which overlooks the most beautiful views. Both the kids loved it and were giggling away together.

    On Sunday we got up early so we could head down to the beach while the tide was low. It was Murphy’s first time at the beach and he seemed to really enjoy himself. Bella and Hugo loved splashing in the shallow water and running along the sand. It genuinely felt WARM on my skin which was just so lush. We’re really lucky to live just a short drive from both the countryside and the coast. And now Hugo’s that bit older, I can see us spending a lot of time by the sea over the Spring and Summer months.

    I made a mad dash into a very heaving LIDL on the way home. In hindsight I should have probably let Josh go in by himself as there was waaay too many people and I found myself getting super flustered and panicky again. We then had Josh’s sister Char, her partner Will and their new baby boy Wren over for lunch. Wren was born last weekend but because Bella’s had chicken pox, both her and Hugo hadn’t met him yet. It was definitely the highlight of Bella’s weekend. She adored him and wanted to constantly hold him. It was so sweet. Hugo however, wasn’t too fussed. Our children are so lucky to be surrounded by cousins who all live near by and I just love how close they all are.

    So overall a pretty lovely weekend, apart from my panic attack. But that’s okay. Life is never perfect and that is something I have finally come to accept. After all, there were plenty of highs this weekend that definitely outweighed any lows!


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    Me & Mine {April 2016}

    Now I know I say this every time but, April has bloody flown by!! I literally feel like I blinked and missed it. The last month has consisted of lots of family birthday celebrations, a 3 day work trip away for Josh, lots of workouts for me and I also found a new love for running, oh and of course there has been a fair few toddler tantrums this month too 😉

    April has been pretty fast paced so two long weekends in May will be very welcome in our household. I’m hoping for lots of slow weekends filled with picnics and country walks, weather permitting of course!

    One of the things I put on our Spring bucket list was to find some local bluebells to take some family photos in and another was to explore the village we live in a bit more. So a couple of weeks back Bella and I took the dog out for a run with my sister in law and she showed me the prettiest little woodland area that was full of gorgeous bluebells and it just so happened to be a stones throw away from our house, I’m not really sure how I had never noticed it before! We headed back there with Josh in tow for a little afternoon stroll and to take this months Me & Mine photos as the bluebells are currently out in full force so they made the perfect backdrop.

    We are super lucky to have this place right on our doorstep and I’m so sad that I didn’t discover it sooner! I can definitely see lots of family walks here in the future. My friend Rachel joined us for our walk so she actually took our photos this month and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. So much easier than faffing around with the tripod and self timer that’s for sure 😉

    Me & Mine in April

    The Me and Mine Project
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    Our Spring Bucket List

    Summer officially begins at the beginning of June which is also when we jet off to Greece for a week in the sun! Bliss. It fiiiinally feels like Spring has sprung here in Sussex, well if you ignore the odd rainy days, that is 😉 The daffodils are out in full bloom, the sun has made an appearance quite a few times lately and I am just itching to dig out my summer sandals!

    In a similar style to my Festive Bucket list I thought I’d share with you a few of the things that we are hoping to do before Summer properly kicks off in just a few weeks time!

    • Find some local Bluebells & take some family photos
    • Go Strawberry picking & bake a batch of our favourite strawberry cupcakes
    • Host our first BBQ of the year
    • Visit a National Trust place that we haven’t been to before & take a picnic
    • Complete the Gruffalo trail at Bedgebury
    • Take Bella swimming
    • Plant some vegetable seeds in the garden
    • Visit Josh’s Grandparents in Norfolk
    • Explore our own village more
    • Go for an evening trip to the beach for fish & chips and a walk – This is one of our favourite things to do on a warm evening!
    • Decorate our spare bedroom – unlikely to happen before Summer arrives, but a girl can dream, right?!
    • Spend a day at the Zoo – Bella has never been before but I’m sure she will absolutely love it!
    • Celebrate our THREE year Wedding Anniversary!!

    What are your favourite things to do at this time of year? Here’s a couple of my favourite photos of Bella from last Spring!!




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    Harriet xo




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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #12 | New Shoes, Spring Blooms & A Trip To The Park

    Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the extremely sweet and thoughtful comments on my last Ordinary Moments post. I read every single one and I really do appreciate them all. Sadly my Dad’s eyesight hasn’t made much improvement as of yet but we are still holding out hope and he’s been booked in to have a procedure to try and clear the bleed a bit.

    I can’t quite believe that we are already 12 whole weeks into this year, wasn’t Christmas just last week? No? It feels like I just blinked and now Easter is upon us and we are now officially in Spring, although the weather clearly hasn’t got that memo yet 😉

    Last week was a funny one. There were highs and there were lows. Things are still pretty full on here but I think we’re all slowly adjusting. On Wednesday we popped into town to run some errands and Bella got some lovely new patent navy shoes and she has barely taken them off since. She’s utterly obsessed with them and kicks up such a fuss when we insist she takes them off at bedtime. We have to make sure we place them next to her bed so she can still see them… madness! Every morning without fail when we go into her bedroom to get her, she’s already put them back on. As crazy as it sounds, it’s also pretty cute. She insists on showing everyone we meet her new ‘special’ shoes as she likes to call them. Safe to say that she’s pleased with them 😉

    The best part of last week was probably booking our pre Christmas stay at Center Parcs. We’re heading to Woburn Forest just after my birthday in November when their Winter Wonderland event is on and I’m super excited for a little getaway before the madness of Christmas hits. I think a voucher for the spa will definitely be on my birthday wish list this year!

    We had a fairly quiet weekend getting odd jobs done at home. Josh gave the grass its first cut of the year (it did take a good four hours though!!). I filled the house with lots of spring blooms. Bright yellow daffodils and pastel tulips are my favourites. I even got chance to make mini egg rice crispy cakes which were demolished waaaay too quickly! Oops. I’m going to tweak the recipe slightly and then I’ll share it soon. My Mum informed me there was a shortage of mini eggs at her local Tesco so I sent Josh out to stock up as I am making two huge vanilla mini egg cheesecakes for over the Easter Weekend. It’s taking a lot of willpower to not scoff them all in the meantime 😉

    While Josh cracked on with cutting the grass, Bella and I headed to the park with my sister and niece for some fresh air. I’m really starting to crave the warmer weather now, I’ve always been an Autumn/Winter girl at heart but with having a toddler who wants to spend her life outside its made me desperate for Spring and sunshine so that we can spend more time outside exploring. I just want to dust off my sandals and be able to ditch our coats and feel the warm sun beating down on my skin. I can’t wait for BBQs, trips to the beach and lots of picnics at all our favourite spots this year. C’moooon Sunshine, we’re so ready for you!!











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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #6 & #7 | Fresh Air Is The Only Cure

    Firstly, I’m sorry I never got around to posting last weeks Ordinary Moments post but for the majority of this week Bella and I have been cooped up at home as she’s had Conjunctivitis. Which let me tell you, is no fun at all, especially when your two year old wakes up numerous times through the night wailing because her poor puffy little eyes are stuck together. Seriously gross and so so sad.

    So this week I have been playing nurse, which if i’m honest, is much harder than I thought. The terrible two’s are in full swing on a normal day, let alone when she’s feeling under the weather. Some serious patience has been needed. I suppose I’m just not used to staying at home all week as Bella and I are normally quite busy on my two days off during the week, we’ve both definitely been feeling a little stir crazy. We’ve tried our best to keep busy at home though and make the most of our time together just the two of us, we’ve done painting, played with play doh a million times and we’ve even baked on three separate occasions. It feels like Frozen has been on repeat but it does mean we’ve enjoyed plenty of sofa snuggles together.

    By Thursday however, I had to get out the house, we all needed some fresh air. I’m sure even the poor dog was craving it too. There is only so many times you can tolerate a two year old shoving food in your face and bringing you toys and insisting you ‘PLAAAY RUUUBBYYY’. Sorry pooch, it’s just because she loves you, honest. 

    Despite a frosty start, the sun was shining on Thursday and it was perfect weather for a dog walk. We headed to beautiful Bewl Water with my sister and niece to blow away the cobwebs. The views are absolutely gorgeous as you walk around the water and it’s always so lovely and peaceful there, definitely the perfect place to clear your head. It’s one of my favourite spots to walk the dog and the glorious sunshine made me so excited for Spring to arrive and for lots of walks here when it’s a bit less muddy 😉

    A walk was exactly what Bella needed, she was just so happy giggling away as she ran after the dogs and splashed around in the many muddy puddles. Sometimes fresh air really is the only cure and we’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country, with so many gorgeous spots right on our doorstep.

    Here’s a few of my favourite snaps from our walk.













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