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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #28 | Embracing Slow Sundays

    I’m not sure why or how I got so out of the habit of sharing my Ordinary Moments posts as it’s one of my favourite linkys to join in with, but I realised today that I haven’t actually shared one since August!! So after yet another lazy Sunday, I thought I’d share all about why we’ve been really embracing them lately, its safe to say that they have most definitely become a very Ordinary Moment in our household!

    Over the last few weeks we’ve been really enjoying this slower pace on a Sunday. Our weeks are usually so full on that by the time the weekend rolls around we are all super tired and in desperate need of some down time. Yet Saturdays tend to still be pretty busy as sometimes Josh works in the morning and often we’ll have a few errands that need running or plans to see friends or family. Sundays however are always kept work free as I think it’s really important to have at least one day a week which is set aside purely for family time. Sundays breakfasts are fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the whole week, we almost always have a hot breakfast on a Sunday, either croissants or scrambled eggs and always with a glass of orange juice and plenty of coffee for Josh!

    We tend to stay in our Pj’s much later than is probably socially acceptable and we often watch at least one Disney film before we finally get ready for the day ahead. If the weathers dry we’ll head out for a walk with the dog and if not then we’ll probably just stay home and relax until the evening rolls around and we’ll cook a big old roast or something equally comforting. Tonight we had sausages and mash and it was SO good.

    I definitely think that the saying ‘A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content’ really is very true. I really love just spending some quality time with my little family at home with no interuptions. Bella thrives on them and I always go to bed on a Sunday evening feeling refreshed and ready for another crazy week ahead. Long may these slow Sundays continue!

    These photos are totally unrelated as they are from our lovely weekend with Alice & Amelia a couple of weeks back that I promise to blog about soon but I just love them so much I had to share. A big thank you to Alice for taking them!




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    THE ORDINARY MOMENTS ’16 #27 | ‘Amongst the wildflowers’

    It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this post. Bella and Josh are playing in the garden while I’ve spent the majority of the day feeling pretty useless sat on the sofa with my ankle propped up on some cushions as I took a bit of a tumble last night (Aka slipped on my arse in front of everyone!!!) at our staff BBQ after a few too many jager bombs! Oops. It’s safe to say that paired with a sliiiiighty fuzzy head it’s been a pretty quiet Sunday in our household. Apart from that this week has been fairly uneventful so I thought I’d share some more snaps from our recent fruit picking trip.

    We were making our way back to the car as we were about to leave when we spotted the most beautiful patch of wild flowers that I just couldn’t resist taking some photos of the girls in front of. Luckily they both humoured me and I managed to get plenty of super cute shots, I loved so many of them though that I struggled to choose just a couple to include in my last post so I decided that they needed their very own post instead. These photos sum these two up perfectly and I’ll definitely be framing a few of them!

    Bella was a week off of Two when Olivia came along and she has absolutely adored her from the very moment she first laid eyes on her. She’s fiercely protective of her and is forever smothering her with cuddles and kisses. She honestly just has so much love to give, it’s the sweetest thing ever and makes me so very proud of her.

    I’ve loved watching their relationship flourish over the last 9 months, I can already tell that they are going to get into plenty of mischief together in the future but hopefully they will continue to always be the best of friends!








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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #26 | Summer Evenings At The Beach

    I’m not entirely sure why but summer always seems to bring out my spontaneous side, I suppose I just feel so much more relaxed about things when the sun is shining. I’m all about the last minute picnics, impromptu family BBQs and spur of the moment trips to the beach with friends at the moment and let me tell you, I am loving every second. Making memories with your nearest and dearest is what summer is all about, right?

    The weather was so beautiful on Friday evening we decided to make the most of it and ignore the fact Bella’s bedtime was nearing and instead we jumped in the car and headed to the beach for dinner and a paddle in the sea with a couple of friends. I’ve said it before but spontaneous Friday night trips to the beach really are one of my favourite things about Summer, they make me heart so so happy.

    Bella adores the beach too so she always has the most wonderful time and my gosh is it a challenge trying to tear her away when it’s time to leave. Watching her running along the sand, giggling away without a care in the world, is quite honestly the best sight. I could watch her These moments are what it’s all about and it’s one of those things I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. Life seems simpler at the beach somehow and there really is nowhere else I’d rather spend a sunny friday evening.

    A few of my favourite photos from our evening, the sky was absolutely gorgeous and I lost count of the amount of times I said ‘It’s such a beautiful evening, just LOOK at that pretty pink sky’ 😉








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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #25 | Slowing Down

    Somehow I have got ridiculously behind with my Ordinary Moments posts so I think this should be something like #28 but in all honesty, I have completely lost track! So we’ll just take it from here, as I really don’t want to stop sharing these posts as when I do get chance, I really enjoy writing them!

    These last couple of weeks have been crazy in our household (I’m sure I say this ALOT but our life is always pretty fast paced). Josh was away in London working at Hampton Court Flower Show for nine days and I joined him for the last three which meant Bella enjoyed a whole weekend of fun with her cousins. It was the longest Josh and I have been apart for years and the longest we have both been away from Bella. So life has been a bit all over the place lately and I can’t wait for some normality to resume, I have genuinely missed our usual fairly mundane routine! My poor blog has been neglected lately and I have so many unfinished blog posts sitting in my drafts folder and stacks of photos waiting to be uploaded so I’ll be working my way through these over the next couple of weeks. As well as catching up on all my favourite blogs too of course!

    My plan for the coming weeks is to SLOW DOWN. I am craving some quiet days pottering about at home, I want to spend more time cooking at the weekends and I want to just really lap up and enjoy all those ordinary moments as a family of three. I’m conscious that I must stop cramming too much into my weeks and try to take things a little slower. Spending more quality time with Bella is my biggest priority right now. I’ve also been feeling super stressed lately so I need to try and make more time for unwinding, plenty of long baths and good books are definitely on the cards.

    As I haven’t gone through all the photos off my big camera yet I thought I’d share a few of my favourite recent Instagram snaps which pretty much sum up life with Mrs Lee lately.

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #24 | ‘A Good Laugh & A Long Sleep Are The Two Best Cures For Anything’

    Since we returned from our Summer holiday to Greece last the weekend (which was bloody wonderful in case you were wondering, there will be a separate post up soon I promise) I can’t shake this unsettled mood that I seem to be stuck in. Maybe it’s the holiday blues or the never ending piles of washing but whatever it is has left me feeling pretty bloody rubbish. I’m demotivated with LIFE and I’m picking holes in everythaaang. I’m even irritating myself with my moany thoughts, which so far, I’ve been trying to keep to myself, but I wanted to share them here too. As I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Wednesday was my day off and my first one since we got back so I had a few errands to run in the morning like getting the car cleaned and doing housework at my dads. But when I got home, instead of cracking on with my own housework I found myself pottering around every room making mental notes and then writing actual lists on all the things that STILL need to be finished around the house. It then occurred to me that not a single room in our house if finished, and I’m not talking big fancy restoration projects, I mean just basic decorating. *Cue minor meltdown* My husband and I seem to be very good at starting DIY projects but not so good at finishing them. And yesterday, for some unknown reason, it was really bogging me down. To the point that when Josh got home from work I was close to tears as I sat at the dining table in my gym kit scoffing a bowl of ice cream just thirty minutes before needing to leave for my circuits class. Such.a.dramaqueen. But no joke, he actually laughed in my face and to be fair, looking back, I probably would have done too.

    Off I went to my circuits class which as always had me smiling as I busted a sweat with my workout buddies and when I got home I ate dinner and went up to bed for an early night as quite honestly I was not in the mood for anything else. When I woke up the next morning I felt much brighter, of course the house was still unfinished but instead of seeing all the negatives and the things I didn’t like, I was able to see the things I did like. I managed to get ready before Bella woke up which meant I was able to sit with her to have breakfast rather than tearing around like a mad woman. We chatted as she ate her shreddies and she made me laugh by repeatedly telling me her breakfast was ‘deeeeeeelicious’. She has been seriously cute lately, when she’s not having a tantrum that is 😉

    I then felt absolutely ridiculous for letting myself get so worked up about things that quite frankly don’t really matter. But sometimes it’s totally okay to feel a little overwhelmed, just as long as you don’t dwell over it for too long I suppose. And you do something about it. I know deep down that we’ll get there eventually with the house. The fact is we both work all week and our weekends are often just as jam packed which leaves little time for all the these things I feel need to be done. I need to remember this and not be so hard on myself (and my poor husband). It can be tough though when you have such high expectations so when things aren’t perfect, I can’t help but feel like I’m a failure.

    So the last few days have been spent reflecting, I even wrote a list of all the things I’m grateful for. And of course our home was up there in the top three. I know that we’re super lucky to have a house the size that we do nestled in the countryside and with a ridiculous amount of outdoor space for Bella to explore. So Josh if you’re reading this, I know it’s a complete pain in the arse to cut all that frigging grass, but I really do appreciate it!!

    There are much bigger problems happening in the world right now, so many heart breaking tragedies and the fact my bathroom needs repainting is really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. So I suppose this post is just me venting my frustrations, giving myself a slap and pulling myself together. But if like me you are also feeling a bit bogged down and maybe slightly overwhelmed at the moment then remember that a good laugh and a long sleep really are the two best cures for anything. And the ice cream most definitely helped too. 😉

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    Harriet xo

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #23 | Celebrating Three Years As Mrs Lee

    It’s been a busy week here filled with last minute holiday preparations. As you read this hopefully I’ll be lounging by the pool in the Greek sunshine, sipping on cocktails 😉 On Wednesday we took a break from the packing to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Three whole years ago, I married my childhood sweetheart and became Mrs Lee and it was one of the most wonderful days of my life. In some ways it feels like a life time ago but at the same time I still remember all the finer details like it was just yesterday.

    These past three years have been a complete whirlwind for us but I wouldn’t change a single thing. I feel so lucky that Josh and I met when we were still so young because its meant that we’ve been able to grow up and experience so many firsts together, which I think is something so special. There have been plenty of bumps along the way but I can honestly say that my heart has never been so full.

    We celebrated with a lovely child free evening out, thanks to my lovely bestie for being on toddler duty and giving us a night off! Josh booked us a table at The Gun which is nestled in the beautiful Sussex countryside not too far from home and we enjoyed the most gorgeous three course dinner. We chatted and reminisced and planned for the future. And it was just so lovely to spend some quality time together as a couple. I’m a firm believer in date nights and making time for each other but when life is so busy, sadly these nights just don’t happen as often as we’d like them to, but when they do, I always appreciate them so much more.

    So here we are, three years into married life. We are older (and hopefully wiser!), a hell of a lot busier but still having so much fun as a family of three & more in love than ever. Happy Anniversary Mr Lee, it’s been the most wonderful three years. Here’s to many many more XO