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    Bella At Three & A Half

    I feel like the blog has been very pregnancy orientated lately and therefore felt it was time I wrote a little update on our Bella Boo. The last time I wrote one of these updates was jut before her third birthday back at the end of October last year.

    After reading it back, I can’t believe just how much she has grown up over the past six months. She is very much a little girl now and it feels like she’s pretty much left toddler hood behind. Apart from the tantrums of course. They are still very much present! The terrible twos stage honestly has nothing on the Threenager behaviour I have since witnessed. How someone so small can be so determined and headstrong is beyond me. I feel this trait definitely comes from Josh though rather than me!

    For months Bella decided she wasn’t going to wear jeans or leggings anymore. Dresses/ skirts with tights only. At first I tried to fight this but quite honestly, the daily battles just weren’t worth it. The meltdowns it caused were pretty epic and so in the end we just went with it. Tights it was. Luckily over the last month or so she has got over it and been willing to wear jeans again although only when she wants to of course. But my goodness does this kid knows exactly what she wants. I’m sure this will take her far in life… (this is what I like to tell myself on tough days anyway!).

    Tantrums aside, she really is the loveliest little girl. She is incredibly kind and very considerate of others. Her favourite past time is to play with her babies. She is utterly OBSESSED with them, especially ‘baby snow white’. Who I actually despise with a passion as I am made to drive around with her strapped into the passenger seat of my car on a regular basis. Usually when Bella isn’t even with me. I also spend a good chunk of my time poppering cloth nappies onto the bloody doll too. Sigh.

    Bella still really enjoys going to both nursery and to her childminder. She is like a little sponge at the moment and is forever amazing me by telling me about all the new things she has learnt. She can count to twenty, knows the days of the week, all of the different colours and can sing the alphabet beautifully. Her favourite book is The Singing Mermaid and we have read it so many times that she can now recite the whole book back to us and does so every single night before bed!

    Favourite foods include cereal, pancakes, pasta, pretty much anything with cheese on and most fruits. Although if given the option I am sure she would eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😉 Definitely gets that from me. Pretty sure she has had a huge growth spurt recently as she suddenly just seems so tall! And I’ve even been buying her summer dresses in age 4-5! Her beautiful curls are still clinging on for now although I imagine they won’t be around forever as they seem to have dropped a lot lately.

    Over the last few months Bella has had her first trip to the cinema and performed in her first ever ballet show, both of which she loved! Still adores spending time outdoors, baking with Mama and doing crafty activities. But most of all she is just extremely excited about her baby brothers impending arrival. She is constantly talking about him, helping me to prepare his things and showering my bump with kisses and cuddles. I have a feeling she is going to make the most amazing big sister. She drives us absolutely crazy on a daily basis but we are so very proud of her and honestly couldn’t love her more! <3



    *Photos taken by Charlotte Rawles Photography*

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    Bella’s Third Birthday

    The last few days have been a complete whirlwind as we have been super busy celebrating Bella’s Third birthday! We kicked off the celebrations with her party which we held on the 5th, a few days before her actual birthday. With it being Guy Fawkes night we decided to have another fireworks party, especially as it was such a success last year.

    The birthday girl had requested a pink sprinkles cake as she is obsessed with all things sprinkles so I used this as my inspiration for this years party theme. I chose the most gorgeous plates, napkins, straws and party boxes from Party Pieces which fit the sprinkles theme perfectly. I also got some amazing confetti filled balloons that received so many compliments at the party! I really enjoy hosting parties and one of my favourite bits is choosing all the decor and seeing it all come together on the day.

    Once everyone had arrived, we served slow cooked pulled pork baps, hot dogs and hot potato wedges outside on the deck before doing sparklers and letting off some fantastic fireworks once it had got really dark. We also built a huge bonfire to help keep everyone toasty! I was so pleased with the fireworks we chose this year, they really lit up the whole garden and everyone absolutely loved them. Bella found them hilarious and didn’t stop giggling the whole time they were going off! We finished the evening off with birthday cake and Bella opened a few of her presents. She had such a lovely time surrounded by all her favourite people and came up to me a couple of times to thank me and tell me how much she was loving her party! It definitely made all the effort SO worth it.

    Josh and I both booked Bella’s actual birthday off work and we have the loveliest day together. The morning was spent chilling at home in our PJ’s playing with all her new presents, watching Disney films and eating chocolate pancakes. We then went for a family swim in the afternoon before having a little birthday tea at home.

    It’s been a chaotic few days but plenty of fun too. Our girl is so loved by everyone and I feel extremely lucky to be her Mama. I’ll end this post with a few of my favourite photos from Bella’s third birthday celebrations!

    Harriet XO













    *We were very kindly sent some party ware from the lovely people over at Party Pieces in exchange for a mention in this post*

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    Bella at Almost Three

    In just two short weeks Bella will be turning Three and I honestly can’t quite comprehend how we are here already. These last three years have absolutely flown by and without a doubt they have been the best years of my life. Although Motherhood is definitely a journey, one that I still don’t feel like I have properly sussed out. But I’m so grateful every single day for this girl of mine for making me a Mama. I thought it was about time I did a little update as we approach her Third birthday!


    Bella at Almost Three

    Bella is definitely wise beyond her years, sometimes I forget shes still so small as she just knows & understands so much these days. Our conversations on the way home from nursery are my absolute favourite, she tells me about her day in such detail & I so hope that never changes. The ‘Terrible Twos’ have been pretty testing at times, the older she gets, the more feisty she becomes and as much as I love that about her, it can be such hard work some days. Sass aside, she really does have such a kind heart & is so much fun, she is super cheeky & has the best sense of humour, she’s always making me laugh with her quirky little ways. She’s so eager to learn, to try new things & be as independent as absolutely possible lately but she still loves cuddles, although only on her terms of course! Always looking out for others & adores all things babies, I love to watch her as she plays with & Mothers her dolls, it’s honestly the cutest thing. The girl is a total performer –  forever singing & dancing wherever she goes. Ballet is definitely the highlight of her whole week! Completely princess obsessed & I’m pretty sure she believes she is a real life princess, sometimes only responding to ‘Elsa’. Sadly still doesn’t sleep very well & has recently taken to shouting out the most ridiculous things in her sleep in the early hours – ‘I want marshmallooooows’ at 2am was my personal fave 😉 Her favourite food is definitely pasta but she’s also quite partial to fruit, yogurts and baked beans too. Always happiest when outdoors adventuring or at home colouring or crafting.
    For someone so small, she loves life so hard & I couldn’t be prouder of her! She might drive me up the wall some days, but I love her more than I could ever put into words <3