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    ‘And Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce’

    I’ve having one of those weeks where I am most certainly do not feel like I am winning at Motherhood. My washing pile doesn’t seem to be going down, I have overslept twice this week and my darling daughter is testing every ounce of my patience and oh my god is it draining. It took her over two hours to finally decide that she would eat her dinner last night.


    I ended up missing my exercise class because of her dinnertime shenanigans and I was pretty hacked off about it all and so ready for her bedtime. But no, it didn’t stop there.  She then decided that she didn’t want to go to sleep either. And so fought that for probably another hour. When I told her that she was being naughty she replied with ‘but I want to be naughty’ I mean seeeeeeeriously kid!? Oh and this was after being a complete whinge bag all afternoon of course. She’s had epic meltdowns to the point that she wets herself for the last two consecutive days and I’m so over washing urine soaked clothes. SO OVER IT.

    Bella is ridiculously strong willed with absolutely everything. Sure, she’s always been a feisty little madam, but the older she gets the more determined she becomes. If she decides she doesn’t want to do something, it will take you some serious negotiation skills and nine times out of ten; bribery to get her to change her mind. She does not give in easily and will keep pushing until normally it all ends it tears… and sometimes those tears are mine!

    Being strong willed is not a bad trait to have by any means, it of course has many positives. Like, for example, when she’s trying to learn something new, she will persevere until she cracks it. Because most of the time, she just will not give in. She’s now a PRO at colouring in between the lines, yet if she accidentally colours outside those lines… she’s not going to happy be about it.

    A lot of the time she really is the most wonderful little girl to be around, she is funny and caring and she genuinely loves life most of the time. But if she’s in one of *those* moods and something upsets her, god forbid if you suggest it might be almost bed time or that she needs to actually eat a meal, then god help you. Well, me.

    I was only saying the other day that the so called ‘Terrible Twos’ haven’t been half as bad as I’d expected. But I wonder if maybe the ‘Threenager’ attitude may have arrived a month or so early and I genuinely fear for my mental stability if this is a taster of what’s to come!

    I said to my husband last night when we fiiiinally sat down to eat our dinner; ‘How is it possible to love someone SO much even though they drive you bat shit crazy some days?!’ Of course, he didn’t know the answer. But if anyone else does, please do let me know 😉

    Because that’s the thing with Motherhood isn’t it? They can drive you do the brink of insanity but at the same time you love them so much it hurts. 


    Is this not just the cheekiest face you ever did see!!? 😉 

    Harriet XO