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    BKD Mini Bakers Club Subscription Box | Review

    Baking is probably my favourite hobby and¬†without blowing my own trumpet too much, it’s one of the few things that I know I’m pretty good at and it’s something that I really love doing. For me the kitchen is the heart of the home and I love nothing more than putting the world to rights with my nearest and dearest over a slice slab of home made cake. Which may not be good for the waistline but believe me, it’s good for the soul ūüėČ ¬†I’m a pretty passionate baker and that’s something that I’ve always wanted to share with my daughter.

    So when BKD got in touch and asked if we would like to review one of their new Mini Bakers Club¬†subscription boxes we jumped at the chance. I have followed BKD on Instagram¬†and Twitter¬†for a while and I’ve always admired their beautiful monochrome packaged baking kits. The subscriptions boxes are actually a new addition to BKD and I think they are such a wonderful idea and the perfect rainy day toddler activity. Luckily Bella shares my love for baking and we can often be found¬†getting messy and baking up a storm in the kitchen, which meant she¬†was equally as excited when the box arrived with her name on and we both couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

    What BKD Say…

    BKD Mini Bakers Club subscription boxes are a great way for families to spend quality time together whilst the children are engaging in an educational, craft baking project. Each month the baking box will be personally addressed to your child and include a different flavour BKD artisan baking mix (100% Natural) along with a beautifully illustrated baking guide full of exciting baking themed craft projects. Plus instructions on how to make and decorate the cupcakes, cakes or biscuits and extras such as colouring pencils, stickers, baking accessory and packaging for giving their baked items as gifts.

    The box we received was for making Gingerbread biscuits which is actually one of the few things I have never made from scratch myself! I was super impressed with the amount of  little bits and pieces included in the box, especially the little bags to pop the biscuits in if you wanted to share them with friends, as well as little stickers to decorate the bags with. All I needed to source myself was 2 tablespoons of golden syrup, some butter and a cookie cutter, all of which I already had in.

    I loved how the box was personalised with Bella’s name and I think older children would be super impressed with this too. The recipe card was very clear and easy to follow and because there was very little measuring to do it meant that there was minimal mess made which is always a plus when baking with little ones! I did make one small mistake by putting the biscuit pop sticks into the biscuits BEFORE they went in the oven rather than after which did result in the sticks melting a little, oops, but as they cooled they did quickly set again luckily!

    The weather was a bit overcast on Saturday so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get our bake on. Bella was super excited to get started and couldn’t stop smiling as she was mixing the ingredients¬†together in the bowl. She happily got stuck in with kneading the dough and apparently didn’t need any help from Mama. However, she wasn’t very happy that we had to pop the dough in the fridge for an hour to firm up.

    Although I thought this was the perfect time to get the activity book that came in the Mini Bakers Club Box out to try and distract her for a bit while we waited. I think older children especially would really enjoy filling this out but Bella was way more interested in sticking the stickers all over the little bags ready to pop her finished creations in.

    When the dough was chilled we rolled it out onto the table and Bella chose a few different shaped cutters to use and we got to work cutting our the biscuits. They take less than 10 minutes to cook which I thought was great as children don’t tend to have much patience with these sorts of things. Once they were cooked and cooled we decorated them using the tube of white icing that was included and some sweets that I picked up that morning. This was a bit of a family affair and I’m prettttty sure Josh actually enjoyed it¬†more than Bella who was too busy eating the sweets rather than sticking them on the biscuits!! ūüėČ

    Our finished biscuits pops looked and tasted scrumptious. We all really enjoyed making them and spending some quality time together. Because the whole process was so simple Bella didn’t lose interest at all which was great too. Overall I was very impressed with the BKD Mini Bakers Club Subscription Box, the only thing I think that could maybe be improved would be to include some decorations in the box too as I did have to buy those separately. But apart from that we loved it and would definitely recommend to others!

    BKD are currently running a half price subscription offer on the first month of any package so for a 1 month subscription it would cost just £4.99 instead of the usual £9.99 (Plus £1.99 postage). For more information and to sign up click here.

    Harriet xo

    *BKD very kindly sent us a Mini Bakers Club subscription box in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*
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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #14 & #15 | Big Girl Knickers

    I feel like I’m so behind on these Ordinary Moments posts. I started drafting this post a good 10 days ago now and just haven’t found the time to finish it until now. The last couple of weeks have flown by if I’m honest and I still haven’t got over the fact we’re now in April! As cliche as it sounds, this year really is just flying by.

    A couple of weeks back, on Good Friday (which seems forever ago now!) we began the dreaded task which was¬†toilet training Bella! This wasn’t something we rushed into and it had actually been planned for quite a while as I had even booked some time off work, so I could¬†have ten whole days off with Bella in order to give it my full attention.

    Bella first started showing signs that she was ready last August when she was just 21 months old. She’d tell me she needed a wee and would run off to the toilet trying to remove her nappy! A couple of times I did pop her on the loo and to my surprise she did actually go but I still decided she wasn’t quite ready yet and tried to hold off at least until she was two!

    We decided Easter would be a good time to finally start so Good Friday came around and we took off her nappy in the morning and let her choose her first pair of big girl knickers. This decision took her a while (toddler problems) but¬†within about 10 minutes they were off again anyway ūüėČ We opted to go straight to using the normal toilet with a toddler training seat on and just skipped the potty all together.

    I think on day one she had around 10 accidents (cue me panicking that she wasn’t ready yet!) although most of these were in the morning and by late afternoon we could already see she was getting the hang of it!

    The next day she had just two accidents and on the third day only one. Day four was Easter Monday and our first day away from home as we were at my in laws for an Easter roast and egg hunt with all the family. I must have packed about seven changes of clothes as I was sure that there would be plenty of accidents as there was so much going on.

    Well, I was wrong. Hurrah! Day four and no accidents what so ever. And in the last two weeks I think there has only been two or¬†three!! So just like that, no more nappies.¬†I’m so so glad we waited a bit longer until she was definitely ready. Josh and I¬†both can’t quite believe how smoothly it’s gone and are ridiculously proud of our little love.¬†I was honestly expecting it to be a complete and utter nightmare, I had heard such horror stories and I genuinely feared for my cream carpets future! ūüėČ

    Last week she returned to nursery for two days and was at my Mums for one and every time I collected her I was very pleased to see that she was still in the same clothes I dropped her off in.

    As strange as it may sound, I almost feel a little sad about it all, as in a way we are saying goodbye to yet another part of her babyhood! Her little bottom looks so very grown up prancing around with teeny big girl knickers on and I just can’t believe we are here already! She’s growing up so fast and this seems like such a huge milestone. As much as I really don’t want to admit it, she isn’t a baby any more, and that makes my heart ache a little.


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    Thanks for reading,
    Harriet xo

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    Bella at Two Years & Four Months

    I had every intention of writing a little update on Bella around her Second birthday back in November but then the madness of Christmas got in the way and I never got around to it. So here it is, just a mere 3 months late. But better late than never, hey?

    I’m sure I have mentioned before that Bella is a feisty little madam. The girl knows exactly what she wants and sometimes there is just no telling her otherwise. She gets this from her Daddy, who has the most incredible drive in life and I know she’ll follow in his footsteps.¬†Although sometimes it can be very frustrating when she’s throwing¬†an almighty tantrum in the middle of¬†Sainsbury’s because¬†I won’t let her have something she’s spotted¬†(normally a kinder egg)¬†but I try to just remind myself that determination is a good trait to have… whilst I make a quick dash to the checkouts with a¬†whinging toddler in tow¬†ūüėČ

    Bella At Two Years & Four Months

    The sassiest little girl¬†ever but also the kindest, I only have to sneeze and she’s asking me if¬†I’m okay.¬†It melts my heart every time.¬†She is curious, smart¬†& has the best imagination. She loves to play with her dolls house, dress up & cook in her play kitchen. Nothing makes our girl happier than a trip to the swings, she asks to go almost¬†She absolutely adores her¬†cousins. Has a mild obsession with Egg Surprises, whether that is watching those god¬†awful¬†videos on YouTube or¬†getting her own kinder egg to open.¬†Bella really enjoys¬†going swimming, her two days a week at Nursery¬†& her Friday morning Ballet class. Play Doh keeps her entertained for¬†ages.¬†Her best friend is definitely our dog, Ruby, although I’m not always sure the feeling is mutual.¬†Recently found a new love for cuddles. Loves baking with¬†Mama at the weekends.¬†Her favourite¬†film is¬†definitely¬†Frozen, Elsa & Anna are her heroes I’m sure.¬†She loves to read books and do puzzles. She’s a chocolate¬†fiend just like her Mama.¬†Her favourite¬†foods¬†are pancakes, cheese and tomato sandwiches, fruit, pasta bolognese¬†& chicken and spinach risotto.¬†Always counting to 10.¬†Happiest when exploring outdoors or dancing around the house¬†like a crazy lunatic. Loves collecting the eggs from our chickens with Daddy. Forever singing along in the car, but hates it with a¬†passion¬†if Mama tries to join in too.
    But most importantly of course,¬†she is loved beyond measure and we wouldn’t change¬†a single thing!


    I’ll probably do Bella’s next update around her third birthday in November.
    *Sob* This Mama is totally not okay that her baby will be turning three this year… Maybe it’s time for another one ūüėČ

    Thanks for reading
    Harriet xo


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    Toddler Sleeping Woes.

    It’s currently 2am and I have lost count of the amount of times I have put my daughter back to bed. I haven’t been to sleep properly myself yet and my head is pounding as hot tears roll down my face. I can’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep and I feel like I’m walking around in a sleep deprived daze the majority of the time. I just can’t help but feel like I’m failing at this Motherhood lark. Where did I go so wrong?!¬† It’s a horrible feeling and it’s something that’s been consuming me recently and I can’t shake it off.

    My daughter is TWO, and she still¬†doesn’t sleep through the night.

    There. I¬†said it. And for¬†some reason it feels like because I’ve actually written it down, I’m finally accepting it’s a problem. It’s not something I’m proud of, I’m actually really embarrassed because I know she should have been sleeping through ages ago.

    I have made countless excuses for her broken sleep in the last 27 months. ‘Ohh maybe it’s the wind howling, maybe she’s under the weather, maybe she’s thirsty, maybe she’s hungry, maybe she’s scared’… or maybe she’s just not a good sleeper and maybe it’s my bloody fault. Maybe it’s not actually¬†my fault, but¬†I have tried so many different methods¬†now that the only conclusion I can come to is that,¬†at some point,¬†somewhere, I went wrong. After over two years of broken sleep now, I’m so so desperate to resolve this ongoing sleeping saga.

    The thing I find most frustrating is it’s not that she can’t sleep through for a good solid 12-13 hours, because believe me,¬†she can, and does, on a regular basis. The issue however, is that¬†she doesn’t do this consistently. I’m tired, Josh is tired and I’m pretttttty sure Bella must be too. Judging by her diva like toddler tantrums she’s been throwing lately.

    Nine times out of ten, there are no objections when we put her to bed and she settles herself to sleep pretty quickly, but more often than not, at some point in the night she’ll wake up crying and/or hysterically screaming and banging on the walls and door. It’s ALWAYS Mummy she wants during the night, which of course it¬†is nice to feel¬†loved but not so much¬†at that time of night thanks Kiddo.¬†It sometimes takes a few minutes to get her back to sleep but it can also take hours, like tonight. When you all have to be up early for work and nursery this is really not ideal.

    The topic of baby Lee number 2 has been discussed a lot recently. But quite frankly the thought of pregnancy fatigue and the dreaded morning sickness on a broken nights sleep is enough to make me want to gauge out my own eyeballs, because lets be honest, it would be pretty similar.

    Then of course there is the thought of having not one, but two kids waking us up in the night. N o  t h a n k  y o u . So until we get the child we already have sleeping well, we are in no rush whatsoever to add anymore into the equation.

    We said goodbye to her afternoon nap just after Christmas in the hope it would help but sadly it hasn’t. Although now if she does have a nap, it makes matters a lot worse.

    We’ve been using a Gro Clock for almost two weeks now which she definitely understands the concept of but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference, regardless of how many times I say ‘you need to stay in bed until the sun comes up’.

    If any fellow Mama’s out there have any advice, tips or useful information then please please please¬†help this sleep deprived Mama out. Like I said, I really am desperate now.


    Harriet xo

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #4 | Sick Bugs & Bubble Baths

    Tuesday’s are a long day for us. My Mum kindly watches Bella for me while I go to work but she lives a 40 minute drive away so we’re out of the house by 8am so I can get to work for 9.30. I then finish at 5 and by the time I have collected her and got home it’s normally almost 7pm and I pretty much come in, make Bella some milk and put her straight to bed.

    Last Tuesday was no exception. Oh, apart from the fact that the moment I collapsed onto the sofa, Bella woke up crying. Josh went up to settle her but she seemed very distressed and was clutching her tummy and arching her back in pain. We brought her downstairs so she could calm down and to try and get her to drink some water but within minutes she had fallen asleep again in my arms. Although not for long, she soon woke up and promptly covered us both in vomit. Que mad rushing to remove sick covered clothes and get us both cleaned up.

    We ran Bella a bath but when it came to getting in she was very hesitant, she was shaking as she sobbed and looked so vulnerable, it was heartbreaking. I asked her is she’d like Mummy to join her and she nodded. So we shared a warm bubble bath together and she sat between my legs as I washed her crazy curly hair and I could instantly feel her start to relax. It was so lovely having her close, and letting me wash her as normally she insists on doing it herself.

    Recently she has become so independent and I feel like she looks more grown up every single day. But she definitely still needs her Mama, especially when she’s poorly.

    One of the things I wish I’d done more with Bella when she was smaller was share a bath with her. I think I only actually did it once or maybe twice. I remember hearing lots of other Mums saying what a lovely bonding experience it¬†is but I think I was so caught up with hating my post baby body to even consider having a bath, let alone with my new baby. When I think about that now, it makes me really sad and If we are lucky enough to have another baby some day, I definitely won’t let my own insecurities stop me from doing something lovely with my baby.

    Sick bugs are ordinary but sharing bubble baths with your little girl when she needs you most, they are special.

    *** Please note – These smiley photos are from Sunday evenings bath time, not Tuesday’s ;)***

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #3 | Saturday Baking

    I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, I’m currently snuggled under a blanket on the sofa warming up after a frosty walk around Scotney Castle this morning. Josh is in the kitchen preparing vegetables for our roast dinner this evening and Bella is tucked up next to me watching a film looking like she may fall asleep at any moment. I’m totally contemplating joining her for a Sunday afternoon snooze. ¬†Josh had to work yesterday which meant Bella and I got to spend an extra day just the two us. Whilst of course we missed Daddy I always try to soak up our one on one time together as much as I can. When we woke up on Saturday morning it was absolutely freezing and there was a beautiful frost covering the ground outside so we decided to stay warm and cosy and have a relaxed day at home. We’re always on the go, there is always somewhere we need to be and a million errands that need doing and this year I really want to try and embrace a slower pace of life. More time at home, more quiet days, more country dog walks and overall just less unnecassary stress.

    We had to pop out quickly in the morning¬†so I could go for my weekly weigh in at Slimming World but then we headed home, put our slippers on and whacked the heating up ūüėČ Chilly winter days call for baking in our house so we decided to make some chocolate muffins with the leftover mars chocolates from the Christmas celebrations tin! They were clearly everyones least favourite this year along with the milky ways which have now been relocated into Bella’s treats tin. I’m personally all about the galaxy caramels, malteasers and snickers ones! I’ll be sharing my muffin recipe with a photo heavy post later on in the week if you’re interested.

    Being a working Mama, we don’t have much time in the week for activities like baking so it’s something special we save for the weekends. Bella absolutely loved putting all the cases into the muffin tray, helping me measure out the different ingredients, she then mixed the dry ingredients together and unwrapped all the chocolates while I cut them into chunks. Surprisingly she made little mess as she was being so careful, her concentration face is just the cutest. Bella was so excited and just kept looking at me and grinning which makes my Mama heart so very happy. I have always loved baking and I so hope that she will share my baking passion. When I was pregnant and found out I was expecting a daughter it was these little moments I dreamed of. Spending my weekends in the kitchen baking with my little girl.

    We had such a lovely day together and we both really enjoyed each others company. There were no toddler tantrums for a change and Bella couldn’t wipe the smile of her face. While our muffins were in the oven, we made our lunch together, Bella loves buttering her own bread and choosing what she’d like to eat, she really is such an independent little madam now. As silly as it may sound, its these little moments that I miss most when I’m at work. Eating lunch together at her mini table and chairs and chatting about our day and what we’re going to do next.

    I’m so glad I had my camera to hand and took some snaps of our cosy day at home together. My baby who’s really no longer a baby¬†is growing into such a lovely little girl and I don’t want to forget these ordinary moments spent with her.






    Thanks for reading
    Harriet xo