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    Thirty Minutes To Fit With HeyWorkout

    Since having Bella two and a half years ago I have been on a serious mission¬†to try and get my body in shape and I have tried various different exercise classes, home workout guides and fitness DVD’s in the process. I even had a gym membership for a few months but I decided that the gym wasn’t for me as I personally found it quite an intimidating place for a slightly over weight and very uncomfortable new Mama. I soon realised that I much preferred working out from home or going to a class where I could just hide at the back! ūüėČ

    After a lot of trial and error I finally seem to have found an exercise routine that fits into my busy lifestyle and I have stuck at it consistently for almost six months now which I’m really proud of.¬†I do 2 x hour long exercise classes a week, on a Monday and Wednesday evening. I really enjoy them and once I felt like my fitness had improved a bit, I also started to attend a 5 km park run on a Saturday morning too.

    Working out is now something I really enjoy and I always feel amazing after doing it.¬†As a busy Mama I almost find it¬†like a little break, as it’s something that is FOR ME and it’s something I get to enjoy without a toddler hanging off my leg demanding my attention!

    I’m super excited to be¬†teaming up with the lovely ladies over at HeyWorkout for the next three months and giving their classes a go. I had got to a point recently where I felt like I needed to add a couple more workouts into my fitness routine but I couldn’t really do more classes than I was already doing , mainly due to my husbands work commitments, so HeyWorkout’s 30 minute interactive webcam fitness classes sounded like the perfect alternative for me.

    There are three different ways that you can do the classes. Firstly you can attend a class using your webcam which means the teacher can give you feedback and encouragement to¬†really push you to ensure that¬†get the most from your workout. Although if you don’t like the idea of it being interactive then you can always¬†just¬†attend the classes without using your webcam and just watch the teacher live instead. And if you can’t make the live class times then¬†you can actually watch a recording of a live class in your own time, there are loads of different ones to choose from. All from the comfort of your own home, you can even do it in your Pj’s if you wish!¬†Which I have totally done before ūüėČ

    I have now completed three of the HeyWorkout classes and I’ve been super impressed so far. My favourite one so far was the back and arms tone class! Even with just very little weights (cans of baked beans!!) I still really felt it working and definitely had achey arms the next day! Each class is 30 minutes long and I have found that I get so into it that¬†the time just flies by and it’s over before I know it. I’ve been doing the classes straight after putting Bella to bed in the evenings but for Mums with smaller children then you could easily squeeze one of these classes in during your little one’s nap times!

    If you’d like to join me and give the classes a go yourself then HeyWorkout have kindly given me a 14 day¬†free trial which you can find here. After that monthly memberships are just ¬£12 per month for unlimited classes, which is super affordable and you could save even more money if you opt to sign up for either 4 or 12 months.

    I’ll be posting a little monthly update to let you know how I’m getting on with the classes and which ones I have been enjoying the most!

    Harriet xo

    *HeyWorkout have kindly gifted me a three month membership for their classes in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #16 | Just Keep Running

    In the last two years I have tried on two separate occasions to get into running. Both times I started ‘couch to 5k’ and I failed miserably both times.¬†As well as running I have also tried various exercise classes and home workout regimes in the last couple of years¬†and I even had a gym membership for a few months not long after Bella was born. But I just never seem to stick at exercise¬†for very long before I get bored and I eventually give up. And every time I really regret it and kick myself for giving up.

    However, since January I have been on a mission to get my body beach ready. I have been consistently going to two hour long exercise classes each week along with the odd home workout thrown in too. This is the longest I have ever stuck to any exercise regime and I am now the fittest I have been in years and I absolutely love the buzz I get after a great workout. So when I saw that there was a new Park Run starting fairly locally to me I decided I’d just bite the bullet and give running another go. The friend I go to classes with was up for it too so we registered online and printed off our bar codes and that was that.

    When we arrived for our first Park Run I actually felt physically sick with nerves. I think I had to talk myself out of making a mad dash¬†back to the car at least half a dozen times! I think my main concern was that I wouldn’t actually be able to make it round the 5k track without either passing out or throwing up, after all I had never actually run as far as 5k before!

    Somehow, we did it, I did it. I ran 5k and my god it was hard and oh boy was I slow, but I did it. I didn’t pass out and I didn’t throw up. And that was all that mattered to me. That adrenaline pumping through your body as you cross the finish line is like no other and as soon I finished, I couldn’t wait to do it again the following week. That was until the ridiculously achey legs kicked in of course, I honestly could barely walk for three days!! ūüėČ

    My first Park run was now four whole weeks ago. Since then, I have knocked over two minutes off my time and each week I can run just that little bit further and it feels just a little bit easier. Although it’s just once a week, I have definitely found a new love for running. Which is something I never ever thought I would say!

    Park run¬†has very quickly become an Ordinary Moment for me every Saturday morning now and while I’m out running it means that Bella gets some quality time at home with her Daddy too which I think is so important for them both, especially as Josh works so much through the week. I absolutely love the sense of achievement I feel when I walk back through the door, knowing I have just done something that a few weeks back I honestly didn’t think I could actually do.¬†I know 5k isn’t very far at all but I’m really¬†excited¬†to see my progress over the coming weeks and once it feels a bit more comfortable I’m hoping¬†to try and go for a few runs myself and see if I can push myself to run a bit further too!


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    Harriet xo