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    Our Thoughts On Yazoo No Added Sugar

    At the end of last year the lovely people over at Yazoo got in touch and asked if we would like to try some of their new no added sugar range of milkshake drinks. Both Bella and Josh love milkshake so we jumped at the chance to give these a try. At first I admit I was a little dubious about a couple of things. Firstly would they taste anything like the real deal? And secondly were they really going to have no added sugar?! Or had they replaced the sugar with loads of artificial sweeteners?

    When our box of Yazoo no added sugar milkshakes arrived the first thing I did was check out the ingredients list and I was pleasantly surprised with just how few ingredients is in them and it definitely put my mind at ease before giving them to my three year old.

    The milkshakes come in three different flavours; strawberry, banana and toffee. Josh got stuck in first and tried a strawberry one which he insisted tasted just like the full sugar version which he was clearly very impressed with.

    The real test of course was to see what Bella thought of them! When she got home from Nursery I offered her one as a snack to keep her going before dinner. I’m pretty sure she thought all her Christmases had come at once as usually a milkshake is a very rare treat and normally only something she would have if we were out for lunch or something. She also chose strawberry and finished it in record time, exclaiming how ‘yummy’ it was. The kid was definitely none the wiser about it having no added sugar.

    Over the next week or so both Bella and Josh tested out all three flavours. They came to the conclusion that strawberry was their firm favourite. Although my sister tried a couple and she was a big fan of the banana flavour too. Overall we were very impressed and I found that the milkshakes made a brilliant snack alternative and the small 200ml bottles were really handy to chuck in my bag for when we were out and about. I can definitely see myself re purchasing!

    *Yazoo very kindly sent me a months supply of Yazoo No Added sugar in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course my own*

    Harriet XO