The Ordinary Moments ’16 #24 | ‘A Good Laugh & A Long Sleep Are The Two Best Cures For Anything’

Since we returned from our Summer holiday to Greece last the weekend (which was bloody wonderful in case you were wondering, there will be a separate post up soon I promise) I can’t shake this unsettled mood that I seem to be stuck in. Maybe it’s the holiday blues or the never ending piles of washing but whatever it is has left me feeling pretty bloody rubbish. I’m demotivated with LIFE and I’m picking holes in everythaaang. I’m even irritating myself with my moany thoughts, which so far, I’ve been trying to keep to myself, but I wanted to share them here too. As I’m sure I’m not alone.

Wednesday was my day off and my first one since we got back so I had a few errands to run in the morning like getting the car cleaned and doing housework at my dads. But when I got home, instead of cracking on with my own housework I found myself pottering around every room making mental notes and then writing actual lists on all the things that STILL need to be finished around the house. It then occurred to me that not a single room in our house if finished, and I’m not talking big fancy restoration projects, I mean just basic decorating. *Cue minor meltdown* My husband and I seem to be very good at starting DIY projects but not so good at finishing them. And yesterday, for some unknown reason, it was really bogging me down. To the point that when Josh got home from work I was close to tears as I sat at the dining table in my gym kit scoffing a bowl of ice cream just thirty minutes before needing to leave for my circuits class. Such.a.dramaqueen. But no joke, he actually laughed in my face and to be fair, looking back, I probably would have done too.

Off I went to my circuits class which as always had me smiling as I busted a sweat with my workout buddies and when I got home I ate dinner and went up to bed for an early night as quite honestly I was not in the mood for anything else. When I woke up the next morning I felt much brighter, of course the house was still unfinished but instead of seeing all the negatives and the things I didn’t like, I was able to see the things I did like. I managed to get ready before Bella woke up which meant I was able to sit with her to have breakfast rather than tearing around like a mad woman. We chatted as she ate her shreddies and she made me laugh by repeatedly telling me her breakfast was ‘deeeeeeelicious’. She has been seriously cute lately, when she’s not having a tantrum that is 😉

I then felt absolutely ridiculous for letting myself get so worked up about things that quite frankly don’t really matter. But sometimes it’s totally okay to feel a little overwhelmed, just as long as you don’t dwell over it for too long I suppose. And you do something about it. I know deep down that we’ll get there eventually with the house. The fact is we both work all week and our weekends are often just as jam packed which leaves little time for all the these things I feel need to be done. I need to remember this and not be so hard on myself (and my poor husband). It can be tough though when you have such high expectations so when things aren’t perfect, I can’t help but feel like I’m a failure.

So the last few days have been spent reflecting, I even wrote a list of all the things I’m grateful for. And of course our home was up there in the top three. I know that we’re super lucky to have a house the size that we do nestled in the countryside and with a ridiculous amount of outdoor space for Bella to explore. So Josh if you’re reading this, I know it’s a complete pain in the arse to cut all that frigging grass, but I really do appreciate it!!

There are much bigger problems happening in the world right now, so many heart breaking tragedies and the fact my bathroom needs repainting is really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. So I suppose this post is just me venting my frustrations, giving myself a slap and pulling myself together. But if like me you are also feeling a bit bogged down and maybe slightly overwhelmed at the moment then remember that a good laugh and a long sleep really are the two best cures for anything. And the ice cream most definitely helped too. 😉

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  • mummydaddyme

    I definitely think post holiday blues sound a big part of this, its hard to get back into normality after a lovely break away (can’t wait to hear more about it!) and I hope you get out of your funk soon. I am feeling a bit meh myself at the moment but mine is mainly anxiety about different bits and bobs. Writing stuff down definitely helps. xx

    June 18, 2016 at 7:18 pm Reply
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